My two cents for FREE…

8 May

Day 8: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

Since this week has been so deep I thought I would go a little lighter in the advice department! I am going to add my two cents to the blogosphere May Challenge of advice giving.  Here goes nothing…

  • make time for your husband/wife/partner when you have a baby (I should take my own advice on this one)
  • try something new with your hair
  • take another look at Target clothes (especially spring) because it is awesome
  • do a game night and play Things or Pop 5. Awesomesauce.
  • stock up on some wet ones when you have toddlers
  • find time for your hobbies
  • buy some thick skin when you are a parent because everyone has advice and an opinion
  • write down favorite memories of your kids because you think you will remember, but it escapes your mind so easily
  • run away from people who say, “I am not judging you, but…”
  • there is no right way to parent there is just your family’s way
  • send actual notes in the actual mail.  It does the heart some good
  • need a laugh? watch Mean Girls, the Hangover, or Liar Liar . If into books read Bossypants.
  • need a good cry? watch The Notebook, Beaches, or Up Close and Personal.  If into books read The Fault in our Stars.
  • keep champagne in your fridge for just in the moment celebrations
  • you can never tell your family you love them enough.
  • thank a teacher and nurse this week as it is appreciation week for both!
  • put technology down for one whole day. it feels so good!
  • make a bucket list
  • don’t book every weekend in the summer as you will regret it come September
  • don’t base how life is suppose to look like on pinterest pins

That is all I got people! I am running on fumes today as I am still not done working today, but the end of the busy season is near!! I can totally feel it!

Jenni over at My Life Story who started the May Blog Challenge had excellent advice so go over to her blog to check it out! I actually have been using that advice since I have been married in 2009 as I gently asked my husband to reach the 5 love languages book together prior to getting married. (Warning the book does have some slight religious undertones, but not enough to deter us away from the book). We often refer to this book and we utilize many of the tools offered in the book on a regular basis. I wrote a blog posts about it here!! This book has created so many lively conversations for us and when someone is feeling neglected in the book it always comes down to our certain love language.  Hands down the best decision we made as a couple to read this book together and now I see on Jenni’s blog there is a website to help out couples too! Seriously go check out her blog post!


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