7 Feb

Okay not the moving you are thinking of, but equally important.

For some time I have been really really thinking about moving over my blog to a different site.

not because WordPress hasn’t been kind, because it certainly has been super kind.

but I have been reading more and more blogs within the Tumblr community

and I am hooked.

On the outside looking in it just looked too fabulous to not partake, but I have been hesitant

any kind of move can be risky

but the appeal of “liking” a blog, reblogging a post, following blogs, and just being part of the Tumblr community

has been just too tempting to not take a leap of faith and head to a new site!

I wrote a few posts just to get some of the kinks out and try it without an audience

and I have to say I LOVEEEEE IT and I hope you love reading it over at my new site…

same material, just different blog site

oh and a different blog name: Sweet Sweet Nothings

** So head over **

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