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23 Jan

So I am sure everyone is on the ban wagon of Pinterest because it is just so AWESOME.  I use it all the time and although a lot of time it is just used for inspiration or “when I have time” the thing I use Pinterest the most for is recipes.  It is the first place I go to in order to find new recipes and it has never failed me in the food department.  

For example: I was going to make meatloaf today, but then realized that I didn’t have any eggs in the house (GASP!).  I didn’t want to risk an eggless nasty meatloaf without having eggs on hand so I typed in ground beef recipe and BAM! a few dozen popped up on my screen. I checked a couple out and found one I had the ingredients in the house for and Voila! crisis averted.  Seriously one of the best resources for our family when we are stuck in a rut for what to find to eat.  

So hear are a couple of recipes that I have tried on Pinterest over the past two months:

Chicken Pot Pie Soup: A hit in the household and it was great to add/subtract our own breading on the “pot pie” depending on my feeling our feeling that day.  It was great out of the freezer as well.  

Tortellini Vegetable Soup: The hubs loved this and I would have as well if I didn’t put the tortellini’s right away and let stand in the water.  They soaked up too much of the soup and were a bit mushy for my taste.  Putting them in later would have been really helpful, but it made a ton of leftovers and the hubs was really happy.  It reminded us of minestrone soup, but a lot more heartier because of the tortellini’s.  

Chicken Pot Pie Crumble: Our family loves Chicken Pot Pie. Can ya tell? I really loved this recipe, but it took way too long.  Like a really long time and so even though I loved this recipe I would definitely do the chicken pot pie soup over this since it is less work and we are a busy family.  The hubs thought there was too much crumble and my motto is always you can’t have enough carbs, but I would agree with him on this one.  If you are going to make this I would make a little less crumble for the recipe as it overwhelmed the dish a bit.  

Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken: This hands down is my husband’s favorite at the moment.  We have had it on chicken, pork chops, ham. You name it we have tried it.  He is just in love with this!  We put it on ham in the crockpot and I liked it better when in the oven because it was able to crisp up on the top, but the flavor worked both in the oven and in the crockpot.  This is asked for on a weekly basis. 

Smore’s Mix: Made this over the weekend and it was tasty and so simple to make! I even had my daughter helping me with this recipe, which was great bonding time!  The drawbacks of this recipe for me was that it made wayyyyy to much, and after a day or two it was too hard to eat so a ton had to be thrown away.  I would almost day the dry version of this mix would be better as a little less messy and wouldn’t harden and go bad so quickly.  I would make this recipe over again (just less of it!). 

Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip: We made this for football Sunday and it was AHHHMAAAZINNNGGGG (if you like buffalo chicken that is!).  It was really easy and just put it in the crockpot for an hour and had a delicious snack.  Using the rotisserie chicken was GENIUS as it shredded really well and was already cooked so took prep time to zero minutes! We had left overs for two more times and so it made a great batch and it was really tasty a couple days later.  Spiciness is a personal preference but it was a little bit too spicy for me so I would have put a little less of the hot sauce in the recipe.  


Hope this helps someone who is looking for something to make and/or needs inspiration to start making what they are pinning! Enjoy!


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