15 May

Day 15: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day – this could be “a photo an hour” if you’d like)

Well this is going to be a sorta kinda fail of a blog post because this week has been so busy with work that I never had a chance to capture moments of a day in the life.  I am bummed that I don’t have pictures to go along with this post because it would make this somewhat boring post of what I do a little bit more jazzier.  It has a sheep in the post if that helps?? NO? How about 2 sheep, better?  Okay great! It is actually funny because just like the seasons change (at least up here in New England)–what my “Day in the Life” changes with the seasons as well.  In the summer my days are a little bit more relaxed (okay a lot more relaxed!), my Fall and Spring are the busiest time of the year for me, and then Winter is my in between season (not too busy and not too easy breezy).  No day is really the same in any of the months (awesome and hard all at the same time) and so I will try to capture a bit of what my day looks like right now.  I am still in the tail end of my busy season and about to go into my more relaxed season of working. My life goes from working 50+ hours a week with nights and weekends sprinkled into the weeks to a normal 9-5 pace with no nights and weekends for a few months!!! I am pretty ecstatic about this and just can’t wait!!  Pure Bliss.


she really wanted to just to leap into pen with the sheep and play all day long

A typical week day…

We wake up at 6am-7am (Lexi normally dictates our wake up call. I haven’t used an alarm clock since she was born)

Our routine usually consists of me trying to wake up and the husband getting Lexi’s daycare items all ready for the day.  We get ourselves ready while Lexi enjoys a Yo Gabba Gabba and breakfast and then the hubs hits the door for work.  I continue to get Lexi ready for the day. Check the calendar and the weather to make sure it isn’t a special daycare dress up day (tomorrow is Pirate’s Day!).  I try not to let our house get completely out of control with toys and random items all around during this time, but it is a lot harder when the hubs leaves for the day to keep this in control.  She is into everything!

We head to daycare drop off! If we are bit early I will walk to Starbucks with her and order my usual (grande non-fat carmel latte) and a Starbucks treat for her (petite french cakes are her fave!).  We sit at a table together and enjoy a few moments as she eats her treat.

Drop Lexi off to daycare (Mondays are the hardest!) and spend a few minutes with her and talking with her teachers (love them!).

If I didn’t hit up starbucks before daycare drop off then I do this and then head into work.  My usual work routine is read/write emails, catch up with my assistant, look at my calendar for meetings, make a to-do list according to what is on my calendar/desk.  I usually have at least 1 meeting in the morning so I prep for that meeting and if I need to travel to get to the meeting making sure I leave enough time to get to the meeting  (some of my meetings I have about a 10 minute drive to!).  The mornings usually go by quick!

Lunch normally with my co-worker friends! Yiipppeeeee!!

After lunch my routine varies–usually more meetings.  Try to get work done in between meetings. Send emails from my Iphone. Do any program shopping that needs to get done for upcoming programs. Read a couple of my favorite blogs if I get a chance.

5:00pm hits! Woot! Off to pick up Lexi from daycare! My night commitments usually don’t start until about 7pm on most nights so I get to spend the majority of the night with my family before I have to head back into work.  We try to cook really really fast as Lexi likes to eat almost immediately when we get into the door. Lots of playing and if it is nice enough outside we go for a walk.  I also try to work night time stuff around bedtime routine with Lexi.   I live very close to where I work (think steps) so even on nights I have to work I usually pop in and out of my apartment to help out.  Sometimes she even comes to my early night time commitments.   The stop/start of the nights were a hard adjustment with a baby–but we made it work all year long!

Usually around 8:00pm Lexi is sound asleep and adult night starts! If I have to work I will head out around this time, but if I don’t I usually catch up on uploading pictures to my desktop, to-do list, any crafting that needs to get done, blogging, reading, and watching TV.  We use to play a ton of cards at night, but we have stopped doing that and just the other day the hubs mentioned starting that up again!

We try to be in bed by 11pm, but I am such a night owl this can be hard for me to do at times.  The day is so busy and full of stuff that I just love the quietness of the night that I don’t want to sleep it away.  This is the time that I do most of my blogging and taking some time to relax.  Although I always find I regret not going to bed earlier because the mornings just arrive way too fast for my liking.

So there you have it! My Day in the Life. Really sexy, right? HAHAHAHA! Yea Right.



we compromised and let her ride the fake sheep

Here are some other highlights of the week (that were a little out of the usual sexy routine)…

  • I LOST my dietbet competition by ONE POUND (or by 3,500 calories to be exact!).  I tried my hardest and it kills me to know that maybe one more workout or one less Starbucks could have given me that ONE POUND victory! On a happier note I did lose a good amount of weight even with our vacation and the long nights and weekends of work I have had these past few weeks.  I’ll get em’ next time!
  • Found out where I would be living next year if we decided to stay at my job for another year.  It is a bigger place with a few more amenities than we have in our place right now.  It would be a great challenge work wise as well with a new building and so it gives us another good option for the year ahead.
  • I am trying to stop biting my nails since Monday and so far so good.  It is a terrible habit to have and I would hate for my daughter to pick it up because she sees mommy doing it.  She is starting to pick up on some of our behaviors and this is one I would rather not her pick up if I can help it.  I put the gel coating nail polish on my nails and it seems to be helping (for anyone else trying to kick the habit).  They are almost too smooth to even grab onto anything to bite.
  • My daughter is freaking in love with animals (alive and fake).  See pictures above for proof.   It is crazy awesome yet kinda scary because she isn’t afraid of animals that could potentially hurt her (like cows!).  We went to Sturbridge Village on Mother’s Day and all she wanted to do was pet the sheep, chase after the chickens, and desperately ride the cow and horse! This reminds me of a story my parents tell where they took me to the Bronx Zoo and we started in the petting zoo and I found a really fat pig to feed and for hours all I wanted to do was spend time with this very fat pig.  I didn’t see any other exhibits and my parents paid big money to watch me pet a pig for hours. Priceless.  Since she loves animals so much I thought it would be fun if we took her to RainForest Cafe for a celebration tonight and yup I was right! She could have stayed there for hours and she wanted to bring the (fake) elephants home with us!
  • Ever buy a gift and then really wish you could keep it? Yea happened to me tonight and well I may need to go buy it for myself.
  • Speaking of buying…I have been super proud of my hair straightener for years and speak so highly of the brand (GHD aka Good Hair Day if anyone wants to know!).  I am one of those girls who gets sucked into those kiosks in the mall (yea once I bought over $200 dollars worth of beauty products that I haven’t even used and couldn’t return!GAH!).  Well tonight I was walking in the mall by myself (normally this isn’t allowed because of those darn kiosks) and well yes I got sucked into one for a hair straightener. OMG THIS STRAIGHTENER WAS AMAZINGG!!! LEGIT AWESOME!! They started to straighten my hair and holy moly it was so shiny, smooth, felt less thick and no frizz! Now I still think GHD is awesome and my straightener I realized while in the chair getting my hair done is over 5 years old so it might just mean that GHD is still the best–but time for new hair straightener.  I was really wowed by the one at the kiosk and I was so close to buying it, but I really wanted to do some research before I throw down more cash for a straightener.  It definitely put my 5+ year old hair straightener to shame.  It made me realize what my hair could look like and although I walked away from buying it (the hubs was so proud!) it made me think I really need to invest in a new one.  Maybe the kiosk brand (Pyt-herstyler) or another GHD???  Off to go look at my beautiful hair in the mirror (I’m half joking!)
  • Last but not least my little sissy graduates with her master’s this weekend and I just couldn’t be prouder!!! WOOHOOO!! It is such a huge accomplishment and I feel like she was just making the decision to go for her second degree. Where do the years go?!? We both have master’s and truly believe in the value of higher education and so I am so happy that she made it through her program!  It will be great to celebrate with her on Sunday as she enters the “real world” and starts to make the big money (next meal is on you sista!!).



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