Toddler Diet

13 Mar

I promise this isn’t a post about putting my sweet toddler on a diet.

So I have posted ALOT about dieting on this blog and my Tumblr blog. I have had some successes, but overall most of my goals have not been achieved in the dieting/fitness area. Nothing really seemed to work for me and I would get fustrated by not seeing the scale move for weeks (or months or even a year!) and then give up. There is a quote on pinterest about if you don’t quit you will never have to start over again aka just keep working at it until you see results. I have always struggled with this as I don’t LOVE to exercise and I don’t LOVE to diet so if I don’t see results within a few weeks I really struggle with this and not giving up. Then I got pregnant and it was about being healthy for my baby and keeping active (and trying not to gain crazy amounts of weight).

I knew going into pregnancy that any weight I gained would be a struggle to take off. Weight just doesn’t melt off my body and i have a pretty slow metabolism and so each and every pound gained I knew would be hard work to get off. I was right. I flucuated a ton in the early months and breastfeeding was actually helping me lose some of the initial weight, but when I stopped so did the weight loss. I tried a few diets, but realized that dieting and taking care of a small baby was not working and just adding more stress to my life. I remained the same weight (give or take a few pounds) for most of the first year of Lexi’s life until I was tired of holding onto the extra 10 pounds I was carrying for about 9 months after giving birth and really wanted to be back to my original weight pre-baby. So I got a little healthier and a little more active and a little over 10 months from having Lexi I was back to goal weight!!

This was a huge accomplishment and I feel a pretty great breakthrough in the whole dieting/getting healthy/lifestyle changes for me. I think losing 10 pounds helped with my confidence and for years I had been trying to lose 10 pounds and never quite doing it and so the fact that it could be done provided me with this no excuse mentality. Even if I had a slow metabolism I could lose 10 pounds. Even if I had a small baby to take care of I could lose 10 pounds. Even if I couldn’t work out like I use to pre-baby I could still lose 10 pounds. I think before losing these 10 pounds I felt I just couldn’t lose weight. ever. no matter how hard I tried. Now there was hope and to be honest it felt great.

So my next goal was to lose the original 10 pounds that for many years I had been trying to do. I knew it would be harder since this was no longer baby weight and now it was weight I had been carrying around since about 2010. Around the time I had been deciding on committing to getting rid of another 10 pounds we had just finished up the holiday season and my daughter started to walk! It was an exciting time for our daughter to be walking, but totally scary time too as we were not prepared AT ALL! So we scurried to toddler proof and we haven’t looked back.

So what does our daughter walking have to with me dieting?

With our daughter moving at a mile a minute makes us move a mile a minute as well. We are constantly walking, moving, giving her buggy rides, sitting on the floor, getting up from the floor, picking her up, etc. Plus with her moving to eating meals dinner time is all about getting her a well balanced meal and sometimes our food becomes an after thought if it is a really hectic night. I remember watching Regis and Kelly a couple years back and Kelly was getting scrutinized because she had lost some weight. I vividly remember she stated that her youngest was just starting to walk and basically her food intake was the leftovers on her son’s tray. I remember thinking…UMMMMM YEA RIGHT (pre baby judgy manner). NOW I TOTALLY SEE THIS HAPPENING!!!

Now I am not going to sit here and say that I ate and drank whatever I wanted and just because I have a toddler I lost weight. I can’t say that, but what I will say is that with the increase in activity of our daughter the activity of myself increased and with the focus being on what my daughter was eating it took the focus away from what I was eating. I use to eat big helpings at dinner and at times seconds if I was really hungry. Now there isn’t time for big helpings and just forget about seconds! We use to lounge at night and have a glass or two of wine (almost every night) and now most days I am just too tired to have a glass of wine at the end of the night. As much as this lifestyle change of having a toddler has helped my weight loss it also has negatively impacted it with having to have quicker meals at times for us and so more quick processed meals (for us not her) and my gym time has decreased significantly (but that also has to do with the husband commuting and not making it a top 5 priority within our week). Overall though I would say having a toddler has significantly helped rather than hurt my weight loss.

Now I can’t say just have a toddler and you will lose weight because there are some concious things I am doing to help with the weight loss. Most of it has to do with jumpstarting my metabolism since I know it is slow to begin with. Eating foods that help with increasing my metabolism. I make sure I eat something small in the morning to jumpstart my metabolism. I drink a caffeine beverage (non-fat and low in calories) in the morning and that also jumpstarts my metabolism. My lunches have become smaller and I really try to stick with a sandwich, soup and/or salad. If I don’t eat healthy for lunch (nancho bar at work anyone?) then I make sure my dinner is lighter and healthier. For dinner my servings have been cut down as talked about earlier (but sometimes it isn’t a healther option). Through a review on one of my favorite blogs I also signed up for The Fresh 20 (which I haven’t thanked her yet for the review so if you are reading this E–THANK YOU!). We have only been able to the weekly meal plans for 2 weeks because of travel commitments in March, but this has impacted my weight loss immensely. We eat far more healthier when utilizing these meal plans and doing prep work on Sundays for the week and being prepared for meals. Another huge advantage is that they are for a family of 4 and so we almost always have leftovers to freeze, which really saved us from eating out and very unhealthy when we have been busy that last two weeks. It can be a little time consuming with the prep, but if I take the time out of the weekend to prep my week goes so smoothly! A good tip by E was to check out groupon as I found a groupon and got the whole year for SO CHEAP. Like .36 cents a weekly meal plan cheap. As far as staying active most of my activity is through running around with Lexi, but I also have an eliptical machine at home and some group classes scattered within my month as well.

I think looking back over the past 4-6 months I would say one of the big things that has changed is that my life is so busy that I don’t have time to obssess over my weight, the scale, food, snacking, indulging, worrying, stressing, etc. It has made a huge impact from turning it from a dieting mentality to a lifestyle mentality. I don’t do anything I can’t sustain with a toddler, I don’t do anything that wouldn’t give me enough energy to run around with Lexi, and I don’t do anything that has too many steps or calculations because I just don’t have enough time (tried WW points with Lexi and counting calories and both failed miserably). All the books and articles are right—making it a lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet truly does work. Smaller portions truly does work. Finding something that works for you and sticking with it truly does work. Finding something that works for the whole family truly does work. Increasing activity truly does work. It all works, but needs to be done for more than 4, 6 or even 8 weeks. Have to think long term and slowwwww and steady wins the race…

Now I am sure people are reading this and don’t have a toddler and are thinking—great how is this post going to help me? I think for me it was my daughter who kicked my butt into gear–but for others it doesn’t have to be a toddler that gets you jumpstarted. It could be doing a group class with a friend a few times a week (rather than doing happy hour), getting a hobby other than watching TV and snacking that can consume your time so you don’t think about snacking, taking advantage of it turning spring and just doing some walking outside. Just something to shake up your routine because I think for me that was the big problem I was having. I was trying all these new fad diets but never really shaking up my routine. My daughteer certainly did that for me–but I think other things can shake up a routine as well. Just have to find your thing.

So my results are that I have lost 20 pounds (first 10 pounds were the extra baby weight I still had on) and within the last 8 weeks I have lost another 10 pounds (the weight I gained from 2010-2011 and spent most of 2012 trying to get rid of!). I am actually 5 pounds away from my wedding weight (holy crap!), but since I haven’t been able to be as rigorous with my workouts I am not as toned and fit as I was back in 2009. So my next goal is to lose those 5 pounds and start to kick up the activity a little more so my body can start to build muscle and be toned. This journey isn’t over, but I am thankful for the progress and achieving two major milestones (baby weight and weight I had been trying to get off for an entire year) and looking forward to new goals!

Anyone else have any health goals they want to share? Tips to add fitness into your life with a child?


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