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I never know what to write in these parts! I love to eat especially when I am not cooking it, I love to take pictures, I love to go on vacation, I love roadtrips,  I love starbucks mugs,  I love all seasons except winter, I love my daughter’s smile and making my husband laugh, and most importantly I love my family.  Recently I have fallen in love with watching youtube videos (late on this train!), Starbucks lattes, trying new makeup, polka dots, and more laidback weekends when we can.

If you are new I had this blog until February 2010 and then hopped on the Tumblr train until January 2013 when I started to hate dislike Tumblr and losing most posts I would write and just not as user-friendly as I anticipated and so I hopped back to this blog as of March 2013…and here I am!


I wrote this on my Tumblr page below–but thought I would bring it to this site as well…

So you want the short version or the long version of our story? Or the picture version? Hmmm. how about all three??

Picture version: Literally a click away to finding out our story

Not enough deets? Yea not enough for me either.

Short version [or as I like to say the down and dirty version]

Future hubs and I meet our senior year in college.  We had some obstacles in our way at first, but over the course of the year we started to fall in love.  Senior year ended and we both had opportunities, but in different states.  We decided to do the long distance thing for 2 long years.  Thankfully with the help of family, friends, a sturdy car, and sheer willingness to be together after 2 years we reunited and moved in together.  Life was great and things were fabulous and soon [well a little later than soon] we got engaged! Yippppeee!  We basked in the glow of our engagement for 15 months and on a beautiful spring day we got married.  We moved to California and 8 short weeks later we moved back to the East Coast.  As oldieweds we have been traveling, working on a business, hubs going back to school, and enjoying as many walks along the river as possible.  We are now embarking on growing our family with a new baby on the way due March of 2012! She arrived on March 5, 2012 and we haven’t been more happy, more tired, and feeling more like a family then we do now!  We are unbelievably excited about this new adventure and you can catch up with the pregnancy journey here and for all baby adventures you can catch up here! As for the toddler journey and beyond I will posting right here on this blog!

Now for the longer version [grab a glass of vino this maybe a while!]

I actually “met” the future husband while I was borrowing a vacuum from his roommate. I asked where it was located and he pointed to a corner and that was the extent of our interaction for the year.  The next year [our senior year] we both were at a birthday party at the beginning of the school year.  I tried to put the moves on him [did I have any moves?] and either I wasn’t good at it or he was oblivious because he left without getting any contact information from me.  But I am pretty stubborn and so I hunted down the roommate and got the future hubs IM screenname [OMG remember AOL?!] and then the IMing started, then dinners, then more parties, then his birthday party, and then we became an item.  It was exciting and fabulous and such a wonderfully carefree time in our lives.

As we were starting to fall in love I got into graduate school in Pennsylvania and he had a great working opportunity in Connecticut.  We decided to pursue the opportunities and work really hard to stay connected through long distance.  [if we had skype/facetime long distance would have been far easier!]  Long distance sucks. It was for a good cause to be apart, but man all the traveling, 4am wake up calls, scary winter drives were wearing on us both.  I made some unbelievable connections with people in Pennsylvania, but that moment of driving on I-80 with the future hubs by my side was priceless.

We moved in together and both of us navigating our relationship was pretty hilarious now that we didn’t live 7 hours apart.  Things like what to watch on TV, what to have for dinner [no more Sheetz!], sheets tucked in/untucked, what type of juice to buy, and many other joint decisions.

As the months turned into years I wondered if the future hubs saw…well a future together with me [a girl would wonder after 5 years!].  On February 14, 2008 I got my answer as the future hubs proposed and happiness was just gushing from my pores! I was in this euphoric state of happiness and it was such a wonderful time in our lives.  We planned our wedding and then our first location went bankrupt [I can’t make this up people!] and so we planned wedding #2 and it was better than I could have visioned as a little girl.  It was one of the happiest day of my life and the journey only just began on that day.

After our honeymoon we moved to sunny California [woohoooo!] for the hubs to pursue a graduate degree and had such high hopes for our life out on the West Coast.  Unfortunately the timing, and the economy wasn’t right and so the decision was made to come back to the East Coast.  That is where we have been ever since!

The hubs started graduate school for his MBA, I started a photography business, both of us working towards our future goals.  Together we have traveled and continue to be happily surprised by all the adventures that we have had together as a couple for 7+ years.

I wonder what is next for our story?

Well we are now about to have a baby!! [We had the baby on March 5th!] Yes, after months of trying I am officially pregnant! WOOT! Although we had been trying it is still this shocking experience to realize you are responsible for this little baby very very shortly.  Our visions and views still remain the same, but there is a sense of clarity of what needs to be done now that our baby will be arriving in March 2012 [March 5th to be exact!].  We have had tremendous support, many decisions to make already, and have really trying to soak up this entire experience as everything right now is a first for us! Of course I could go on and on about pregnancy, babies and our future life, but to get more deets you can head here to get more of the pregnancy scoop! Now that our sweet sweet baby girl has arrived you can get more of the deets here of her first year of life. Year #8 with the hubs might be our best year yet [yes indeed it was one of the best years we have had together!]  We are onto year #9 (GASP!) it the pace of our lives have really picked up!

And if that just wasn’t enough detail [really?because I can be sooo long winded—just ask the hubs] you can check out these links below for more of our scoop!

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We had a baby girl!


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    Beautiful dress! I really like your blog.

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