Memory lane

21 May

Day 21:list of links to your favorite posts in your archives.

Wow this month’s challenge is all about me! I didn’t even realize, but are people tired of listening to me talk about…myself??!! (I kinda am).

This one was really fun though for me looking back on my past posts. This blog is like a journal of my life and it certainly shows the good, bad, and the ugly. Made me see how different my life (and posts) were back when I wasn’t a mom. It made me realize I stressed about some pretty insignificant things back in the day (switching malls..gasp!). So yea what a look back on memory lane! Now i have to go and cuddle my sick baby. It made me laugh/cry because yesterday’s post was so fitting as I headed into Boston as a committee member of a conference I’ve been a part of planning for months instead of staying home with my sick baby girl. So hard. I am off to snuggle my baby girl and I hope you enjoy looking back on the years with me…

my first ever blog post

changing coasts once again

family health can change in an instant

married for 6 months thoughts and reflection

my best of 2009 (hilarious to look back on now!)

a glimpse into my life pre-baby!

most surprising award goes to the health care post I wrote. interesting find…

13.1 miles

the day I write that my mom was going to be okay

the trip that changed our lives

our TTC story and sharing the big news with ya’ll!

realizing a baby changes everything even before they are born

my very long winded post on why we chose daycare (still a big advocate for daycare after a year later!)

announcing our baby was finally here!

weighing in on post-weight loss

my birth story

keeping myself accountable for getting back to me

realizing a hard week changes

writing down my resolutions for 2013

2012 recapped

advice to myself

1st birthday bonanza!

my favorite Iphone apps

May Challenge: things that make me happy



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