Life lessons

23 May

Day 23: Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

I have learned so much from my schooling days, even more from my dear friends and family, and the most from life experiences. Today’s post is about life and what it has taught me so far. Some I have learned early on in life and some are more recent. All of these lessons help make me who I am today. I am going to focus on 10 items because really if I didn’t put a limit on this post it could get crazy long.


Looking at life through my daughter’s eyes has taught me so much about life. This is her finding the camera and playing peek a boo with herself for 20 minutes. Life is truly about the little things…

Here are some other things that life has taught me along the way. Thank you life for teaching me…

You can only control so much in life. Especially when it comes to controlling people’s behaviors or actions. After awhile you have to let life do its thing.

You can forgive without having to forget. And speaking of forgiveness, life also has shown me it makes the heart lighter.

You can speak volumes without saying a word. In the same vain, giving the silent treatment is dumb and really no one wins in the “I’m not going to speak first” competition.

You can’t say yes to everything. Well you can, but you will be miserable and burnt out. If you are terrible at saying no then life has taught me to find my form of communication (email, voicemail, text) that I can say no to easily and use it. Try it.

As a mom life has taught me as hard as you try you may not complete a task all at once. It’s okay. It will most likely be there when you get back. Finding the motivation to go back to it? Well that’s a a life lesson on its own.

Don’t over plan. Be prepared, but then go with the flow. I try to follow this lesson as I may seem easy breezy to many, but probably 5 minutes earlier I was busy over-preparing behind the scenes.

It is true when they say the best is yet to come. Every time I say “wow life can’t get any better”, it does.

Life taught me that in order to feel the highest of the high of joy you also need to feel the lowest of the low of pain. Pain is really hard and sad, but happiness and joy are so worth it.

Mom guilt is real. Moms judging other moms is real. Moms not feeling like enough is real. Getting thick skin to do your own thing and have the confidence to make choices for your family takes time. A lot of time.

Life isn’t fair. Life isn’t equal. Even with those truths it is important to keep living, keep moving forward and most importantly to keep trying.

Life has taught me so much about love, friendship, doing for others, hurt, grief, joy, finding direction, laughing at myself, being okay with my body and skills, asking for help, dealing with change, and being a better person. I couldn’t possibly sum it all up in a post or even try in 10 things, but I had fun trying! Another fun lesson, when life hands you rain on a long weekend of pool party plans you go bowling instead! Any lessons you want to add?

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