Easter Basket: 1 year old Edition

2 Apr


I have to say that this was one of our favorite holidays even though we have been celebrating all month long.  To be honest I was actually kinda dreading another fan fare weekend of celebration as I was feeling a little celebrated out.  Once we got closer to the weekend and I realized it was going to be a really nice weekend out I started to get into the Easter celebration mood! We did some traditional Easter holiday activities such as Easter basket, two egg hunts, ham for dinner, Easter dress. There were some things we just didn’t get a chance to do though such as dyeing eggs, Easter brunch (no such thing as “brunch” with a baby–but always my favorite), church (haven’t found a church near us we like), and no eating of the deviled eggs (gasp!).  Overall though Lexi got to enjoy the outdoors both days and really soak up what Spring/Summer is going to feel like in the next couple months! She lovvveeeeedddddd every second outside and exploring and really found an adventure at every corner! It was a complete joy to watch and it felt great to get some fresh air for the entire family.  What a difference the weather can make on a weekend! I am really thankful for all the blessings we have been given this year and I am truly thankful for a wonderful weekend with my family.

With all the celebration that has been going on all month I felt that we needed to go easy on the Easter basket because we were running out of space to fit all the items in our apartment! I still wanted Lexi to experience opening up a few new gifts–but I really tried not to go overboard (especially with two sets of grandparents who spoil her too!).  I went back and forth with my Amazon shopping cart (which is where I purchased all these items) and at one point my shopping cart was at 100 dollars! Shopping online can be really dangerous sometimes! I switched and deleted and switched again until I was satisfied with my variety of selections. I went with more of an Easter theme for my basket such as chickens, bunnies, eggs. I love a good theme!  She hasn’t had candy yet and so as tempting as a chocolate egg in her basket was I decided against it and went more with gifts rather than a basket full of treats.  I don’t think she missed the candy one bit!

So here was my Easter Basket Selection (for a 1 year old):

1. Kidoozie Peek N’ Peeps Egg: I heard rave reviews about this gift and how it occupies toddlers for a good chunk of time.  When it arrived I was a little skeptical because it didn’t doo much and the chickens inside the eggs barely made a “peep” sound.  I was wrong though because this is the first toy that Lexi will head to when she wakes up/comes home (besides her baby dolls).  She loves taking the eggs off and the tops of the eggs come off too and she just loves pressing down the chickens and putting them into the carton again.  I guess simple is best when it comes to toddlers because it has been a hit since Saturday! I also like that when she gets a little older she can use this as a tool to learn her colors and the bottom of the eggs have a shape and you have to match the shape up with the shape in the egg carton so this gift will be used for a solid couple years I would imagine.  Only downfall is there are 12 pieces to them and so it can turn into a mess quickly in your living room and trying to keep to track of the tops of the eggs can be a full time job! Worth it for the time she spends playing with item.

2. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: This came from a review from my BFF who has a book review blog.  I think it is awesome she has a section called Small Fry Saturday in which she reviews books that her toddler (almost 2–OMG WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!?!) is reading.  I never really thought about good vs. bad when it comes to children’s books–but there is a difference and it is great to get some awesome options from her blog! She spoke about this book and daycare had a theme surrounding this book last month and so I had seen it a couple of times and thought this would be a great addition to her book collection.  I really love this book and it will be great when she is starting to learn her ABCs, but at the moment she is a little young for the book as it is a bit long for her attention span.  She is also really into animal sounds/animal books/animal puzzles right now and so she has been gravitating towards these type of books at the moment.  I enjoy reading it (I love most books that rhyme!) and it is fun to have somewhat of a “plot” to the book as some of the books we read to Lexi can get quite dull/annoying.

3. EeBoo tot Tower Alphabet & Numbers: This one I found on my own although I heard good things about nesting blocks in general. Nesting blocks were on her Christmas list and she didn’t get them and so I thought Easter was a perfect time to pick her up a set!  She really loves knocking down really any tower we make so I knew she would be in love with nesting blocks! I chose these because they will help with numbers/alphabet in the future, but at the moment she loves they have animals on the blocks! She is just starting to realize she can stack the blocks herself although she knocks them off to quickly to make a tower.  I would say this was a hit in our household and when we need to distract her from something she can’t have we simply just make a tower and she runs over and knocks it down and forgets about the item she couldn’t have. GENIUS! I think this is a toy she will grown into as well and we will have around for a good while.  The blocks are sturdy (she has tried to sit and stand in them) and they have withheld her pretty well so far!

4. Bunny Slippers: This was the bust of the Easter Basket! There is a story behind it though as her former teacher at daycare since she was 4 months old has a pair of bunny slippers that look just like these.  She is obsessed with them and constantly wants to hold them and feed them and carry them around the daycare center.  She has to say good morning and good night to them as we walk past them and it is just this running joke at daycare how they are Lexi’s pet bunnies.  She loves these bunnies! She will throw a fit if we are running late and can’t say morning/night to them and has thrown tantrums in the hallway trying to take them home with her.  So I thought a solution was to buy her a pair that were identical to the ones at daycare.  UMMMM….bad choice as she hasn’t even looked at them once.   Apparently she knowsssss that those are not her original bunnies and she will have none of it trying to replace her bunny slippers at daycare.  I have used them more than she has!  Oh well I tried.  Can’t win them all!

5. Alphabooks: These books came as a recommendation as well.  They are board books and each letter of the alphabet has their own book with pictures and words that go along with the letter.  It has been a great learning resource for parents teaching them the alphabet, words, and for younger kids the pictures are great and bold.  I didn’t realize but apparently I was on an alphabet kick when making this Easter basket as 3 items can help her learn the alphabet (slow down mom! I need to learn how to talk!).  This is another book she will grow into, but she loves board books and really simple picture books at the moment.  They haven’t arrived yet and so I don’t know if they are a hit with Lexi, but they have been a hit with other toddlers around in blogland so I think they will be a great addition to bookcase!

5 books that Lexi loves: Moo! Moo! What are you?, Have you ever tickled a tiger?, Where is Baby’s Puppy?, Counting Christmas (Steve hates this as half the book rhymes and half of it doesn’t–drives him bananas!), and High Tide,

Next two books I want to buy her: Hand Hand, Fingers, Thumb (read this to her at my in-laws! I love the rhymes, Lexi loves the monkeys, and she is learning her body parts right now so this would help, a really fun book!) and my favorite as a child: Ten Apples Up on Top


2 Responses to “Easter Basket: 1 year old Edition”

  1. Kelly April 2, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    Super cute Easter basket!! I bet she will love Chicka Chicka in a few months 🙂

    • love1025 April 2, 2013 at 3:52 pm #

      and I really like it…and really isn’t that what matters? haha!

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