Cut the Spice!

20 Jan


So last night I was in a cooking mood and so I made not one meal BUT two! One of them was a mexican chicken soup {recipe to come} and it required green chile peppers.  I didn’t have this in my cabinet, but I had red chile peppers instead.  I figured well green peppers taste like red peppers I will just use these instead.

which would be great except I didn’t know that red peppers are HOTTER than green peppers and so when I put in the same amount needed from the recipe it was a big mistake as I took a sip of the soup and my mouth was on FIIREEEEEE!! No fo’ reals fire.  Need a piece a bread kinda fire. or milk. or SOMETHING.  SO I added water thinking this was dilute the firey hotness.


SO I was thankful to have our second meal that I was preparing {recipe to come} as I tried to figure out the firey hotness.  This morning my co-worker stated that tomatoes would cut the spice in the soup and there are already diced tomatoes in the recipe so this could definately be the trick.  I am all for hotness but we also have to be able to eat the meal too! HAHA!

I am going to add some tonight and try it and let you know if this is the solution to cutting out the spice!

Anyone else add too much of an ingredient and try to back track a recipe? My good dear friend and I still talk about the salty mashed potatoe incident of 2006 for Easter weekend. HAHA!

Other solutions to cutting something that is too spicey?


2 Responses to “Cut the Spice!”

  1. Lisa January 20, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    If it’s really super spicy you should make another batch and completely leave out the spice, and then mix the two batches together. That way, it will only be half as hot as the original batch.

  2. Nicole January 21, 2011 at 6:38 am #

    I did make a macaroni dish too spicy once. But instead of trying to fix it, I honestly tossed it into the trash and marched myself to Subway to pick up some sandwiches. Lol.

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