Healthy Living Update :)

8 Apr


So almost a month ago I posted this about my 20 pound weight loss and then I had a month of celebration.  Glass half empty mentality and I could say the scale hasn’t budged since this post.  That would be old me and my dieting ways.  The new me is trying to look at the glass half full and even though the scale hasn’t budged this means I am maintaining and not adding to my weight! Even with all the celebration and stress and less time to focus on eating healthy I was able to maintain for the month.  For me in the past I was either on a diet or I just didn’t care and did/ate what I wanted–both spectrums not the healthiest.  This month it was all about smaller portions, stepping away from appetizers at the party, one plate at a party, one glass of wine rather than 3, etc.  Increased my workouts the days I was feeling sluggish or I knew I would be tempted to eat more than usual.  I did weigh myself more frequently because I felt I was spinning a little out of control and had to rein it in a few more times a week than usual.  If I had a big lunch then I ate a small dinner early and no snacks–not even a healthy apple.  With all the celebrations it really felt similar to a Christmas holiday when it comes to gaining weight and I am happy that I maintained through the month when the focus was on my daughter and not on weight loss.

But now that month is over and I’m not ready to be just in “maintaining mode” yet as I have a lot more to work on and so it is time to kickstart the next set of goals I have for myself in the health department.  My first goal is to lose 4% of my body weight, which would take me right to the weight I was back in 2009.   I actually signed up to be part of That Wife’s Weight Loss Challenge as I think this will be a great motivator to have a set of online “friends” to pull me closer to my ultimate goal.  I have never done any sort of group weight loss challenge before and so I thought since I am kickstarting myself up this month it was perfect timing for That Wife’s blog challenge to be starting up too.  Fate perhaps? I am all about trying something new especially if it will help me get results! I signed up to be part of the DietBet (which is where the 4% goal comes in), which might have been a little crazy as I am taking a week long vacation with my family this month.  If you are looking to lose weight you should join us as it is an awesome concept of helping each other lose weight–through a competition!   I don’t want to gain 5 pounds and go backwards while on vacation and I am competitive and I want to win and so I hope those two things will help me with the vacation pounds that can easily be put on.

My second goal is to stay regular with my exercise and start to develop a plan of action for each week  4 days would be ideal, but 3 days is the goal each week.  My night/weekend commitments change with my job from week to week and so it is tough to get into any “routine.” I have been starting to think about where I am going to incorporate working out starting Sunday nights for the week and what my goals are for each of those days.  It is my first week doing it this way and I think it will help out having a plan so I don’t talk myself out of working out (I am a planner and I like to stick to plans even if I don’t want to do said plan. If I said I would do it well dang I am going to do it.) So even though the days I work out will be a little different each week this month I want to focus on Zumba (love it!), Yoga (beginner), Cardio HIIT workout (kicks my butt every time), and jogging with Lexi in the stroller now that it is getting warm out!  I also have been doing the RipDeck app with the hubs about twice a week, but that is about a 10 minute workout and so those will be done in addition to these 4 workouts I have planned out.

So there you have it! A little update on me and where I am at in the healthy living department! Keep you posted next month if I win the competition and reached both of my goals.  Anyone else have any health goals this month? Any apps or blogs you follow to keep you motivated?


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