Challenge Accepted!

1 May

As for the title…any How I Met Your Mother Fans out there??? I just couldn’t resist a good Barney quote!

So I think this whole blog every day thing in May will be challenging (isn’t that the point to push myself?), yet fun! It will certainly push me to the limits on some of the topics.  To be honest I almost quit before it even started.  It was a long night and I had to work late. A glass of wine and my comfy couch were calling my name.  All good excuses, am I right? Then as I was about to crash I had this nagging question in the back of my mind.  Am I really going to be a quitter before even day 1 happens? Seriously? Nope! (I am stubborn like that). Let me tell you I am so glad I didn’t skip it because writing this was so powerful! I plan I writing this in the journal I have for my daughter because there is so much of me in these 250 words.  These 250 words I want her to know about her mom.   So here I am ready to start May off with new life to the blog!  Get ready for a whirlwind 31 days.  I may fail, but that is all apart of the journey and the ride.  There are still a few hours…who is with me???!!


2 weeks after being in the hospital and doctors refusing to give my mom a c-section I was finally born (by c-section). Stubborn from the beginning.

Can you tell she was thrilled  exhausted to have me in her arms. love you mom. xoxo.


Day 1: The story of my life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph… no one will be counting your words… probably). Count em’ 250 words. BOOYAH. 

I was born on New Year’s Day!  Capricorn to the fullest.  Raised by my parents and grandparents.  The biggest thing to happen to me when I was little was that I touched a live wire and burnt my hand. No scars. My parents divorced, but quickly remarried!  Moved to the best neighborhood because it screamed fun. My sister was born 8 years after me. Excited for two weeks then wanted to send her back to the store.  Thankfully we couldn’t. Biggest thing to happen to me in my childhood was the death of my grandmother. Many tears.  Another move!  Dated boy next door during high school. Good years. Biggest thing to happen to me during my teenage years was driving. Others were Drum Corp, sleepovers, and big dreams.  During college I met some of my best friends and grew up (kinda). Great years. Biggest thing to happen to me as a young adult was meeting my future husband in college.  As I found love, my parents went through a bitter divorce. Graduate school were tough years, but met two lifelong friends. Amazing food.  Step-dad entered my life. Maid of Honor. Started job and lived with boyfriend. Now I feel grown.  We traveled, got married, moved across the country, and moved back.  We took risks. Years later we became parents! The biggest thing to happen to me ever. A daughter! So much on the horizon. We are blessed. We are happy. We are a family.  Best years yet to come.


Wow. That was really hard because apparently I am long winded.  It pained me to take out parts of my life that I wrote in there before cutting it down to 250 words.  But here are my words and my story. It was great looking back at all the big parts of my past (and even the smaller ones that didn’t make it into my paragraph). This is my life and I am proud of my story.  Thank you for letting me share a little piece of me with all of you.  **Internet Hugs!!**


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