So as the days …

13 Mar

So as the days get closer to me not taking birth control anymore and I am incredibly gleeful, hopeful, anxious, and feeling incredibly blessed. I am having my last bits of my coffee routine, eating my last sushi, and tasting my last drink for quite awhile. Nowadays I am dreaming of when it will happen, will I have trouble getting pregnant, will I surprise the hubs with the news or will we find out together, how/when will we tell our family, close friends, the whole world. I know this is only the beginning of our journey and I have really no clue where this will take us–but I am so glad to have my partner along side me for this ride into parenthood.

-quote from a blog post I never published back in 2010 when we were about to start trying for a baby. 

If I could go back in time to the girl who wrote this post I wish I could tell her that it wouldn’t be the last time you had coffee, sushi or a drink as it would take awhile to get pregnant.  I would tell her that suprising the hubs about the pregancy was one of the biggest highlights of the pregnancy and that all the waiting was worth it.  I would tell her that sharing with friends and family wasn’t as happy because we had some medical issues happening early with the baby and so we told them with more hestitation than glee.  I would tell that girl that 2012 was one of the biggest years together as a couple–even perhaps bigger than 2009 when we got married/moved to Cali/moved back to New England.  I would tell that girl that all the emotions I was feeling when starting the journey to becoming a mom would only intensify the longer it took to get pregant, then actually being pregnant, and then having our sweet baby girl! And most importantly I would tell her to hold on tight because you are in for one hell of a ride.   


(I wonder what piece of advice I would give to myself a year from now?)


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