See ya May!

31 May


Well for this chica it has been some May challenge as on top of blogging–the topics were deep and thought-provoking and sometimes just plain ole’ tough to write.  I also traveled every single weekend (which made the weekend blogs a little tough), worked crazy hours mid May as it was one of my busiest working seasons.  Yet I stuck with it and posted every single day!  So here we are on the last post in May and the last post in the May Challenge.  I hope you learned a little bit more about me through this month and although I will not be posting as regularly as I did in May it did show that not every post has to be perfect in order to hit publish.  Hopefully you will be seeing more of me on the blog!  So thank you Jenni for hosting such a great challenge–we did it!


French toast image

Day 31: A vivid memory

My birthdays are in the winter and so unfortunately I was never able to have a pool party for my birthday.  I mean I could have had one for my half birthday (mom get on that!), but there was no way in January I was going to get the pool birthday party of my dreams.  This did not deter my parents as they wanted to make sure I still was able to have some fun even in the dead of winter.  So from the time I was about 8 until I was in my late teens I would have a sleepover for my birthday that was normally filled with tons of girly things! As I got older my mom invited Mary Kay in to do beauty night with the girls as well.  It was something that I looked forward to every single birthday and traditions like this just make me smile.  For my vivid memory though it was either my 8th or 9th birthday and we had pizza, ice cream cake (my favorite), watched the sound of music (was obsessed with this movie!), gossiped, ate nachos, chips, soda until the wee hours of the night.  Played harmless truth or dare.  I dare you to walk down the hallway with this heavy encyclopedia on your head kinda dares.  We would finally all fall asleep normally around 2am in the living room with junk food covering our hands and the TV still blaring in the background.  This particular birthday party we came down stairs to stacks of homemade French toast made by my dad and my mom pouring orange juice and getting the girls situated for breakfast.  As the plates are getting put in front of all us one of my friends said to my mom, you cut our French toast? My mom was oblivious to what she was getting at and said of course so you can eat it.  Then my friend (very nicely and more confused than anything) said something to the fact that we are big now and can use knives to cut our French toast. Then of course looked over at me and said your mom still cuts your food for you? I mean they were kidding and playing around and I didn’t hear the end of it for weeks, but in that moment OMG I DIED IN THE CHAIR.  My mom had been fighting me for being able to use a knife for months at this point (even a butter knife people!).  Needless to say after this little episode I started using a knife that evening at dinner time so I can cut my own food like the big girl that I am.  I love you mom and all the little ways you tried to keep me young and your baby girl.  Now having Lexi in my life I can see why you wanted to cut my food forever…

(Man, now all I want is French toast!)


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