Celebration Month!

25 Mar


In our neck of the woods it has been one big month of celebration! January the theme was being sick, February the theme was snow and recovering from being so sick, and March took a turn for the better and was all about celebration (and more snow too)!  The biggest celebration we had this month was our sweet Lexi turning 1! We are parents of a toddler! I kid you not we started to get presents in the mail at the end of February and she opened up a present every single day until March 11th and then had a small break and went back to opening up more presents this weekend.  I am still writing thank you notes and wishing I could just hug everyone who made my daughter feel so special and loved all month long.   This month of celebration was bigger than the Christmas holiday (and that is saying alot).  So we kicked off the month with my daughter turning one and she had 2 very large parties, a birthday party at her daycare (so precious), a mini family party on her actual birthday, and then ending the parties this weekend with one more family party on my dad’s side.  IT WAS CRAZY.  FIVE CELEBRATIONS!!! As I am typing this I am passing out in my chair from exhaustion from all the celebrating.  The next big celebration we had this month was the day after my daughter turn 1 my mom turned a big number as well (I will keep the number out of the interwebs for her sake haha).  We had something really small with just immediate family the day after my daughter’s birthday party because we were all wiped out and we had some chinese takeout.   I was in such party mode for a little kid it was at times so hard to be thinking of a big kid (or adult) party–but my sister, step dad and myself pulled off a birthday celebration this weekend for my mom (my mom thought chinese takeout was how we were celebrating her birthday–she is so sweet and is always thinking of Lexi before herself). Just to make the planning a tad bit harder–it was a suprise party! Yet we pulled off the surprise and my mom had the bestest of times this weekend! And just because we wanted to squeeze in a little more fun we also had St. Patrick’s Day this month and someone who is proud of her Irish heritage we celebrated it in full force (Lexi won most spirited for St. Patrick’s Day at her daycare!).  And because having my daughter’s first birthday (and all the parties that followed), my mom’s surprise party, St. Patrick’s Day…we still have EASTER SUNDAY for a celebration this month! April is going to feel very lonely without all of these celebrations going on in its month–that is for sure! We are so family/friend oriented (people matter the most) that we always spend the holidays with family and/or friends.  It isn’t in our nature to just sit at home and do things by ourselves as we do love to be surrounded by family, but as we were driving down for this weekend’s festivities we realized we needed a break.  We needed a break from all the traveling, all the packing and unpacking, all the running around, all the hoopla that happens when we come to town. So this year after all the celebrating we have been doing each weekend this month we are going to take it a little easier and stay home and celebrate Easter as a family of three.  We are going to paint eggs, do an Easter egg hunt, do a brunch date, take naps, eat ham, and truly enjoy family time.  It has been one amazing month that I will never forget and I am so glad that we did all the celebrating–but for our final weekend of March we are going to take it a little easier and celebrate with each other.

What was your theme for the month of March? Anyone have any celebrations this month too?


2 Responses to “Celebration Month!”


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