June Loves

11 Jul
June Loves
Here are a few of things that I was loving in June  during our crazy hectic move!
1. Fire Roasted Tomato Triscuits: I found these a few months ago and when we were packing the cabinets were bare I still had these by my side.  Slap on a piece of cheese and you have yourself an amazing snack.  I just finished the box in my house yesterday and I am sad that I have none to snack on today.  I love these so much and you should totally try them! The flavor is amazing an even if you don’t have cheese handy they are good just alone as well.
2. Old Navy Sandals: Last year I picked up 2 pair of sandals from Old Navy that were strappy and a little dressier than their $1 bucket sandals.  They are a little high for me to wear on a daily basis to work, but they are so comfortable and stylish I had to pick up more sandals.  I think picked up a ballerina type sandal there last year and they have been my go to pair sandals this summer.  I was then in Old Navy before we moved and I picked up these sandals above and they are a wonderful neutral sandal for the summer.  During the move I had 3 pairs of shoes out and these above were one of them (along with another Old Navy sandal) and they kept me looking stylish and professional at work no matter the outfit.  I use to really buy most of my sandals at Target, but I may be shifting towards being an Old Navy regular shopper for shoes!
3. The Good Wife: During the move we disconnected our TV really early in June to move it and so we were out of TV entertainment for quite some time.  After a long, hot day of packing sometimes we just wanted to crash and watch mindless TV.  One night I decided that I was going to try out The Good Wife on my IPad as it was recommended to me a long time ago.  There aren’t many shows that hook me from episode 1, but OMG THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!!! Legit since that day I have been watching this show nonstop (Amazon Prime has the first 3 seasons for free).  We put our TV together at the beginning of the week and I haven’t turned it on once because when I am watching something it is this show! What do you I like about it? The flow of the show is that there is a ton of character building throughout each episode (including a love triangle) while each episode tackles a case that the main character (aka Julianna Marguiluis) and her firm is trying to win.  The cases are gripping (much like Grey’s Anatomy cases were gripping/Numbers FBI cases gripping/CSI cases gripping).  It would be under the drama category and I just can’t get enough of the show.  The nice thing is that there is a ton of episodes to watch in the summer (4 seasons!) and then in September the show will be back on the air (CBS!).
4. Candy Crush: So I got on this Candy Crush train right at the end of May after fighting the craze for a few weeks.  Once I started I got hooked right away and with all the changes and packing mayhem it was nice to just escape onto Candy Crush and play a few games.  It feels pretty awesome beating a really hard level and even after about 6 weeks of playing the game hasn’t gotten old yet.  I think the most brilliant part of the game is seeing where my Facebook friends are in the game and being able to feel part of this community.  Well done Candy Crush makers.  I also read that Candy Crush makes over $600,000 A DAY which is just bananas to me.  Thankfully I have not added to that number as I have given Candy Crush zero of my dollar bills.  As far as giving them my time…well that is another story!
So these are a few of the things that I lovedddddd in June and have continue to love now that we are in July! What were some of your June favorites?
Oh and my good friend is giving away a book on her blog…go check it out!

2 Responses to “June Loves”

  1. Kelly July 11, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

    OMG I love those Triscuits! They are like crack. So delicious. As for Candy Crush, I was addicted but stopped out around level 161 or so…it just was so impossible to beat, it wasn’t even fun anymore. lol.
    thanks for the shout out!!

  2. Nicole July 11, 2013 at 7:19 pm #

    LOVE Triscuits so much!! I’ve definitely been on a cracker and Laughing Cow cheese kick lately!

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