Throwback Saturday

18 May

I have a pretty jam-packed weekend and so I apologize in advance for the brevity these two weekend posts will be. Today I work a 12 hour day and then quickly head to my niece’s birthday party and then tomorrow my sister graduates from grad school! A weekend packed with celebrations! I have a picture to go along with this, but unfortunately my old pictures are stored at my mom’s house and I will not be visiting for a while. Bummer!

Day 18: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.

I was about 11 years old and I went to a daycare/summer camp at the same place since I was about 2 months old (my even worked there for a few years back in the day!). There was this one boy, Adam, that I met when I was really young (around the age of 1) and we were friends throughout our entire childhood. He was my best friend and we did everything together and even though we spent almost every waking hour together at this daycare/summer camp we always asked our parents if we could go over each other’s houses at the end of the day. In the summer getting this to happen was a whole lot easier. Well we started to grow up and we remained inseparable. Hormones started to rage as the teenage years were fast approaching. I started to see my best friend as not only just a best friend, but also my cute best friend. For one of our summer camp day trips we went to Riverside (which I don’t think exists anymore) and I remember it was a hot sticky day and we had done a ton of walking all day long. It was starting to get dark and we had only a few more hours at the park and so we wanted to make the most of the hours that we had in the park. Adam asked if I wanted to go on the Air Tram ride to get across to the other side of the park since it was so sticky and gross out (even as the sun began to set). I thought this was a great idea and I jumped at the chance to stop walking in my hot pink jellies (oh the 90s were so grand). We hopped on the ride and we started to look at the skyline and were chatting about our favorite rides of the day. At one point there was some silence on the ride and I started to feel nervous, which was weird because I never felt weird with my best friend! I looked over at Adam and he seemed to be just as nervous and jittery as I was. My palms were sweaty and I remember thinking that the sky was full of color and also trying to dry my hands on my jean shorts the whole trip. As we started to see the end of the ride Adam took my hand (sorry it was so sweaty Adam!) and leaned over and gave me my first kiss. The sun was setting and we were looking over the Massachusetts’ skyline and I was kissing my best friend. It was pretty perfect. It wasn’t a long kiss, but certainly a kiss I will always remember. We parted lips, but still held hands with each other for the rest of the ride. We got off the ride and stopped holding hands as some of our friend’s from camp were waiting for us at the end of the ride. I remember not hearing a word anyone was talking about although I think it was something about getting cotton candy because I had cotton candy before I left the park. I just kept looking over at Adam and thinking about what this might mean and was he now my boyfriend (yes it did mean he was my boyfriend come to find out). After a few moments of being in a fog I remember slowly coming back to Mother Earth and joining in on the conversation. I quickly grabbed my best girl friend and gossiped with her about what had happened on the ride. I am sure that he probably heard every word because I wasn’t quiet and I was about 10 feet from him! My girlfriend and I both squealed together and started making all these future plans of dating and being his girlfriend and how we had to find a guy for her so we could double date (double date at 11 years old?). As we left the park and got on the bus to head back home I sat with Adam in the back of the bus with our usual friends. It was the usual ride back after a day trip with the camp, except this time we held hands the whole way home. ❤

I look back on this story and I think that my first kiss story is pretty spectacular (thank you Adam!). I mean I was on a ride overlooking the skyline with the sun setting in the background. I don’t know if he planned it this way or if the moment just felt right and he did it spontaneously. Either way it was amazing. This is what movies are made of people! I mean the Titanic wasn’t made yet, but it was Titanic worthy material in my eyes! I mean my first kiss with my husband was on a college futon in a residence hall (still a great story, but for different reasons). Whatever happened to Adam? Well we “dated” until about 13 years old and then our romance faded when we got into middle school as we lived in two different towns and went to two different schools. I stopped going to the afterschool program at our center and shortly after that I stopped attending the summer camp program and so we saw very little of each other over the years. I saw him once in the mall years later and he was in college and doing well for himself and it was fun to catch up on the good ole days! And a little twist to the story is that my sister’s first “love” interest was also named Adam!


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