Dance Class: Zumba

26 Jan

#45 Take a Dance Class

Over winter break there were Zumba dance classes being held at my gym {which is right across the street from my apartment} and so I really had no excuse and so I decided to try it out. 

If people are wondering if they would like Zumba and what is this Zumba dance class I speak of check out this youtube video of the type of class it would be:

So my review of Zumba class: Even though I never did a Zumba class I was able to pick up the moves pretty quickly because even though the moves can sometimes be quick they are also repetitve.  Just as there is a chorus that repeats in a song there are dance moves that are repeated througout the entire song.  Also I really loved that a song lasts about 3-4 minutes and so you get this burst of energy and working out and moving your body but then you get about a 30sec-1 minute break before you go into the next song.  As someone who loves to dance and just let loose this dance class is AWESOME for me.  It keeps me entertained during the entire hour I am doing the class and I never feel bored.  There are all shapes and sizes that come to workout to Zumba so if you don’t think you can keep up you can moderate the dance moves or not do them as “strong” or “full out” when you need a break–the point is to keep moving! I also like that my instructor starts out with some medium intensity songs then half way through the class gives us about 2-3 hard songs to get through and then brings it back down to medium intensity.  I love that I can sometimes sing to the songs and really get into the dance moves! I am in love with this workout and if you get the chance to try it out you will really be surprised by the type of workout you get from this class. 

Now I have gone twice (last week it was canceled due to snow).  The first time I was a bit awkward but kept with it and felt a lot of it in my arms and a bit in my legs and definately in my core I felt stronger.  The second time I went I had the same instructor and she had a couple of the same songs and a few new ones to the mix.  Since I was more comfortable with what she was asking of me and my body I felt like I could do the moves a lot better and stronger and really push it.  What a difference! The second class was by far harder as now I was not only learning the moves but really putting my all into the steps! My abs were sore, my quads were burning, and OMG my arms were burning like crazy all night long and I woke up with really sore arms and legs.  Not the “I can’t get out of bed” feeling I sometimes get when I do something new–but more of my arms and legs and core had a great workout.  I think as I keep going to these dance classes my body will get stronger and respond to this type of exercise. 

Overall, if you get the change to take a Zumba class–DO IT! SO FUN!!! You will not regret it!!! Anyone else love Zumba? Other classes you love to take at your gym?


One Response to “Dance Class: Zumba”

  1. Nicole January 26, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    Ooh, I’m so crazy nervous about trying it, but maybe I just will!! 🙂

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