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Healthy Living Update :)

8 Apr


So almost a month ago I posted this about my 20 pound weight loss and then I had a month of celebration.  Glass half empty mentality and I could say the scale hasn’t budged since this post.  That would be old me and my dieting ways.  The new me is trying to look at the glass half full and even though the scale hasn’t budged this means I am maintaining and not adding to my weight! Even with all the celebration and stress and less time to focus on eating healthy I was able to maintain for the month.  For me in the past I was either on a diet or I just didn’t care and did/ate what I wanted–both spectrums not the healthiest.  This month it was all about smaller portions, stepping away from appetizers at the party, one plate at a party, one glass of wine rather than 3, etc.  Increased my workouts the days I was feeling sluggish or I knew I would be tempted to eat more than usual.  I did weigh myself more frequently because I felt I was spinning a little out of control and had to rein it in a few more times a week than usual.  If I had a big lunch then I ate a small dinner early and no snacks–not even a healthy apple.  With all the celebrations it really felt similar to a Christmas holiday when it comes to gaining weight and I am happy that I maintained through the month when the focus was on my daughter and not on weight loss.

But now that month is over and I’m not ready to be just in “maintaining mode” yet as I have a lot more to work on and so it is time to kickstart the next set of goals I have for myself in the health department.  My first goal is to lose 4% of my body weight, which would take me right to the weight I was back in 2009.   I actually signed up to be part of That Wife’s Weight Loss Challenge as I think this will be a great motivator to have a set of online “friends” to pull me closer to my ultimate goal.  I have never done any sort of group weight loss challenge before and so I thought since I am kickstarting myself up this month it was perfect timing for That Wife’s blog challenge to be starting up too.  Fate perhaps? I am all about trying something new especially if it will help me get results! I signed up to be part of the DietBet (which is where the 4% goal comes in), which might have been a little crazy as I am taking a week long vacation with my family this month.  If you are looking to lose weight you should join us as it is an awesome concept of helping each other lose weight–through a competition!   I don’t want to gain 5 pounds and go backwards while on vacation and I am competitive and I want to win and so I hope those two things will help me with the vacation pounds that can easily be put on.

My second goal is to stay regular with my exercise and start to develop a plan of action for each week  4 days would be ideal, but 3 days is the goal each week.  My night/weekend commitments change with my job from week to week and so it is tough to get into any “routine.” I have been starting to think about where I am going to incorporate working out starting Sunday nights for the week and what my goals are for each of those days.  It is my first week doing it this way and I think it will help out having a plan so I don’t talk myself out of working out (I am a planner and I like to stick to plans even if I don’t want to do said plan. If I said I would do it well dang I am going to do it.) So even though the days I work out will be a little different each week this month I want to focus on Zumba (love it!), Yoga (beginner), Cardio HIIT workout (kicks my butt every time), and jogging with Lexi in the stroller now that it is getting warm out!  I also have been doing the RipDeck app with the hubs about twice a week, but that is about a 10 minute workout and so those will be done in addition to these 4 workouts I have planned out.

So there you have it! A little update on me and where I am at in the healthy living department! Keep you posted next month if I win the competition and reached both of my goals.  Anyone else have any health goals this month? Any apps or blogs you follow to keep you motivated?

Toddler Diet

13 Mar

I promise this isn’t a post about putting my sweet toddler on a diet.

So I have posted ALOT about dieting on this blog and my Tumblr blog. I have had some successes, but overall most of my goals have not been achieved in the dieting/fitness area. Nothing really seemed to work for me and I would get fustrated by not seeing the scale move for weeks (or months or even a year!) and then give up. There is a quote on pinterest about if you don’t quit you will never have to start over again aka just keep working at it until you see results. I have always struggled with this as I don’t LOVE to exercise and I don’t LOVE to diet so if I don’t see results within a few weeks I really struggle with this and not giving up. Then I got pregnant and it was about being healthy for my baby and keeping active (and trying not to gain crazy amounts of weight).

I knew going into pregnancy that any weight I gained would be a struggle to take off. Weight just doesn’t melt off my body and i have a pretty slow metabolism and so each and every pound gained I knew would be hard work to get off. I was right. I flucuated a ton in the early months and breastfeeding was actually helping me lose some of the initial weight, but when I stopped so did the weight loss. I tried a few diets, but realized that dieting and taking care of a small baby was not working and just adding more stress to my life. I remained the same weight (give or take a few pounds) for most of the first year of Lexi’s life until I was tired of holding onto the extra 10 pounds I was carrying for about 9 months after giving birth and really wanted to be back to my original weight pre-baby. So I got a little healthier and a little more active and a little over 10 months from having Lexi I was back to goal weight!!

This was a huge accomplishment and I feel a pretty great breakthrough in the whole dieting/getting healthy/lifestyle changes for me. I think losing 10 pounds helped with my confidence and for years I had been trying to lose 10 pounds and never quite doing it and so the fact that it could be done provided me with this no excuse mentality. Even if I had a slow metabolism I could lose 10 pounds. Even if I had a small baby to take care of I could lose 10 pounds. Even if I couldn’t work out like I use to pre-baby I could still lose 10 pounds. I think before losing these 10 pounds I felt I just couldn’t lose weight. ever. no matter how hard I tried. Now there was hope and to be honest it felt great.

So my next goal was to lose the original 10 pounds that for many years I had been trying to do. I knew it would be harder since this was no longer baby weight and now it was weight I had been carrying around since about 2010. Around the time I had been deciding on committing to getting rid of another 10 pounds we had just finished up the holiday season and my daughter started to walk! It was an exciting time for our daughter to be walking, but totally scary time too as we were not prepared AT ALL! So we scurried to toddler proof and we haven’t looked back.

So what does our daughter walking have to with me dieting?

With our daughter moving at a mile a minute makes us move a mile a minute as well. We are constantly walking, moving, giving her buggy rides, sitting on the floor, getting up from the floor, picking her up, etc. Plus with her moving to eating meals dinner time is all about getting her a well balanced meal and sometimes our food becomes an after thought if it is a really hectic night. I remember watching Regis and Kelly a couple years back and Kelly was getting scrutinized because she had lost some weight. I vividly remember she stated that her youngest was just starting to walk and basically her food intake was the leftovers on her son’s tray. I remember thinking…UMMMMM YEA RIGHT (pre baby judgy manner). NOW I TOTALLY SEE THIS HAPPENING!!!

Now I am not going to sit here and say that I ate and drank whatever I wanted and just because I have a toddler I lost weight. I can’t say that, but what I will say is that with the increase in activity of our daughter the activity of myself increased and with the focus being on what my daughter was eating it took the focus away from what I was eating. I use to eat big helpings at dinner and at times seconds if I was really hungry. Now there isn’t time for big helpings and just forget about seconds! We use to lounge at night and have a glass or two of wine (almost every night) and now most days I am just too tired to have a glass of wine at the end of the night. As much as this lifestyle change of having a toddler has helped my weight loss it also has negatively impacted it with having to have quicker meals at times for us and so more quick processed meals (for us not her) and my gym time has decreased significantly (but that also has to do with the husband commuting and not making it a top 5 priority within our week). Overall though I would say having a toddler has significantly helped rather than hurt my weight loss.

Now I can’t say just have a toddler and you will lose weight because there are some concious things I am doing to help with the weight loss. Most of it has to do with jumpstarting my metabolism since I know it is slow to begin with. Eating foods that help with increasing my metabolism. I make sure I eat something small in the morning to jumpstart my metabolism. I drink a caffeine beverage (non-fat and low in calories) in the morning and that also jumpstarts my metabolism. My lunches have become smaller and I really try to stick with a sandwich, soup and/or salad. If I don’t eat healthy for lunch (nancho bar at work anyone?) then I make sure my dinner is lighter and healthier. For dinner my servings have been cut down as talked about earlier (but sometimes it isn’t a healther option). Through a review on one of my favorite blogs I also signed up for The Fresh 20 (which I haven’t thanked her yet for the review so if you are reading this E–THANK YOU!). We have only been able to the weekly meal plans for 2 weeks because of travel commitments in March, but this has impacted my weight loss immensely. We eat far more healthier when utilizing these meal plans and doing prep work on Sundays for the week and being prepared for meals. Another huge advantage is that they are for a family of 4 and so we almost always have leftovers to freeze, which really saved us from eating out and very unhealthy when we have been busy that last two weeks. It can be a little time consuming with the prep, but if I take the time out of the weekend to prep my week goes so smoothly! A good tip by E was to check out groupon as I found a groupon and got the whole year for SO CHEAP. Like .36 cents a weekly meal plan cheap. As far as staying active most of my activity is through running around with Lexi, but I also have an eliptical machine at home and some group classes scattered within my month as well.

I think looking back over the past 4-6 months I would say one of the big things that has changed is that my life is so busy that I don’t have time to obssess over my weight, the scale, food, snacking, indulging, worrying, stressing, etc. It has made a huge impact from turning it from a dieting mentality to a lifestyle mentality. I don’t do anything I can’t sustain with a toddler, I don’t do anything that wouldn’t give me enough energy to run around with Lexi, and I don’t do anything that has too many steps or calculations because I just don’t have enough time (tried WW points with Lexi and counting calories and both failed miserably). All the books and articles are right—making it a lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet truly does work. Smaller portions truly does work. Finding something that works for you and sticking with it truly does work. Finding something that works for the whole family truly does work. Increasing activity truly does work. It all works, but needs to be done for more than 4, 6 or even 8 weeks. Have to think long term and slowwwww and steady wins the race…

Now I am sure people are reading this and don’t have a toddler and are thinking—great how is this post going to help me? I think for me it was my daughter who kicked my butt into gear–but for others it doesn’t have to be a toddler that gets you jumpstarted. It could be doing a group class with a friend a few times a week (rather than doing happy hour), getting a hobby other than watching TV and snacking that can consume your time so you don’t think about snacking, taking advantage of it turning spring and just doing some walking outside. Just something to shake up your routine because I think for me that was the big problem I was having. I was trying all these new fad diets but never really shaking up my routine. My daughteer certainly did that for me–but I think other things can shake up a routine as well. Just have to find your thing.

So my results are that I have lost 20 pounds (first 10 pounds were the extra baby weight I still had on) and within the last 8 weeks I have lost another 10 pounds (the weight I gained from 2010-2011 and spent most of 2012 trying to get rid of!). I am actually 5 pounds away from my wedding weight (holy crap!), but since I haven’t been able to be as rigorous with my workouts I am not as toned and fit as I was back in 2009. So my next goal is to lose those 5 pounds and start to kick up the activity a little more so my body can start to build muscle and be toned. This journey isn’t over, but I am thankful for the progress and achieving two major milestones (baby weight and weight I had been trying to get off for an entire year) and looking forward to new goals!

Anyone else have any health goals they want to share? Tips to add fitness into your life with a child?

Dance Class: Zumba

26 Jan

#45 Take a Dance Class

Over winter break there were Zumba dance classes being held at my gym {which is right across the street from my apartment} and so I really had no excuse and so I decided to try it out. 

If people are wondering if they would like Zumba and what is this Zumba dance class I speak of check out this youtube video of the type of class it would be:

So my review of Zumba class: Even though I never did a Zumba class I was able to pick up the moves pretty quickly because even though the moves can sometimes be quick they are also repetitve.  Just as there is a chorus that repeats in a song there are dance moves that are repeated througout the entire song.  Also I really loved that a song lasts about 3-4 minutes and so you get this burst of energy and working out and moving your body but then you get about a 30sec-1 minute break before you go into the next song.  As someone who loves to dance and just let loose this dance class is AWESOME for me.  It keeps me entertained during the entire hour I am doing the class and I never feel bored.  There are all shapes and sizes that come to workout to Zumba so if you don’t think you can keep up you can moderate the dance moves or not do them as “strong” or “full out” when you need a break–the point is to keep moving! I also like that my instructor starts out with some medium intensity songs then half way through the class gives us about 2-3 hard songs to get through and then brings it back down to medium intensity.  I love that I can sometimes sing to the songs and really get into the dance moves! I am in love with this workout and if you get the chance to try it out you will really be surprised by the type of workout you get from this class. 

Now I have gone twice (last week it was canceled due to snow).  The first time I was a bit awkward but kept with it and felt a lot of it in my arms and a bit in my legs and definately in my core I felt stronger.  The second time I went I had the same instructor and she had a couple of the same songs and a few new ones to the mix.  Since I was more comfortable with what she was asking of me and my body I felt like I could do the moves a lot better and stronger and really push it.  What a difference! The second class was by far harder as now I was not only learning the moves but really putting my all into the steps! My abs were sore, my quads were burning, and OMG my arms were burning like crazy all night long and I woke up with really sore arms and legs.  Not the “I can’t get out of bed” feeling I sometimes get when I do something new–but more of my arms and legs and core had a great workout.  I think as I keep going to these dance classes my body will get stronger and respond to this type of exercise. 

Overall, if you get the change to take a Zumba class–DO IT! SO FUN!!! You will not regret it!!! Anyone else love Zumba? Other classes you love to take at your gym?

What’s next?

19 Oct

As others have been asking me this question I am on the quest to find out what is next for me as well.  I feel very motivated to keep on working out and feeling good about myself–but there is another part of me that wants to crawl up in my bed and just plain old rest.  After working on this running goal since November 5, 2009 it seems that I am at a place of in between.  What do you do after an iphone tells you what to do and then Hal Higdon tells you what to do?  Well what I am learning in these past couple days is that now I have to tell myself what to do.

 Some things I have learned about myself through this last year is:

  • Have a partner that is a exercising buddy is motivating and helpful.  We may not be on the same track of what we are doing for exercise, but just having someone there is EXTREMELY helpful
  • Having structure and someone/something telling me what I had to do and when to do is was very key to the training schedule
  • Having a race is also helpful in my exercising goal to make sure I stay on track and don’t fall off the wagon too far
  • I trained for 16-17 weeks and it was just a little too long.  I wanted something different and wasy ready to just get the race going about 2 weeks ago.  Even if I have to train for a longer time for a race–having 2 shorter training schedules rather than 1 longer one might help push me through the training.
  • I want to stay running as part of my exercise program, but not the entire thing. 
  • It felt awesome to cross something off my 101 to do list so I am going to shoot for another one!

So for the immediate future I am going to be running a local 5k with my running partner this weekend! WOOT WOOT! My legs are sore but I am going to try to beat my 5k PR of 33:00 minutes with a definate goal of getting under 35 minutes. 

For almost immediate future {as in next week}:

  • Starting p90X program
  • Training for a 10k with my running partner {working on speed}
  • Finish my Monday night kettleball classes that end in early November

Overall I feel ready to try something new and I learned a great deal on that run about how I need to increase my speed, increase my strength training, drink more water in my diet, participate in exercise classes to have some “fun” with being active.  Also, try to keep myself motivated in the winter months as I can tend to hibernate in those months.



18 Oct

“it was the best of times…it was the worst of times…”

I would say that this sums up my experience with the half marathon pretty well, but because I am a girl of  many words and I can’t just leave it to one statement because I always have way more to say. HAHA.

So first off it you don’t love getting up super early  long races like these are probably not what you would love to do.  Morning runs in the summer to beat out the sun was frequent this summer.  Morning runs because the days were so long with work I couldn’t fit in a workout at night.   I am not a morning person, but thankfully I perserved with the help of my running partner who did his first 5k EVER the day before.


{running partner about to finish his first race!}

As for the morning of the race I could walk to the start line from my apartment so I didn’t need to allow time for a comute, traffic, or any other factor.  This helped out a ton because I needed every moment that I slept. Still even with getting my race packet a couple days prior, setting up all gear the night before, AND not having a comute I still had to wake up at 6am. ouch.  so if you are thinking of doing a long run keep this little tidbit in mind. running = early mornings

{all my gear ready for the morning}

As I stumbled out of bed and drank my first 8 ounce glass of water of very many that day. {i needed to drink 8-16 ounces of water 2 hours prior to the race}  I got ready, had another glass of water and a half of banana and granola. {needed to eat and drink another 8 ounce glass of water 30 minutes prior to the race}.  I walked to the race station and my knee was a little sore like I had tweaked it.  I found it strange since I had been resting most of the week and didn’t feel any pain the night before, but I brushed it out.  As I was stretching and getting ready for the race I was growing more and more concerned of actually running with my knee.  Was I making up the injury? Could I really not run the race after all the training? So much was running through my mind and so I said that I would run at least a 5k and see how my knee was doing and re-evaluate.

Mile 1-3:  I started off slow because of my knee and I wanted to give myself the best opportunity to finish this race even with a little tweaked knee.  As I hit mile 2 and mile 3 my knee started to feel better.  My knee wasn’t bothering me and I was gaining some speed.

{almost at the 1 mile marker and about to go up a hill}

I had a cheering section which was awesome and felt so good! I have such great supporters in my life and they were as much apart of the race as I was running it.  From the morning running group, to take out nights after an exhausting long run, to putting running gear and race money into the budget.  I really couldn’t have done this without full support and it made me realize that I do anything if I put my mind to it. Bachelorette weekend-still ran.  Hills like whoa-still ran.  3 hours of sleep-still ran.  Hotter than any summer ever-still ran.  Worked 18 hour days-still ran.  I have never been so dedicated to working out than this time in my life and I felt pretty proud of even being at the starting line.

Mile 3-6: After my knee stopped bothering me I started to increase my speed.  Around mile 4 my stomach started to become irritated, but I kinda shrugged it off and kept on running.  I passed a porta potty around mile 4 and thought about stopping, but never being in a race and having to stop before I thought it would be crazy to stop. Boy was I wrong.  I totally should have listened to my body rather than my stupid head because mile 4-6 was pretty awful.  I was having stomach pains and needed to go to the bathroom, but alas no bathroom.  The faster I ran towards a bathroom the worse the pain got–the slower I ran towards a bathroom the more I thought about how it would take me that much longer to get to a bathroom.  I really didn’t know what to do and kept going fast then feeling terrible and going slow again. A rough couple miles.

There are times when I thought about quitting.  Thought about calling my husband to come pick me up.  Thought about calling someone to just talk me through the quitting process.  How do you quick in a race? I never did anything passed a 5k so I had no clue–do you just stop?  I visualized stopping so many times, but every time I replayed it in my head and saw tears.  I didn’t want tears of sadness that day–only tears of joy crossing the finish line.  I also thought about what my facebook status would say when I didn’t finish.  The power of the social network in full force.  In the end the it made me strong thinking about quitting, but in the end so glad that it was just a thought and not an action.

Mile 6-9: At mile 6 I stopped and walked for the first time.  I was feeling awful and when I stopped I didn’t have such a wave of stomach sickness as I did when I was running.  This was when I visualized the quitting the most because I couldn’t imagine walking the rest of the way–i was not even half done! Then I got a tap on my shoulder of a co-worker who was running the race too and in that moment I just started running again.  With a partner maybe the pain wouldn’t be so bad? Maybe focusing on something different would make it stop? I actually got a boost from running with her and will be forever grateful for the tap on the shoulder because she got me through one of the hard parts of the race.  I passed a growing amount of supporters of me and they were cheering so hard.  I focused on the cheering rather than my stomach, which got me to mile 7 where I finally gave in and went to the bathroom! I felt a little better–but still not as fabulous as I wanted to at mile 7.  I told myself from here on out that every stop that had a porta potty I would use in order to increase my chances of finishing the race.


As I struggled I never felt like a failure.  People were cheering me on throughout the entire race–strangers.  Signs and sidewalk chalk that said “YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS” were inspring and even if they weren’t meant specifically for me I appreciated every single sign/message.  If you ever find yourself supporting a racer a nice quote like this goes a long way for a runner! Obviously most people had signs that said “Goodluck Nicole!” and other name signs–but the ones that were generic signs with inspirational words actually impacted beyond the “Nicoles”.   I am sure people saw the pain in my eyes and the fear of not finishing and so they clapped extra hard, yelled extra loud and rang the cow bells extra hard.  For all those supporters who came out for the race–THANK YOU.  If I do not run the race next year I will be one of those supporters with a inspirational sign and yelling really loud!

Mile 9-11: My stomach never really stopped feeling bad, but at this point I had learned to live with it and keep on running.  The stop and go really slowed me down and my pace got slower because of all the stop and go.  I don’t love to stop when I am running and by mile 11 I started to really feel the heaviness in my legs, the soreness in my feet and the hills seemed extra long.  I actually pumped fist my way past the 11 mile marker because in my training I never passed 11 miles.  I felt like a champion in that moment.  I took a picture around the 11 mile marker to remember the pain I was feeling in the moment.   Even now when I look at this picture I know exactly how I was feeling the exact moment I took this picture with my iphone.   On mile 11 I thought about the finish line, I thought about my friend who just completed an Ironman, I thought about my husband being at the finish line, I thought a lot on mile 11.

Around mile marker 12 I saw something amazing happen that made me run faster.  As I was running I was also running beside individual’s who were running a marathon at the same time.  It was around 3:05 hours and there was a marathon runner who started to walk.  You could tell he was burnt out, exhausted and had lost all steam.  This runner behind me starts to run past me and almost past this walking {almost} marathoner and slows down to a trot.  I watched in awe how this stranger/friend/running partner {i will never exactly know for sure} say a few words in his ears and push him slowly to start walking.  Didn’t happen. The guy said a few more words and pushed him again. Nothing.  At this point I thought the guy trotting was going to keep on going to make his time.  Again the guy said a few words this time getting something out from his belt and giving it to the guy walking.  He pushed on him again and this time the guy started to run.  There is a bond between runners and in that moment I saw true teamwork.  You needed a 3:15 in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon and this runner wasn’t going to be at the Boston Marathon without this guy by his side.  It was truly inspiring.  For that moment on I didn’t care I didn’t make my 3 hour goal, or my knee, or my stomach, or the people passing me by.  I just kept running because it felt like that marathoner gave me the little push in the back that I needed too.

Mile 12: I felt every step, every movement and my whole body was aching.  I was motivated to run faster and be stronger but my legs and momentum had given out after all the stopping and starting of the entire race.  I knew I was about to see a large crowd and I needed to dig deep and just let my training take over.  I thought about calling my husband to just say motivational things into my ear as I was running, but in the end I knew it was just me and the pavement.

Not only in my training but when I was doing couch to 5k I ran across one bridge almost every run.  I knew I was home when I turned the corner and the saw the bridge.  The bridge has a mural on the side of it with different people and places and it is the home stretch of bridges.  Even when I cross over this bridge in a car I am reminded of all the running I have been doing this past year.  It was only fitting that the homestretch of my first half marathon was this bridge.  Once I crossed over the bridge I was only about .3 miles away from victory–I just needed to cross over the bridge.  When I saw the bridge there were tears in my eyes because I knew that the end was near and that I was almost a half marathon runner.  I didn’t look at the murals, I didn’t look at the people passing me, I didn’t look at the supporters.  I looked straight ahead ready to see the finish line.  For me this bridge will always have meaning for me–it is where I started running.

{just crossed over the bridge and turned the corner towards the finish line}

Mile 13: Anyone can run a mile, right? Well I was never quite good at running 1mile and before the couch to 5k program I never ran a mile without stopping.  This last mile–1 mile I thought the entire way about one year ago.  One year ago I was still not working out, still not being motivated to being active, still just making excuses.  On this last mile I thought about all the times I started an exercise goal and falling short.  I thought about how in a year I finished a couch to 5k program, ran a couple 5ks, completed my 3 miles in 30 minutes goal (twice), and now I was about to complete a HUGE goal lofty goal of mine–13.1 consecutive miles.  Something I thought I would never cross off my list. Something I thought was just a funny thing to even put on my list. This last mile I didn’t feel any pain I only felt joy.  I saw my husband screaming for me at the top of his lungs. I saw my running partner do a pump fist in my honor.  I saw the biggest smile on all the supporter faces because they knew something that I didn’t know.  the best was yet to come.


Iknow why extreme sports/exercise is addicting.  I now know what everyone talks about when you cross the finish line.  I am in the club until the day I die.   I did something with the word marathon in it–seriously??!!! I was overwhelmed at this moment and full of emotions that the person handing me my tin foil looked at me and said “honey, are you okay?” and I just looked back and said sorry I just finished my first race.  I was beaming and I was aching and I quickly grabbed my things because I just wanted to be around my huge supporters that day.  When looking for the exit I asked a volunteer and with a lot of empathy pointed to the stairs and said “up is the only way out.”  Are you for real? I just ran 13.1 miles and you want me to now climb up baseball stadium stairs–this is a cruel joke, right? Nope as I limped among other runners up the stairs I got to the top and a chipper girl greeted me with a now you completed your race-you made it up the stairs!! HAHA.  I grabbed a banana and was quickly greeted by my husband and running partner.  Cheering and hugging and laughing occurred all while huge crowds walked by.  I didn’t care where I was I just wanted to celebrate.  As a good husband is he wanted to capture the moment for me and started to click away.  When I looked down at my medal it was then did I realize what I just accomplished and I kissed my medal.  Yup I was that girl.

Mile .1: I had to round a baseball field and it was actually a ton of fun.  I tried to take it all in but also trying to push myself and do some sort of sprinting action, which in retrospect probably looked nothing like sprinting.  I gave it my all and kept the eye on the prize of the arch that said finish line.  I pretended I just hit a home run and was running around the bases.   The stadium was filled with joy, lots of clapping, hugging, love, pain, talk about pace, and anguish {I finished at the cutoff for the Boston Marathon and watched people miss the mark by seconds-pure agony).  Finishing time: 3 hours 16 minutes and 16 seconds.


Because I like to keep it real: I of course looked into reasons behind my irritated stomach and found this information.  It’s not unusual for runners to experience gastrointestinal disorders or diarrhea, also known as “runner’s trots” (lovely term), during long runs. The cause may be dietary in nature or due to lack of blood flow during digestion (since the blood is being pulled to your muscles).  It might also be the up and down motion that stirs the bowel.  It helps to avoid high-fiber foods (fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains) and coffee/tea before working out, stay hydrated, and drink a sports drink.  It also states to eat someone binding to help with iritation such as bananas (which I totally did!).  I read in a magazine to eat 30 minutes prior to a run, but in other articles I found today it says to eat 2 hours before a race.  Also states to stay away from dairy the day before a race/long run (good to know!).

Keeping it more real: My right knee is definately impacted by the race and I wasn’t making up the ‘tweaking” on acount of nerves and I did make the injury a bit worse by running.  I am going to rest my knee and ice it  this week in case it is due to swelling.  I am hoping rest and recovery will help it out and be back to normal for my 5k this weekend coming up.  My next exercise goal will involve more strength training to help out with the recovery and strengthening of my body.

Keeping it so real your eyes may hurt from all this realness: The question I have gotten asked the most today-Will you do it again?  Simple answer is yes.  More complicated answer is with better training, better understanding of what my body needs on long runs, and with a little time off with training for a half marathon.  My next training will be a 10k with focus on speed and strength training.

#2 most asked question: Will I now train for a marathon? Simple answer is no.  More complicated answer is maybe in the future with a couple ifs involved.  IF I can get my long distance speed up because there is no way I am running for 6 hours.  IF I can find the time to properly train.  IF I find a training buddy who will keep motivation up on the hard miles.

Friday Foto!

15 Oct

13.1 towards victory this weekend

13.1 towards crossing off #51

131 towards knowing I can do anything.

13.1 towards blowing my couch to 5k out of the water

it has taken me almost a year to reach this point

and I can’t wait to be able to purchase this sticker

and slap it on my car with so much pride

wish me skillz!

{because I am going to need more than luck on my side}





who really gets the last laugh?

5 Oct

Okay the one time I leave my Iphone is the moment I need it for a picture of a life time for my blog. Please don’t hate upon this post without a picture because this story must be shared.  

let me start from the beginning.

I was in a hurry because I was having some issues on duty but I really wanted to get to my first kettleball class on time since I had missed the first two.  Not wanting to be even more behind by arriving to the class late I sprinted across the street and into the gym.  As I leaped up the stairs two at a time I see my beloved treadmills and start to quickly pass them to the studio rooms. 

Until I was halted to a stop.

{build up needed for this story promise}

 I saw a 35+ woman on the treadmill with a classy t-shirt on (probably from the gap) and then a pair of mom jeans and I had to hold back the laughter as I just stared at her.  Does she even grasp how ridiculous she looks on the treadmill right now?  And they weren’t roomy lets go for a run kinda jeans.  They were the tapered with a little tightness in them but not too tight to be called skinny jeans on her.  I must have gasped when I turned the corner because it was a sight to be seen. 

So start to laugh and think poor woman no one told her about proper gym attire when I gaze over at her treadmill to see that she is running at the same speed that I run. 

who really gets the last laugh now as I put my head down in shame??!! 

if I ever was getting a big head gearing up for my long distance run this definately put me in my place.  I run as fast as woman in mom jeans and a cute t-shirt top. wow she makes running look easy No biggie just going to go out for a run in my jeans-be back soon.  probably better I didn’t get this picture to capture the humiliation!

(btw she was running at 6.1 speed on the treadmill in case anyon e cared}

Anyone else have some gym experiences they wanna share??