Blog Love!

5 May

It is time to give back to the blog world and show my favorite blog some love! So with a margarita (Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!) in one hand and typing in another let’s get to sharing the loveee!  Here is to another weekend blog post! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Day 5 Blog in May Challenge: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don’t have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member



My pick that is worthy of my blog love and devotion is Kate from The Small Things Blog! I started to read her blog years ago (about 6 months into her blogging I believe).  I actually stumbled across it looking for another favorite blog of mine Enjoying The Small Things Blog!  I just love it when one blogs leads to another blog and then all of a sudden you don’t realize 5 hours have gone by reading blogs.  That is what kinda sorta what happened in this case! It has felt like I have been a part of her blog from the beginning and even though she has had some wild success through her blog/pinterest/youtube videos she has remained true to herself and to her blog beginnings.  I have this feeling that in real life she is just the sweetest person you would just ever meet.  Besides being so sweet, she does incredible hair tutorials (which I used two of them last week and got rave reviews by many people those days! WOOT! WOOT!).  The hair tutorials I used were the Not Just a Ponytail and the Lightly Curled Hair Tutorial! Both brilliant!  I mean besides a girl crush I have a total hair crush on this girl as I feel that her hair can be manipulated into so many styles (short and long!)! I also love that she keeps it real though and admits that not every day is a stellar hair day for her (coulda fooled me girlfriend!).  She doesn’t only talk about hair on her blog as she also talks about skin care routines, beauty, makeup, clothing, accessories and really all things girly.  RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!    I find that sometimes in blogs that are geared towards beauty or fashion as their viewership grows it can be hard to keep up with their beauty tips/fashion tips as they get all these expensive hair items, beauty products, or clothing at a faster rate than the “average” blogger could ever buy.  Not with Kate! In most of her tutorials she is like all you need is a comb, some hair spray, clear plastic elastics and a curling iron. No fancypants 500 dollar magic wand needed! The same goes for makeup, fashion, accessories, and so much more! YES! LOVE IT! Her blog is inviting and crisp and just lovely to read on a daily basis.  She even has an equally awesome sister who blogs as well! BONUS!

So now that I have gushed over Kate you now you now have to see for yourself all the goodies on her blog!! Hop on over to  The Small Things Blog right this instant!!You will NOT be disappointed! Trust me.

You can also connect with Kate on twitter @K8_smallthings or on her Facebook Page or her awesome Pinterest page and we can’t forget all the fun on her Youtube channel!! Check it out peeps!

Since I am terrible at leaving it to just one pick here were my other contenders: Aurajoon (doesn’t blog anymore, but wow her past writing is powerful and pictures beautiful), EmphasisAdded (her city life with her cute little family feels so dreamy. her mom seems like a rockstar and her family gatherings seem epic.), Lipstick and Stockings (for beauty advice and to live vicariously through her while she is living it up in Hawaii), The Well-Read Red Head (you need a new book to read? She is your gal!), Life in Review (killer reviews and a new baby on the way!) and Brit + Co (a new blog read for me from  a recommendation by a friend and the DIY up in that blog is AWESOME), and last but certainly not least Jenni from the Story of my life blog who got this challenge started (her pictures are amazing, her stories are funny, and she is cute as a button!)


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