13 Jun

Well I was a bit crabby this past  Friday…could you tell by my blog post?? WOWZA! I am happy to report that it was fleeting and once the sun rose on Saturday so did my spirits! I can’t believe I left “Bad Day” as the blog post for people to read first for almost an entire week! Sorry peeps! It has been quite the week so I am just a little fried in the brain and so I am only good for candy crush (dang you level 79!!) and YouTube surfin’ these days. I am hoping for some normalcy soon, but we have a few weeks before that actually happens. Below are some finds on the YouTube that really have kept my spirits up with all the crazy happening around me (promise to fill in soon!)


Here are some things that are making me happy on YouTube these days:

1. Stella Sisters.  Any of you readers watch Nashville? I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the show and in one of the last episodes the daughters of the Mega star Raina did sound check and I just thought “wow that is such a great sound by those two daughters! I wonder if they can actually sing?!”  Well this weekend I found out they can sing! Bonus they are actually sisters in real life! They are actually YouTube sensations and you can look up the re-makes of songs.  This on here is what got them started on YouTube.  I am addicted to their sound now and find myself listening to it at least once a day.  Makes me happy!

2. Lexi summer fun! So this isn’t a YouTube sensation, but she is a sensation to us! I just had to share this video of Lexi as she found a frog while playing this weekend.  She just loved it! I will say that the video isn’t great as I was mostly frightened of the frog as I was filming.  There was no frogs harmed while making this video and the frog was sent to the woods after Lexi finally let us say goodbye to the froggy.  It was quite a hoot!

3.  Another great clip making it around the web is Neil Patrick Harris and his opening of the Tony Awards this year!! I watched it and was just in awe of how he got through that entire performance still breathing.  I am still in awe and it is a little lengthy (7 minutes long) but it is totally worth the time! And hellooooo he raps at like the 5 minute mark! You need to watch this!

4. An oldie but goodie that always makes me laugh! Charlie you bit my fingggerrrrrrrrrrr. I have watched this video at least 4.5 billion times over the course of the years but it still makes me laugh every.single.time.

5. I am a big So You Think You Can Dance fan and this is one of my favorite seasons! There are two just beautiful pieces of dance that I are just seared into my mind as my all time favorites.  We are in the middle of SYTYCD season and every time it makes me think of these two collaborations! The first is actual a rendition of the real dance that happened earlier in the season so I will post both of them.  Here is the one with Ellen and here is the original.  The other dance has to do with getting through cancer and the dance is just beautiful and moves me every single time.  They are totally different genres of dance–but still both moving in different ways.  Gosh I wish my body moved like that and had actual rhythm!

So yea I am totally out of my funk and if you need a little pick me up hope one of these could help! Any people can add? I am always on the hunt to add more to my “makes me smile” list on YouTube! Happy Day!

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  1. Nicole July 10, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

    We ALL have those kinds of days unfortunately! Glad today is looking up!!! 🙂


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