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Beauty Product Fails

23 Aug



There aren’t a ton of products that I would call complete fails as I normally do a great deal of research on products I am going to buy (especially if they are over $15 dollars).  I try to check if they work on dry skin (which I have) or dry hair (which I have) and if it is long lasting (as I don’t have much time to reapply throughout the day).  Unfortunately even with researching and other people’s opinions on how great the product is–sometimes it just isn’t the right product for me.  These 4 products I have tried multiple times to give them a second, third, and even fourth chance and they all come up short.  So I thought I would pass along my fails in case you were looking at buying any of these products.

1) Burt’s Bees Tinted Balm ($6.99): I love their basic lip balm and so I thought the tinted would be great to give me some color and add moisture to my very dry lips.  Unfortunately in all different seasons I have tried this product and it just becomes cakey on my lips.  Anyone ever get that “white stuff” build up on their lips when applying product on their lips? This gave me this result every single time I used it.  Boo. 

2) Clear Shampoo ($6.00): I only tried the Clear Shampoo as the research I had done on the Clear Conditioner would be better for normal/oily hair and since I have dry hair/scalp I stayed away from the conditioner.  I tried the Clear Shampoo though because it stated it would bring moisture balance to not only the hair, but to the scalp.  It would treat the scalp and add nurishment to the scalp leaving it feeling clean & clear–but not dry as some clarifying shampoos can do.  For me, this shampoo did nothing.  I didn’t feel cleaner or clearer than what I did with other shampoos.  It left my hair feeling on the drier side and at times it felt like a residue was building up from it.  I tried it a few times and even took extra steps to make sure it was fully out of my scalp and really no change.  It is a popular product on the market right now–but I still have an almost full bottle under my sink.  Boo.

3) Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation ($45.00): This baby is expensive and hurts my heart (and pocketbook) that it is on my Beauty Product fails list.  So much so that I have tried way too many times to get this product to work for me.  Seems crazy to throw out almost $50.00 dollars! I have heard so many great things about this product and I will say when the product goes on my skin it looks and feels great.  I love it feels a little lighter than my usual foundation, but provides me enough coverage.  It lasts throughout the day and overall I am pretty satisfied by the product (although for price I have found better for cheaper).  The biggest problem I have with it that every time I use it for more than 3 days I break out.  Like seriously teenage breakout.  You would think I would stop after first time, but I kept making excuses and thinking it was something else I was using–but nope.  After 3-4 seperate times in various seasons (was thinking maybe summer sweat was doing the breakouts at one point)–it leaves me with pimples and bumps and other teenage problems.  Now my skin is the opposite of sensitive and at times I have slept with makeup on my face with no breakouts so the fact this product breaks me out is crazy–because nothing else I have ever tried does this to my skin.  So I have to give this a product fail for the price and the breakouts.  Boo.

4) Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($18.00): I got this as a gift from my husband as I have been on the hunt for a good eye makeup remover.  I have used Neutrogena Eye Make Up remover liquid and the Equate brand of the same product and I like those products–but I don’t lovveee them.  The Origins makeup remover actually has been on a ton of the Top 10 Makeup Removers online and so I was really excited to get this as a gift to try! I have been using this for a couple weeks and the only reason I am still using it is because it was $18.00 dollars and it does take off my makeup, but I will not be repurchasing this product.  First it is not gentle–if I put too much on a cotton ball it kinda stings my eyes. Ouch.  But the reason I have to put so much on the cotton ball is because it takes forever to take the makeup off my eyes.  It takes me forever to take my eye makeup off (mostly my mascara) and there are times where I am not certain my makeup is even off! So fast this makeup remover is not.  It does feel a little less oily/slick than the Neutrogena/Equate liquid that I have used in the past, but that doesn’t make up for the stinging and slowness of the product (especially since both of these are in the name of the product!).  For a Top 10 eye remover product I was really hoping for more!

So there you have it…my 4 Beauty Product Fails at the moment.  Anyone have any beauty product fails they want to share? Anyone love these products I mentioned? Anyone have a good makeup and/or eye makeup remover they love to use? I am still on the hunt…


Blog Love: Take 2!

19 May

Day 19: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them

So this is a bit of a cheat post, but I really answered this post in another May Challenge post and didn’t even realize it. Day 5 post! Plus I cheat even more as I don’t have just five as I had to write about 10 blogs!

So here is my list again in case you missed it on Day 5.

Aurajoon : She doesn’t blog anymore, but wow her past writing is powerful and pictures are beautiful. She also had a baby that was born in the month of March and I don’t know for some reason I am drawn to bloggers with babies born in March!

EmphasisAdded: Her city life with her cute little family feels so dreamy. Her mom seems like a rockstar and her family gatherings seem epic. She also has a baby born in March plus another sweet little baby too that was just added to family

Lipstick and Stockings : Love her for her beauty advice and to live vicariously through her while she is living it up in Hawaii. She just got back and looks like she is heading to the mountains of Colorado! Goodluck!

The Well-Read Red Head : You need a new book to read? She is your gal! Her book reviews make me want to read more and if I need a book recomendation I almost always refer to her blog for my next read.

Life in Review : Killer reviews and a new baby on the way! Congrats! I love that her reviews are pretty broad in categories and I will have to say that I crack up at every single Awe/Blah post!

Brit + Co : This is a new blog read for me! A recommendation by a friend and the DIY up in this blog is AWESOME. It also gives amazing tips about techonology and really I have only scratched the surface of this blog!

Story of my life : This is where the May Challenge got started! Woohooo! I love her blog for this and so much more! Ger pictures are amazing, her stories are funny, and she is cute as a button! Plus she lives in Texas and I always said I born in the wrong state! Texas Love!

Plus I can’t forget Kate from The Small Things Blog that I wrote about in detail on Day 5!

and two bonus blogs since I don’t want this entire post to just be a re-do of Day 5. Many of you have probably heard of the first one-Cup of Jo as she is uber popular and I just love her gift ideas, love for France, and her cute little baby boy (and one on the way!). A must read if you haven’t heard of this awesome blog before. And my last blog is a photography blog named Jasmine Star that I have been reading for almost 4 years! This woman inspires me every day and I really have learned so much about photography through her website (she also has some great book recommendations too!). Plus she has the cutest dog in the world with the cutest name in the world–Polo. Even if you aren’t a professional photography I think everyone could get something out of this blog. Love her!

*I will say that some of my all time favorites that I would have added to this post have stopped writing for many different reasons. It made me sad as it was almost like a TV show getting canceled before the ending was shared. I had to share AuraJoon because she is my #1 blogger of all time. It has left me wondering how they are doing and what they are up to and sad to not have them on my reader anymore. I am always looking for new blogs especially in the absence of some great blogs I loved so please share some of your favorites if you have any! Would love to hear!

P.S. Congrats to my sister who graduates today!! We will be sitting in the stands cheering the loudest for you girl! So proud of all that you have accomplished!!! LOVE YOU!

Blog Love!

5 May

It is time to give back to the blog world and show my favorite blog some love! So with a margarita (Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!) in one hand and typing in another let’s get to sharing the loveee!  Here is to another weekend blog post! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Day 5 Blog in May Challenge: Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don’t have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member



My pick that is worthy of my blog love and devotion is Kate from The Small Things Blog! I started to read her blog years ago (about 6 months into her blogging I believe).  I actually stumbled across it looking for another favorite blog of mine Enjoying The Small Things Blog!  I just love it when one blogs leads to another blog and then all of a sudden you don’t realize 5 hours have gone by reading blogs.  That is what kinda sorta what happened in this case! It has felt like I have been a part of her blog from the beginning and even though she has had some wild success through her blog/pinterest/youtube videos she has remained true to herself and to her blog beginnings.  I have this feeling that in real life she is just the sweetest person you would just ever meet.  Besides being so sweet, she does incredible hair tutorials (which I used two of them last week and got rave reviews by many people those days! WOOT! WOOT!).  The hair tutorials I used were the Not Just a Ponytail and the Lightly Curled Hair Tutorial! Both brilliant!  I mean besides a girl crush I have a total hair crush on this girl as I feel that her hair can be manipulated into so many styles (short and long!)! I also love that she keeps it real though and admits that not every day is a stellar hair day for her (coulda fooled me girlfriend!).  She doesn’t only talk about hair on her blog as she also talks about skin care routines, beauty, makeup, clothing, accessories and really all things girly.  RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!    I find that sometimes in blogs that are geared towards beauty or fashion as their viewership grows it can be hard to keep up with their beauty tips/fashion tips as they get all these expensive hair items, beauty products, or clothing at a faster rate than the “average” blogger could ever buy.  Not with Kate! In most of her tutorials she is like all you need is a comb, some hair spray, clear plastic elastics and a curling iron. No fancypants 500 dollar magic wand needed! The same goes for makeup, fashion, accessories, and so much more! YES! LOVE IT! Her blog is inviting and crisp and just lovely to read on a daily basis.  She even has an equally awesome sister who blogs as well! BONUS!

So now that I have gushed over Kate you now you now have to see for yourself all the goodies on her blog!! Hop on over to  The Small Things Blog right this instant!!You will NOT be disappointed! Trust me.

You can also connect with Kate on twitter @K8_smallthings or on her Facebook Page or her awesome Pinterest page and we can’t forget all the fun on her Youtube channel!! Check it out peeps!

Since I am terrible at leaving it to just one pick here were my other contenders: Aurajoon (doesn’t blog anymore, but wow her past writing is powerful and pictures beautiful), EmphasisAdded (her city life with her cute little family feels so dreamy. her mom seems like a rockstar and her family gatherings seem epic.), Lipstick and Stockings (for beauty advice and to live vicariously through her while she is living it up in Hawaii), The Well-Read Red Head (you need a new book to read? She is your gal!), Life in Review (killer reviews and a new baby on the way!) and Brit + Co (a new blog read for me from  a recommendation by a friend and the DIY up in that blog is AWESOME), and last but certainly not least Jenni from the Story of my life blog who got this challenge started (her pictures are amazing, her stories are funny, and she is cute as a button!)

Drugstore Makeup Hits!

22 Mar

About 3 months ago I decided that I needed to change up my beauty routine because I wasn’t loving any of the products I was using and it was starting to feel like “same old same old.” I also had to change up my beauty routine during the week because my baby was turning into a toddler and so I just couldn’t place her on the floor while I got ready and have her just hang out with me. The hope was to find a quick and easy routine that lasted all day long. I spent about 3 weeks checking out beauty blogs and YouTubers who had beauty channels (shout out to Lipstick and Stockings, Tanya Burr , Eleventh Gorgeous, Makeup by Alli) to look at some reviews of products and then make a list of all the “needs” and then a list of all the “wants” so that I had an idea of what I was looking for when I went into the drugstores and Sephora. I found that this really helped me get products that were great for my skin type (very dry) and help improve my quick routine with the right products. I am proud to say that I bought more hits than misses with doing the research and checking out what others were using (pat myself on my back!).  I did hit upon some misses and some products that I am still on the fence about (post on that soon)–but it is Friday and so I am going to end the week on a positive note and talk about the hits first! I am also glad to say that all my hits have were from the drugstore and very reasonably priced in case you are looking to spruce up your beauty routine!





1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation ($13.00): Hard to find this product in the actual drugstore, but worth the effort! A bit of a dewy effect on the skin, goes on beautifully, light to medium coverage depending on how much you use, stayed on all day and never flaked on my skin (which I sometimes have happen with foundations since my skin is so dry).   It is a pump system which helps control how much I need to use. Really love this new foundation and it blends so well! When I wear this I normally do not feel like I have foundation on! LOVE IT!  I think was my best find from the drugstore!

2. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation ($12.00): Easy to find in the drugstore and it goes on really smooth as well.  It isn’t as dewy (more matte) on my skin.  This gives me more medium coverage and stays on my face all day long.  It says 24 hours although I have never tried it for 24 hours I feel it looks best for about 12-14 hours which I still think is awesome.  It goes on very easily although fingers do get dirty as there isn’t a pump for this foundation.  One reviewer made note that if you don’t like mouse type foundations that you don’t need to steer clear of this foundation and I would agree.  I have tried mouse foundations before and this feels and looks nothing like that type of foundation.  I would say it is in between a liquid and mouse foundation.  I have used this one more in the winter for a little bit more coverage, but I know that once spring really sets in my go to foundation will be the Rimmel Wake Me up Foundation.  This foundation also blends very easily and I never have streaks.

3. Jordana Easyliner Retractable Eyeliner Pencil ($2-$4): This is also a bit of a hard find in the drugstore, but Walgreens sells this eyeliner and there is a small beauty section of Jordana products.  This eyeliner is SO CHEAP price wise, but feels so good on! It is creamy and applies really well and stays on the lid all day long.  I don’t have any smudging or falling to underneath my eyes and I only have good things to say about this product.  For the price it is amazing! They also have a liquid eyeliner that I have bought, but not have used yet.  Reviews on Youtube are great for the liquid eyeliner as well! For the price–why not try it?!

4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer-Brightener ($7.00): This one took a little for me to warm up to and I think it was mostly because I didn’t know how to use the product! I would dab a little on under my eyes and then pat and I would really see no difference.  They I watched someone put it on during a blog review and realized I wasn’t going far enough down or using nearly as much as I should.  Once I started to add more on I noticed a difference on days that I felt I had dark circles.  It is in my hits because I have seen a ton of improvement of not feeling like I look tired all the time and helps with dark circles, but for the amount I use I wonder if there is a better solution.  It doesn’t crease after I wear it all day and it seems to stay on for a good portion of the day (I would say 5-6 hours).

5. Wet and Wild Eyeshadow Palette in “Silent Treatment” ($3.00): I always thought that Wet and Wild products were for teenagers and that I have moved past the Wet and Wild stage, but I found a ton of individuals raving about the Wet and Wild palettes and I have to say for the price you really can’t beat it! For the newbie in the beauty product world it was easy to apply and the eyeshadows stayed on my lids all day long (with an eyelid primer I got even more wear time out of the eyeshadow).  I found that they didn’t flake and were really easy to blend.  I have used high end eyeshadows and I can see the difference with the pigments and “powdery” feel, but not enough difference to not add a couple go to eye color palettes into my makeup bag.  When I have to get out of the door really fast and can’t really think of what eyeshadows I want to blend together I always reach for this palette and feel put together!

6. CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara by Lashblast ($7.00) : I had been using the original Lashblast (in the orange tube) for the longest time and then when I needed to pick up a new Mascara the clump crusher was on sale and I had seen some hits and some misses for the product.  I figured that I would try it out for myself and it landed in the hits pile for me (although I can see where people can see that it would be a miss as well).  For me it really separated my lashes unlike the original Lashblast and I found that they were a bit longer than when using the Lashblast mascara.  I would put on two coats and felt that my eyelashes were good for the entire day and it does ring true that there are no clumps when putting on the mascara.  I will say though that they didn’t get my lashes as much volume and thickness when it came to the Clump Crusher.  I have a good amount of lashes so I don’t necessarily need the thickness and volume, but I had grown so use to it that it took a little while for me to adjust to the new mascara.  I think I really enjoy the separation of lashes and length over the volume.  I would repurchase this mascara (which is why it went into the hits pile), but I don’t know if I would say I am an exclusive Clump Crusher girl.  When I bought it the sale was close to $5.00 dollars at Target and for that price I say give it a try!

What are your favorite drugstore beauty products? Anyone else tried these products and love/hate?

Hair today….Gone tomorrow!

23 Jul

So as I am in need of a haircut/trim I am in the stage of do I want to go back to my bob of a couple months ago or start the phase of growing it out.  I am still 50/50 on the decision so I am holding off on the haircut.  It made me start to think about all the haircuts/colors I have had in the past and man are there are alot.  I thought I would bring a little humor to this dreary Friday and share my 1.56 million hairstyles I have had since college.  {we will leave middle school and high school haircuts in the past where they belong…YIKES!}.  And let me go on the record that I blame my Auntie M. for all the different hairstyles because she was a hairdresser in another life and I was getting perms at age 11, and every week I could get a haircut if I wanted for FREE.  I turned into one of those girls who went to the hairdressers once a week and wanted something new and dramatic….oh the days of spending cash willy nilly. 

Okay so without further adoo…

Oh highlighted hair til it is going to break off…I thought I was a real blonde. HAHA. circa 01′

In case you didn’t believe the blonde…

Oh bangs how I loved you for so long…circa 02′

The classic bob yet with no style because it was so dry from the “yes I am a blonde!” phase. circa 04′

Less is more look with just my basic brown long hair and trying to grow out my bangs circa 05….

Curly Crazy Hair that I couldn’t put a brush through…circa 06′ {this pic doesn’t show the me}

Dark Straight Hair circa 06′

Probably the best my hair has ever looked circa 07′

Starting the “how long can my hair grow” phase but trying to do the natural wavy I am not trying but this took forever look. circa 07′ {only a week later after picture above taken}

Back to  the bangs and a pretty dramatic look for me…bangs last about 3 weeks with me though…circa 08′

Let me not cut off any length of my hair in over a year and see what happens…circa 08’/09′

Wedding Hair..aka my hairdresser said to get the look I needed to chop length and highlight. And so I did…circa 09′

Sleek highlighted I want to be Gwenth Paltrow look…circa 09′ {also known as post wedding chop!}

This is OH EM GEE I didn’t mean THAT I look like a boy freak out. Then 2 days later loving it…circa 10′

My hair right about 1 month ago…

So I would say the trends over the years was getting it highlighted and then going back to really dark-mostly pinstraight with a touch of crazy in 06′ to perm it once again.  I never liked my natural brown “mousey” color until recently when I have embrassed the natural color.  I still think about coloring my hair every 6 weeks or so–but it breaks the bank every single time!  My worst haircut which I can’t find an online picture of was during 06′ when I was graduating with my masters.  I thought it would be BRILLIANT if I went to a middle of nowhere western PA mall salon. UM BIG NO NO. My hair was all shorts of shades nasty. My bangs and layers were all uneven–it was a nightmare!! Unfortunately it was one of those moments I wanted to capture with my friends so I have a daily reminder in my living room of that AWFUL HAIRCUT! Probably best it is not in digital form…

{oh and my #2 hair disaster is when I went into a salon and asked for a meg ryan choppy hair cut my junior year of high school and came out of the salon with a pixie hair cut that was probably an inch long. talk about nightmare for prom!}

I am thinking of letting it grow out again and having something like this be the ultimate goal…



Anyone else get bored with their hair? What was the worst haircut you ever had? Are you loving your hair at the moment?

Beauty Secrets Part II

20 Apr

So in case you missed Part I I went over some items regarding my body/hair care regimen.  Now for the fun part-skin care and makeup!

A recap of my skin type: As for my skin it is on the dry side as well and areas that I may get pimples is the chin area.  My skin type is fair {can burn, but usually can tan}.  Similiar to my face my body can be dry and so extra moisterizer is a must to keep the flakes away.  So this should help with determining if any of these products will be great for you!

Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover, Oil-Free, 3.8 Fl Oz (112 ml)

I use Neutragena Eye Makeup Remover about 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I really am in love with this product and gets all of my eye makeup off, doesn’t leave my eyes feeling greasy, doesn’t make my eyes sting, and I don’t need to use a whole bunch every single time.  I haven’t been able to find another product {even high end makeup removers!} that does all of these items.  I have tried samples and I even tried twice different brands and hated every moment of it.  I love this product and haven’t strayed from them in a long time. 



Origins Natural Resources Never Say Dry Extra Rich Moisture Cream 1.7oz

I really loveeee this product Never Say Dry because it is a thicker moisturizer and keeps my skin feeling very soft all day long.  It is a little heavier of a cream and so I use this in the Fall/Winter months when my skin is a little more dry. The great part because it is so thick that a little goes a long way and I can use just one tub to last me for both Fall and Winter seasons! A little concerned it isn’t on the Origins website any more–OH NO i hope it is still in the stores!


A Perfect World™ SPF 25

I have started to use this during the Spring/Summer because it is a bit lighter of a moisturizer and it has an SPF 25 which I absolutely LOVE! I have been using this for a few weeks and I am loving this new product.


A Perfect World™

I always heard you must use toner and I just laughed it off.  Just another gimmec to make me purchase another product. Nope. It is totally true! The Origins Perfect World Liquid Toner really makes a difference on my skin tone and to keep my face feeling fresh.  I use this daily nowadays!



Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - Illuminating

I bought Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer {Natural Radiance} from a rave review on a blog and I am so glad that I made this purchase.  Although on the pricey side it is a great Tinted Moisturizer and I use it as my foundation for the Spring/Summer. It gives a nice light coverage.  It gives enough coverage without feeling like it is weiging my face down and it gives me that “dewey glow”.  I was concerned with the word “Illuminating” meaning sparkles…but no sparkles/glitter on my face-PROMISE! Laura Mercier has a heavier foundation with more coverage as well that I haven’t tried, but may for the Fall/Winter months!


Natural Mineral Foundation

Youngblood powder foundation {Cool Beige} I use during the Fall/Winter months and this gives me a great finish and wonderful coverage.  It is a matte finish in the powder form, but they also have liquid and pressed powder for different type of finshes and coverage.  I really love this product and how it lasts me an entire year {using for all 4 seasons last year}.


Ultimate Concealer

I use this concealer all year round because not only does it cover but it also helps clear up my face when I am having a breakout.  It gives wonderful coverage without having to use a ton and I use this for just touch ups on my face.  It is fabulous…love love love it! I use this product in Fair.


Crushed Mineral Blush

I use this blush in Sherbert as well in Winter/Fall and I really enjoy the loose powder because it lasts longer.  I tried the pressed powder, but within a month I was out of it.  This has lasted me about 6 months, which has been great.

Cheek Stain

I use this blush in the Spring/Summer to just add a little pinch on my skin.  It is pretty cool product with a roll on stick and it also helps keep your foundation on.  I really am enjoying using this product and gives me a nice “glow” for the entire day.  I use Blushing Bride, which I hear is a popular choice. Try it out!


Cream Shaper For Eyes

I have used Clinique eyeliner for years, which is funny because I have never used any other product of theirs-go figure! I use the Cream Shaper for Eyes because it lasts all day long.  It is really smooth to put on and it is very versatile! I can smudge it or keep a clean line and the colors are very vibrant. The color I use Chocolate Lustre and Black Diamond.   LOVE IT!


Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Eden

Urban Decay was a find at Sephora that I had heard about a couple of times.  It is a primer prior to putting on your eyeshadow to make it last longer.  I have been using it for 2 weeks and it has kept my eyeshadow lasting longer and more vibrant of colors.  I am not sure if it lives to the hype of OH EMM GEE YOU HAVE TO THIS PRODUCT, but I am definately liking the results that I have been seeing with my eyeshadow. 


 LORAC Multi-Platinum Palette ($120 Value)

I normally use individual eye shadow containers, but this beauty really caught my eye because I don’t really have any “going out” eyeshadow.  Everything in my collection is pretty light and most of it is purple because of my brown eyes.  I am really really really glad I picked up eyeshadow  {Lorac Multi-Platinum Collection} from Sephora.  I have used all of the colors {in moderation in the daytime}–even the blue which looks actually really yummy on my eyes! I haven’t had a need to pump it up for a night out yet, but I will be happy I have these colors when I need to! LOVE IT


LashBlast Mega Volume Mascara, Brown

I have been using CoverGirl LashBlast in Waterproof for the past year.  I have pretty thick lashes but they aren’t very long and so this is a great product for you to get more length out of my lashes.  I also find that most non-waterproof mascara just smudges to my face and makes me look a bit goth at the end of this day.  This mascara is easy to get off at night even though it is waterproof and I never have that goth look at the end of the day when I wear it.  Wearing this mascara opens up my face more and I almost never leave the house without wearing it.

{any drug store/grocery store}

Viva Glam Lipstick

Lipsticks never really stick on my lips…EVER. So I don’t really invest too much money into lipsticks because by the time I am out the door the lipstick is off my face.  It is a pure bummer since I just love using different colors, but even if I get them to stick they end up drying out and being all “crackalakin'”. UGH. But I am loving this MAC Viva La Glam V AC9 lipstick and I love even more that all the money goes to charity. HOLLA! It is a really simple color with really no flash, but it is an every day color to add during the day to add something a little bit different to my look since I am normally a chapstick only kinda gal. 


  • I wear this every day. multiple times a day.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It is my must wear all seasons and it really helps keep my lips refreshed.  I had a bad issue with crackly lips and dry skin and this has definately decreased my dry lip days.  Really do love this product.


    I really enjoy this product called Nutragena Lip Nutrition as well for making dry skin on my lips go away.  It has tiny beads which is a great exfoliant without it being too rough on my lips.  I use this product when they are very flaky and I need to exfoliate my lips.  I have been using this product for over 5 years.  Another great product!

    {any drug store/grocery store}

    Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15

    I used this product once and I really enjoyed the results, but it is a bit on the pricey side and I haven’t bought it after the first time.  You get instant results with this lip balm and so if you really had a hard time with the health of your lips–this is a MUST GET! It goes on really smooth and it improves your lips dramatically.  When I used it my lips were so healthy they were almost “too healthy” and they were very very slippery and hard to put any lip gloss or lipstick on my lips afterwards.  Great product and I always think about picking up another container of it…



    Now all of these products you are probably wondering…ummmm….do you need an hour to put your face on?? HAHA. The answer is no.  I probably spend about 15 minutes in the morning from start {eye makeup remover} to end {my lip balm/lipstick}.  Once you get into a routine it just feels natural and I barely ever skip a step, but sometimes I am not has precise with my eye makeup and so I can cut it down between 5-10 minutes.  I never leave the house without my moisturizer, mascara and lip balm on and other products just compliment my face when I go out.  I enjoy having a regimen and being able to take care of my face without having to bounce from one product to the next.  Your skin takes up to 30 days to get use to a new product and so don’t give up too quickly on a product because it may just need time to be the right fit for you. 


    Beauty Secrets Part I

    14 Apr

    Okay Okay my post title lies. a little white lie never hurt anyone, right?  They are certainly NOT secrets by any means, but I thought I would share what I use to get ready in the morning {body care, skin care, and hair care}. I always loveeeee reading blogs and seeing what other ladies are using and what they love about the products–I have bought a few items off of blog reviews and I thought this would be a great way to pay it forward.

    First off let me tell you a little bit about my body {besides that it is smokin’ hot..HAHA!}. No for serious,  in order for you to know/think that the products may be something that you want to try you need to know a little bit about my skin and hair to make a good purchase.  So lets start from head to toe! My hair is brunette and can become very very dry and it is also very thick, plus a little bit of a wave.  When I blow dry my hair it goes pretty straight on it’s own with the flat iron really just smoothing it out so very very little wave.  So you you ladies who have super fine, super curly or super oily hair these products may not work for you.  As for my skin it is on the dry side as well and areas that I may get pimples is the chin area.  My skin type is fair {can burn, but usually can tan}.  Similiar to my face my body can be dry and so extra moisterizer is a must to keep the flakes away.  And if you haven’t guessed my feet can be dry and brittle as well and so with the wear and tear of shoes they need a little bit more TLC than other parts of my body.  So that should help with determining if any of these products will be great for you!

    I am going to break this down into two parts. Part I will be body/hair care and Part II {the fun part!} is skin care/makeup.


    Okay so in the shower here are the products I use for body/hair care…

    This product I use on a daily basis to keep moisture in my hair and to heal my ends



    I use this shampoo either once or sometimes twice a week depending on how dry my hair feels. 

    It takes away the residue from my normal shampoo conditioner. My hair feels squeky clean after using this!


    I ran out of my SOMA conditioner that I was using and decided to try DOVE daily moisturizer conditioner and I truly love their conditioner. 

     Keeps my hair shiny and not dull from the dryness.

    {any drug store/grocery store}

    Product Image Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense for Thick Hair - 6.8 oz.

    A new product that I have been using every other time that I wash my hair and although a bit pricey it has been worth every single penny! I have gotten rave reviews on how healthy and shiny my hair has been.  Thank you Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for Thick Hair! They actually have one for fine hair as well, but never have used it.


    **Dry Hair Tip: Do not wash your hair every day because the natural oils in your hair will help to heal and moisturize your hair.  It will give you less damage with having to blow dry/flat iron as well and it will not strip away the natural oils as frequently.  Also end your shower with a cold {doesn’t need to be ice} to lock in the cuticles at the end of your hair to keep in the moisture you just put in with your conditioner.  Makes the hair shinier and softer! Also letting your hair air dry helps with keeping in the moisture so that the hair dryer doesn’t need to be on as well.  At the end put a burst of cool air on your hair to close the cuticles up again after they were opened with the heat.

    I don’t really like to come out of the shower smelling like flowers or a strong fruit and so the Dove Nectarine and White Ginger is enough to make me feel clean without a heavy scent. 

    {any drug store/grocery store}


    I use this SOMA leave in conditioner mostly in the summer when I am swimming or at the beach.  I normally put it in during my morning routine, but also after I have been in a pool, beach, lake etc.  It really helps with adding moisture to my hair and not having it be brittle.  During the winter I use it occasionally if I have over done it with the hair dryer or flat iron. 


    Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for All Hair Types

    This has been on all the beauty blogs and a HUGE rave.  I can’t tell if it is the new conditioner or the the Morrocan Oil that is making my hair more silky smooth but I am really loving how healthy my hair is feeling after I even blow dry and straighten my hair.  I use it when my hair is damp and a little goes a long way.  The bottles come in a small enough size for you to be able to test it out without it costing a fortune


     Noxzema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser 5 fl oz (147 ml)

    I don’t like to use anything harsh I my face especially as my daily face wash.  I have been using Noxema Triple Clean for a few months and have seen less breakouts and smoother skin so I am sticking with this regimen until my face tells me other wise.  This was the first face wash I have ever used {original Noxema} and many moons and many face washes  later I have come back to good old Noxema.  go figure

    {any drug store/grocery store}


    Clear Improvement®

    This I use very very rarely because it is very potent and with my skin being dry it could make it flaky if I used it on a regular basis.  I use this product when I feel my face feels “ugly” as in it feels unclean or after I have used more makeup than usual, or a bad case of acne that month.  It really cleans the pores and within days my skin is feeling brighter again, less redness, and acne is normally gone within a day or two after using the product.  It is a great item to have around the house and I probably use it once every 3 months. 



    Drink Up®

    When I don’t have the money or time for a “real” facial I will slap this on either morning or night for a refreshing facial.  I actually want to thank origins for helping me with facial products.  I was always using harsh exfoliants and items with harsh beads in them because I thought the rougher the cream the better it was to get rid of dirt and grim.  Well for my dry skin that is a HUGE no no and it just dries out the skin even more and actually harms my skin rather than helping it. Thank you origin employee! I now use Drink Up by Origins and my face is much smoother, richer and it still gets rid of dirt and grim.  I use this product about once a week and if I am feeling extra dry twice a week. 



    **Dry Skin Tip: Put a hot wash cloth or hot water to begin your face wash regimen.  It will open up your pores and so more of the facewash will be able to get in deeper.  Once you have completed washing your face splash some cold water {doesn’t need to be ice} to close up the pores and to keep the moisture from the face wash in for longer.  It is similiar as in the hair that the cold water quickly closes the pores and also makes them smaller and less noticeable on your face. Plus it helps to wake you up in the morning!

    This is what I have used for the last year as a body lotion because when I moved I had to get rid of most of my lotions because they couldn’t travel and so I told myself I would use up the lotions I had before I purchased a new one.  I can’t wait for it to be all used up {so close} because although I really love the smell and feel of the lotion it is really strong smelling for a daily lotion.  I am in the hunt for a new easier on the nose lotion for my next purchase…any suggestion for dry, flaky skin would be UBER helpful!!


    **Dry Leg Tip: If you always have dry legs even after you lotion this may be the cure! I have been shaving my legs about every other day {even in the winter} and then putting lotion on them every day for the past 3 months and what a difference.  It does take a bit more time in your daily routine but I have notice that my legs do not get flaky almost ever, the lotion stays on longer, smoother and I have less stuble at the end of the day.  In the summer I hated my dry legs and now that I have put in the time and effort during the winter months my legs will be smooth and ready for summer {but probably still white!}


    Any other advice for ladies with dry hair, dry face, or dry body? Any other beauty tips you would like to share? Spill the beans…you know you wanna!

    Stay tuned for Part II with skin care/makeup routine….