Summer lovin’

24 Jun




Work Hard. Play Hard. This is the family motto for the summer.  

Although summer just began this weekend we have been in summer mode for quite some time now.  We work really hard all day long yet the moment the door opens up to go outside it becomes family time. Play time.   We work hard so that we can play hard with our daughter the first moment we get the chance.   Dinner might be late getting on the table, but it well worth the summer memories we are making with our sweet little girl. Dusk is our favorite time of the summer season as we get to spend it together playing.  Although she most likely will not remember the countless stairs she climbed, the rocks and pine cones she collected, the birds and balls she chased, the scraped knees she got, the flowers she “petted”, the weeds she pulled, or the frogs and worms she touched–we  most certainly will and we will cherish this summer long after the leaves start to fall.  

Welcome summer.  Please stay forever…



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