Grass is not always greener…

6 Mar

I have come back over hanging my head as almost a litle over 2 years ago I decided to make the move over to Tumblr and I will be honest I absolutely loved it at first.  It was a great community I was part of and even with some snafu’s I embraced all there was in the land of Tumblr.  Then the hiccups got harder as I couldn’t search for anything, people couldn’t randomly comment, I lost comments when I changed my layout, then my layout out of the blue changed on me without me even asking, at times couldn’t edit posts, then a post here and a post there wouldn’t show up on my blog. As you probably can see my last post on my Tumblr page I was beyond fustrated as I wrote a post and it was deleted when I hit send (although it showed up in some google reader accounts cut off?).  I’ve tried to write a couple times since that last post and always anxious I end up writing it in word–which just feels weird to me.  Plus I very few minutes of “me” time and there are times when I spend a good amount on a post and when I see it deleted after all that hard “work” it drives me BONKERS.  I just don’t have the luxury or the time to re-write–I need it to be easy and quick if it is every going to work with my lifestyle.

And then it occurred to me…if I still want to keep blogging and Tumblr is giving me all these headaches why not make ANOTHER switch.  Back to where I originally started to blog.  And so I waved the white flag at Tumblr and have made the switch back!

But a ton has happened since I last blogged over in these neck of the woods! I moved across the street, then I got a promotion and moved down the street, got pregnant, had a baby and now I have a 1 year old! I’ve been to weddings, baby showers, friends got engaged, went on vacation, had a babymoon in Mexico, went to California with a 4 month old, and about to embark on another family vacation shortly.

Some things that have changed since I have been gone…

Photography Business: In a nutshell I was starting at photography business when I left back in 2011 and I did really well in 2011/2012 and then I had a baby and some of my priorities shifted.  I work over 40+ hours a week and so any minute I can spend with my family I try to take advantage.  I was finding it hard to take on extra work outside of my full time job because the moments I did have with family I just didn’t want to have to choose between a second job and them.  In the end hard choice to shut it down, but I am a better mom because of this decision.

Running: I had completed a half marathon in 2010 and posted some results from other races afterwards.  Since leaving this blog I remained active, but no longer running.  I actually think I injured my knee running in the half marathon because anytime I put a good amount of force on my knee (such as running) it aches for days.  It is something I keep meaning to check out–but I enjoy HIIT (high intensity interval training), eliptical, zumba, and yoga.  With our schedule it is hard to fit in the time–but I try to make it work most weeks.

Blogs I read: The blogs in the side bar are outdated! Some don’t even exist anymore! Plus now that I am a mom I do tend to gravitate towards mommy blogs.  I will update soon!

Mommyhood: Mommyhood has changed me, changed what I write about, changed what I talk about, changed how I view my marriage and our partnership.  There are times when life is consumed about all things baby and in turn so has my blog.  And I have come to the concusion that is okay.  As long as it isn’t the only thing I talk about there will be days and weeks where it is all about my baby.  Being a mom is such a learning experience and it has been great utilizing this blog to look back on the early days with Lexi.

Overall, I do feel that I have remained the same person with a new level of priority on family.  I still love to see the fashion at the shows, I still love to read a book by the beach, I still love to watch TV DVD series, I still love to take pictures, I still love to travel.  They may happen less often so I appreciate these items more–but I am glad there is still a “me” inside even when I became a wife and a mother.

So I hope you take me back! I have a lot I want to write about since I have written a few months back on my blog while I debated making the change and now that I have–totally ready to share!

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