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Updates + Resolutions

22 Dec

Well bloggity blog it has been almost a year since I last posted although a few people stop by this little space no and again to check out some posts (so sweet).  It has been great to have this space as my time travel throughout all the changes in my life (including my resolutions/goals each year!).  I thought I would keep the tradition alive and give a little update + a review on how my 2014 resolutions/goals went + 2015 goals.  This is obviously more for me to look back on…but if some of my old readers stumble on this blog post…hiiiiiiii!! I have missed youuuuu!


So update…

+First my sweet 2 1/2 year old daughter who is brimming with happiness and delight this time of year (and a bit of a sugar overload) is growing up so quickly.  It has been a big year for her as she is potty trained, sits at the big girl table with no highchair/booster seat, she went from a crib to a toddler bed and shortly will be in a “regular” bed, tries very hard to be polite with her please and thank yous, and is in the inquisitive toddlerhood stage of whys, whats, when, etc, and biggest of all she is about to become a big sister in a few short months.

+Which leads me into my second update for us as a family.  In the spring we will be having TWO babies.  I am over the half way mark at 21+ weeks and since we will most likely lose about 4 weeks of this pregnancy because there are two babies the second half of this pregnancy is going to fly.  I had terrible morning  all day sickness until about 4 months, feel twice the worry since there are two in there and I have no clue what to do with two babies, at the beginning cravings were different than the first pregnancy (no red meat only chicken), but now they are starting to look the same (pasta, sausage, chips, etc), take a bath almost every single day to the point I asked (and received) a bath pillow for my overly pregnant self.  Weight gain has looked about the same this pregnancy (give or take a few holiday treats/pounds I have had these past few weeks), and sleep was way better in the first pregnancy than this pregnancy.  We find out what the genders of the babies are on Christmas Day, which is the most exciting thing I feel that will happen to us in 2014 (besides actually finding out we were having twins!) .  It is a great way to dive right into the new year, plus waiting helped me from not going crazy on Black Friday with the shopping.  As far as guesses–I would say 2 boys, hubs says 2 girls, most of my family says 1 boy and 1 girl.

+Other smaller updates. Work is crazier than usual, life is crazy with the holidays and then turning our playroom into a nursery, we took some smaller family trips in the spring and the summer with our sweet girl, and I took some trips in the Fall to see my favorite ladies around the country before life got too busy (and I got too big) for me to visit.  The hubs got into extreme obstacle racing, which is loving and really has gotten him on the health kick.  We celebrated our 5 year anniversary up in Vermont!  Overall it was a busy year for us because it was really easy to get up and go with Lexi and we took FULL advantage of that (thankfully).  I am thinking that might change a bit with our family expanding in 2015.

Onto 2014 Resolutions…

1. Family time over phone time. I did really well with this one and I have truly made a conscious effort to keep my phone in my purse or away from me in order not to be distracted with Lexi wants to play.  I struggled a bit when I was newly pregnant because I was so sick and had such a lack of energy that using the phone/Ipad was a way to keep both of us distracting with very little movement.  I can always improve in this area, but I have come a long way with my phone from 2013!

2. More date nights. Well this didn’t really happen for 2014 although we had more afternoon lunch dates with each other and those were really nice and tried to do date nights in more often  It was a small escape and even though it wasn’t a night out it really was fantastic to have an adult meal with adult conversation with the hubs.  We did get out a few times for weddings, but we are hoping to squeeze in a small babymoon before the twins arrive and people babysitting 2 infants + a toddler goes out the window.  Sadly I think this will decrease for 2015, but these babies will all be worth it!

3. Keep up with 2013 goals. I did great with keeping up with my 2013 goals of reading more (18 books!), kept myself a priority, keep giving and really trying to be a well rounded individual.  Life is so fast fast paced that it is sometimes hard, but I feel pretty balanced in my life and was able to give to all the people I love without sacrificing too much of me in the process.

4. Visit a place that I have never been. We went to 1 new place.  Mt. Snow, Vermont for our 5th year anniversary and also a race that the hubs did while we were up there (kidless!).  I would have loved to have added more than 1 place under this goal, but when traveling with kids we much rather stick to what we know and what works and so going to new places can be a bit harder to do on a regular basis.  I never said how many places so I call this one a win for this goal! YES!

5. Live Healthy. I am not going to count the pregnancy aspect of this year because I was sick for 1/4 of the year.  When I wasn’t pregnancy sick I was rocking the healthy lifestyle.  I found I really loved smoothies in the morning to start the day, found a great beachbody program I loved and stuck with it, and truly felt great for 2014.  I was really proud of this accomplishment and it was starting to feel like a lifestyle versus a diet.  I was eating smaller meals and better meals and overall just feeling great!  My daughter was doing some yoga poses with me and saw me working out and being healthy. Between the pregnancy sickness and the risk factors of me doing any hard physical activity with the twins that has been put on the backburner, but I am already thinking about life post-pregnancy and the changes I want to make (far cry from the first pregnancy where I didn’t think about this for a second).  Out of any of the resolutions I put the most work into this one and it paid off!

So if we are keeping track that would be 4 1/2 out of 5 goals accomplished! YES! I would call that a success for 2014 and I am proud of the work that I did this year.

Now for 2015 Resolutions…

1. Be patient with myself (and my family): Looking back on my first year with Lexi, it truly was an amazingly smooth transition.  It didn’t feel so at the time when I was crying over various first time mom issues, but looking back it was a rockstar year.  My labor recovery was incredible, my daughter slept like a rockstar, ate like a rockstar (once I got over the breastfeeding wasn’t for us hurdle), she developed like a rockstar, and did amazingly in her daycare (while mommy sobbed in the car).  This will not be our experience this time around and I need to be patient with myself and the expectations that I put on our first year as a family of 5 and I need to be patient with my husband and toddler and that it will take some time to transition.  I have a strong possibility of a c-section so my recovery will not take less than a day, sleeping woes are bound to happen with two babies plus a toddler, eating options are still up in the air for us and so who knows, and they wont develop at the same rate of each other or at the same rate as Lexi and I need to be patient with that too.  Diving into a whole new world is scary and I need to find the patience I know I have and be okay with things being different from Lexi and different from only having one at a time.

2.Live Healthy: This will take some time too (why patience is #1 on the list), but I really hope that I get back into the healthy lifestyle.  Waking up early or choosing a workout over Netflix at the end of the day.  Drinking less coffee (than first post pregnancy) and more smoothies. More salads and less bread (with butter).  More fruits/veggies as a night snack versus chips. Getting back into the healthy groove at some point of 2015 would truly be wonderful.

3.Spend 1 on 1 time with family: This goes on all levels of our family.  I want to make sure I spend 1 on 1 time with Lexi, and with each of the twins and especially the hubs.  I think it will be wonderful to spend so much time together as a family of 5, but I don’t want to miss out on the opportunities to do things separately with our children and with each other. I have never had to think about this much with only have one child as situations come up naturally, but I hear having separate time after the babies is so important and I want to make this a priority.  I think we will have to make extra effort for this to happen so I wanted to put it on my goals to work on this so it becomes a routine for our family as the years pass.

I am going to stick with just three resolutions this year as I think I will have my hands full with three kids and wont be able to put too much on my plate.  I have seen other bloggers do monthly goals that help them focus on what they want from that next month, which I might do for myself to keep me focused.  I have already been thinking of a couple for January that I would want to kick off the monthly goals (get nursery started, read 2 books, and get a prenatal massage!)

Until next time (when we are probably a family of FIVE!)–hope you all have a wonderful holiday and an amazing 2015!