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See ya May!

31 May


Well for this chica it has been some May challenge as on top of blogging–the topics were deep and thought-provoking and sometimes just plain ole’ tough to write.  I also traveled every single weekend (which made the weekend blogs a little tough), worked crazy hours mid May as it was one of my busiest working seasons.  Yet I stuck with it and posted every single day!  So here we are on the last post in May and the last post in the May Challenge.  I hope you learned a little bit more about me through this month and although I will not be posting as regularly as I did in May it did show that not every post has to be perfect in order to hit publish.  Hopefully you will be seeing more of me on the blog!  So thank you Jenni for hosting such a great challenge–we did it!


French toast image

Day 31: A vivid memory

My birthdays are in the winter and so unfortunately I was never able to have a pool party for my birthday.  I mean I could have had one for my half birthday (mom get on that!), but there was no way in January I was going to get the pool birthday party of my dreams.  This did not deter my parents as they wanted to make sure I still was able to have some fun even in the dead of winter.  So from the time I was about 8 until I was in my late teens I would have a sleepover for my birthday that was normally filled with tons of girly things! As I got older my mom invited Mary Kay in to do beauty night with the girls as well.  It was something that I looked forward to every single birthday and traditions like this just make me smile.  For my vivid memory though it was either my 8th or 9th birthday and we had pizza, ice cream cake (my favorite), watched the sound of music (was obsessed with this movie!), gossiped, ate nachos, chips, soda until the wee hours of the night.  Played harmless truth or dare.  I dare you to walk down the hallway with this heavy encyclopedia on your head kinda dares.  We would finally all fall asleep normally around 2am in the living room with junk food covering our hands and the TV still blaring in the background.  This particular birthday party we came down stairs to stacks of homemade French toast made by my dad and my mom pouring orange juice and getting the girls situated for breakfast.  As the plates are getting put in front of all us one of my friends said to my mom, you cut our French toast? My mom was oblivious to what she was getting at and said of course so you can eat it.  Then my friend (very nicely and more confused than anything) said something to the fact that we are big now and can use knives to cut our French toast. Then of course looked over at me and said your mom still cuts your food for you? I mean they were kidding and playing around and I didn’t hear the end of it for weeks, but in that moment OMG I DIED IN THE CHAIR.  My mom had been fighting me for being able to use a knife for months at this point (even a butter knife people!).  Needless to say after this little episode I started using a knife that evening at dinner time so I can cut my own food like the big girl that I am.  I love you mom and all the little ways you tried to keep me young and your baby girl.  Now having Lexi in my life I can see why you wanted to cut my food forever…

(Man, now all I want is French toast!)


Letting Go

30 May


Love Sweet Love.  Happy 4th Anniversary dear husband!

Day 30:  React to this term: Letting Go

 I will be honest when I read today’s topic back when I signed up for the May Challenge I was a little bit at a loss for words.  This time in my life is not about letting go, but about holding on.  Holding on to my daughter’s baby phase, holding on to mementos that mean so much to me in her first year, holding on to the feelings I had on my wedding day when life gets very busy, holding on to friends and family as our life changes, holding on to parts of our life that didn’t include a baby toddler, holding on and hoping time will start to stand still.  Why would I want to let go when I have so much to lose in my life nowadays? Here are some of the things that I need to work on letting go while every inch of my body wants to hold on. 

Learning to Let Go.

Letting go of my daughter’s hand to let her explore the world on her own.

Letting go of the what ifs in life

Letting go of the idea that this daycare right now is the only daycare that will ever be good enough

Letting go of my routine and my comfort zone

Letting go of some of my older and very worn clothes

Letting go of what an ideal mom looks like

Letting go and letting fate take over for a little while

Letting go of google reader! ahhh!

Letting go of some of my pet peeves

Letting go…




Music of my life

29 May

Day 29: five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories

Last few days of the May Challenge…woohooooo!! It has been fun and difficult all in the same breath! Today it is a fun one and looking back at some songs that bring me back to a memory or a time in my life.  I really didn’t start getting into music until my late high school years/early college years.  I was certainly missing out! That is what happens when you don’t have a big sis/bro to show you all the dance moves to Brit Brit (you can thank me later Kay).  So here are my top 5 songs that always rush back the memories for me…


So although I wasn’t big into music this is a huge song in my high school years.  I watched My First Wives Club with my dear friend and we were hooked (who knows why since it had nothing to do with our lives?!).  Anyways, we played the ending to this movie over…and over…and over…and over…and really over again.  We wanted to get the dance just right.  There were 3 in the movie doing the scene and so sometimes we would drag my sister into playing the third person in our dance skit (sorry kay!).  Mostly though she watched the TV while we practiced with our backs to the TV to make sure we were on point. OMG WE TOTALLY DID THIS ALL THE TIME! It just makes me laugh so hard and if I ever find a video of this life would be complete.  It was classic.  It reminds me so much of high school and being silly and really how much spare time I had to practice for hours dance skits to a movie.  And if you ever need entertainment at your next event we can bring it back. HAHA!

You don’t own me by Bette Midler


Speaking of Brit Brit (aka Britney Spears) really any music from her brings me back to my college years, my college boyfriend, summer picnics, winning a look-a-like Britney Spears contest at a club, dancing at X club, and really my life being young!  I will say though that this is one of my favorite songs and whenever it comes on in the car it gets turned up real loud and I sing to it every.single.time.  This is my jam! Turn up the volume for this one!

I’m a Slave for you by Britney Spears

The next song is from my wedding.  You would think this would be my wedding song, but actually the last song we played at our wedding is what immediately brings me back to that day.  Everyone surrounded us and jumped up and down and we ran around the circle high five-ing everyone! It was so joyous and such a wild ending to an incredible day.  I just can’t believe tomorrow it will be 4 years?!   It is played a ton on the radio still and so it has been a fun 4 years getting swept again in the day over an over on car rides!  It is also on many of my playlists and so this is probably the most frequently heard songs in my Top 5.

Thanks for the Memories by Fall Out Boy

So this next song is the song that we had has our first wedding song, but it actually doesn’t take me back to my wedding.  It takes me back to the day my daughter was born.  I played Tim McGraw and other country music through the entire labor.  During the hard times of labor it was playing loud.  It really helped keep me calm and focused on other things besides the excruciating pain of labor.  I made a few playlists not knowing if I would want mellow, upbeat, dance, country.  I also knew I was making this playlists and it could be for nothing as many women don’t want to hear the sound of anything let alone music.  I am glad I did because I got hooked on country immediately during the early stages of labor.  So on my playlist in both the mellow and country was my wedding song, My Best Friend.  Being the sappy sap that I am I thought maybe I would want to listen to this sweet song during labor.  So when it started to play during the final stages of labor and my daughter and the song was playing during my delivery it just brings tears to my eyes (although I only remember bits and pieces of the song playing in the background).  It is a special moment and special song in my heart and thankfully only gets played a few times a year on the radio or else I would be a hot mess every day going to work!

My Best Friend by Tim McGraw

This song brings back so many sad emotions.  I remember exactly where I was when I heard this version of the song.  It is DJ Sammy We’re in Heaving (I miss you daddy version) I was driving back to campus  to get to class while in college as I was just with my boyfriend at the time who had been diagnosed with cancer.  I was circling the parking lot and this song came on and it just stopped me in my tracks.  I sat there balling my eyes out even though I was already in a rush to get to class.  This song brings me back to this time in my life and always makes me think of 9/11.  I guess that is the beauty of a song the emotions that it can stir inside of you. Please have tissues to hear this version of the song (kids or no kids this is a tear jerker to the max!).

We’re in Heaven by DJ Sammy

This was so much fun!! Oh music you are awesome and I love you! And reader keep dancing like no one is watching (although they totally are as you sit at that red stop light!). HAHA! Cheers!

through the years (in pictures)

28 May

Day 28: Just Pictures (in honor of our almost 4 year anniversary)




DSCN1509 DSCN1535 DSCN1606 DSCN1704 DSCN1722 DSCN1740 DSCN2107 IMG_3889 DSCN1971 DSCN1988 DSCN2007 DSCN2081 IMG_1562

 IMG_3992 DSCN2157 DSCN2163 IMG_4631 IMG_4663 DSCN2188 DSCN2223 IMG_6244 IMG_0006 IMG_0013 IMG_0020

IMG_0055 IMG_0175 IMG_7169 IMG_7430 IMG_1036IMG_2833IMG_1107 IMG_1706 IMG_2541 photobookending


 IMG_7925 IMG_8116 IMG_9141 IMG_2829 IMG_0981 IMG_3176 IMG_4442 IMG_7133 IMG_7363 IMG_8427 978052_10101241277416991_1212506461_o

Dear Readers

27 May

Day 27: A letter to your readers


Dear Readers,

This will be short and sweet as the Tiki Bar officially opens this weekend and we are enjoying the holiday! I am so thankful for all my readers over these years. I am grateful for my early readers who first met me as a newlywed and then followed me over to tumblr where I became a mom and then back over to my original blog as we became a family. To the more recent readers-helllooooo!! Thanks for stopping by and hope you stop by again! I am blessed to enjoy writing and capture my life through this blog. You readers are the super bonus to my writing. Now you know about me (especially this month with the super deep posts sprinkled in this month!), but I don’t know much about you! Are you a mom like me or single? Are you from New England? Out West? Another country? Do you blog and if so what is your blog? Dog or cat person? Blonde? There is so much I would love to know about my readers and although I write for me (and future me)-I love I have readers to come along for this ride! I appreciate you. There are so many blogs out there in the Internet universe so I am pretty pumped you chose to come here and read my blog. Even if it is just this post. Thank you. Thank you. Each one of you are awesome. If I could come to your house and spread glitter and joy I would. Keep on keepin’ on.

Thanks a million,



26 May

Day 26: Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like


I started reading this blog around the time this beautifully heartbreaking song came out by T. Swift. Probably for the same reasons Taylor wrote a song about this little boy-the heart behind this blog so tremendous you just have to keep reading (and crying!). This mom who writes about life after losing her son, Ronan, to cancer is real and raw. It at times takes my breathe away from all the emotions stuffed into each post. This mom like her son is a rock star for still fighting the cancer fight after her son lost his battle. She has raised awareness and funds and it just goes to show how you can take your grief and mold it into something inspirational.

Head over to Rockstar Ronan and if you have a few extra dollars you can help the fight of childhood cancer through funding for The Ronan Thompson Foundation.

Image from Rockstar Ronan blog

Mistaken Identity

25 May

Day 25: Something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget.


“Are you Carrie Underwood?”

It was 2005 and I was at a family surprise party on my husband’s side. There was this little girl with silky blonde hair who kept looking over at me and I would smile and wave. She would turn away and start to giggle. The rest of the evening I would feel a pair of eyes on me while eating, laughing, talking with family, etc. Finally towards the end of the night while on the dance floor the little girl came up to me and I bent over and she asked, “Are you Carrie Underwood?”

After I got over the shock and trying not to laugh I said unfortunately no. I did tell her that I loved she won American Idol. She asked if I knew her and I said sadly no. She then said she thought I looked just like her and was so pretty. It just made my heart melt. I felt like a million bucks and so flattered someone would mistake me for such a beauty (even if she was a 5 years old!). I didn’t feel particularly pretty that day and that sweet little girl made my night (or almost decade? Because now we laugh about this encounter together as she is now old enough to clearly know I am not THAT Carrie. Hahaha!). Whenever I am feeling frumpy for some reason I think of this story and it just makes me feel prettier. Kids truly say the darnedest things…