Picture says a thousand words

17 May

Day 17: A favorite photo of yourself and why.


This was really easy for me as it is one of my favorite pictures of me and bonus my daughter is in it! My husband took it as we were playing and he quickly said “love you Lexi!” and we both looked up at the same time! This picture reminds me of what I do best: being a mom. My hair isn’t perfect and my makeup isn’t perfect although there is this glow surrounding me. Maybe new mom glow? Whatever it is I am always drawn to looking back at this picture all the time. Makes me smile so much! (How cute is that vest Lexi is wearing too??!! Just can’t stand her cuteness). Ahhhh really I just love this picture of me because of what it makes me feel when looking at it-joy of being the mom of this sweet little girl!

Happy Friday everyone!!


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