Easter Blessings

5 Apr

Easter to me represents a time to be with family and similiar to Thanksgiving a time to be thankful for what we have been blessed with.  This year our family has been blessed with so much and although I wouldn’t rate Easter in my all time favorite holiday category this Easter was my favorite holiday with Lexi to date.  The weather was great, the timing of our plans worked out great, and our overall sense of gratitude all weekend was just so uplifting and great.

We planned on doing nothing that weekend, but in the end we did a lot! No plans set so it was nice to have everything on our terms! We visited one of our favorite towns in the area (Portsmouth, NH), had two Easter egg hunt, ate lunch at a cute (and very kid friendly) resturant called Me & Ollies,  fabulous Easter dinner, played on multiple swing sets, tried to eat sticks and leaves and dirt and stones and everything else on the ground, and took a nice family walk.  Overall, I can’t think of a better weekend we have spent together as a family and it had so much to do with the weather and the fact we had no plans and we did exactly what we wanted when we wanted.  We need to do that more often! So to end the week I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures from the Easter weekend and for the most part almost all were taken outside! I am so excited for the weather to become regularly warm for us so we can do more family outings that involve OUTSIDE! Spring I am ready for ya!














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