June Loves

11 Jul
June Loves
Here are a few of things that I was loving in June  during our crazy hectic move!
1. Fire Roasted Tomato Triscuits: I found these a few months ago and when we were packing the cabinets were bare I still had these by my side.  Slap on a piece of cheese and you have yourself an amazing snack.  I just finished the box in my house yesterday and I am sad that I have none to snack on today.  I love these so much and you should totally try them! The flavor is amazing an even if you don’t have cheese handy they are good just alone as well.
2. Old Navy Sandals: Last year I picked up 2 pair of sandals from Old Navy that were strappy and a little dressier than their $1 bucket sandals.  They are a little high for me to wear on a daily basis to work, but they are so comfortable and stylish I had to pick up more sandals.  I think picked up a ballerina type sandal there last year and they have been my go to pair sandals this summer.  I was then in Old Navy before we moved and I picked up these sandals above and they are a wonderful neutral sandal for the summer.  During the move I had 3 pairs of shoes out and these above were one of them (along with another Old Navy sandal) and they kept me looking stylish and professional at work no matter the outfit.  I use to really buy most of my sandals at Target, but I may be shifting towards being an Old Navy regular shopper for shoes!
3. The Good Wife: During the move we disconnected our TV really early in June to move it and so we were out of TV entertainment for quite some time.  After a long, hot day of packing sometimes we just wanted to crash and watch mindless TV.  One night I decided that I was going to try out The Good Wife on my IPad as it was recommended to me a long time ago.  There aren’t many shows that hook me from episode 1, but OMG THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!!! Legit since that day I have been watching this show nonstop (Amazon Prime has the first 3 seasons for free).  We put our TV together at the beginning of the week and I haven’t turned it on once because when I am watching something it is this show! What do you I like about it? The flow of the show is that there is a ton of character building throughout each episode (including a love triangle) while each episode tackles a case that the main character (aka Julianna Marguiluis) and her firm is trying to win.  The cases are gripping (much like Grey’s Anatomy cases were gripping/Numbers FBI cases gripping/CSI cases gripping).  It would be under the drama category and I just can’t get enough of the show.  The nice thing is that there is a ton of episodes to watch in the summer (4 seasons!) and then in September the show will be back on the air (CBS!).
4. Candy Crush: So I got on this Candy Crush train right at the end of May after fighting the craze for a few weeks.  Once I started I got hooked right away and with all the changes and packing mayhem it was nice to just escape onto Candy Crush and play a few games.  It feels pretty awesome beating a really hard level and even after about 6 weeks of playing the game hasn’t gotten old yet.  I think the most brilliant part of the game is seeing where my Facebook friends are in the game and being able to feel part of this community.  Well done Candy Crush makers.  I also read that Candy Crush makes over $600,000 A DAY which is just bananas to me.  Thankfully I have not added to that number as I have given Candy Crush zero of my dollar bills.  As far as giving them my time…well that is another story!
So these are a few of the things that I lovedddddd in June and have continue to love now that we are in July! What were some of your June favorites?
Oh and my good friend is giving away a book on her blog…go check it out!

Big Changes!

5 Jul

I have been literally late for everything in my life these past few months so it would be no exception to be late wishing everyone a very HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!

So I alluded to hoping for some normalcy coming back to our lives in this post in early June and then really put it out there that some changes are happening in our life in this post earlier in the week.  And no mom I am not pregnant (in case my mom or anyone else was wondering these very same words)–I will keep the bakin’ a baby to my bestie and 8 other ladies I know. BABY BOOM-apalooza around me right now. Love it!

My news has to do with this scene below that has been around us for a few weeks now. Moving.    Not in the I am pregnant and need to buy and sell a house kinda crazy that my bestie just went through.   girllllllll how did you do it?! BUT the move was big enough to turn our lives upside down and inside out a bit (okay a lotta bit if I am being honest).   


a slice of what the unpacking that was ahead of us this month

So this move was about 6 months in the making and it really started with making some big time decisions about my future career early in the year.  I was at a point where I could continue the path I was taking, change career paths, put career aside to raise family, or do more of a job rather than a career focused job.  It took a ton of soul searching, talking with family and friends, and getting input and advice.  I probably could write a whole post on this process as I went back and forth and had some highs/lows with trying to decide what I wanted to do as it would significantly impact my family.  In the end and after some grueling decisions I decided that I was going to continue in this career path as I found out I wasn’t ready to give it up.  There were certainly times where I wondered if I was making the right decision for myself and my family, but now that we are closer to be settled the happiness is starting to be center stage in our lives again. Finally.  

Once that was decided we then had to decide where I was going to look for a job.  Near my husband’s current job? Near our family? Back out in California again? Maybe even Florida? North Carolina? Close to our daycare? We really were all over the place in the job hunt at points and some people in our lives probably were thinking where in the heck were they going to end up???!! They weren’t the only ones as we were thinking the same thing and to be honest it was driving us batty! We did narrow our search (New England) although we still were in limbo because my type of jobs are few and far between so I need to be as open as possible.

So after all that was decided I then had the fun job of searching/applying/networking and really getting out there for a new job.  It was a tough market out there, but I was hopeful (most weeks) and we kept our options open about what Plan B would be if the job search didn’t pan out for us.  In the end a great job landed on my lap at the end of May and it moved quickly and within a week I not only had a new job, but also a new place to live.  In my field it normally takes about a 1-2 months to really hear from jobs so the fact that it all turned into this whirlwind craziness of a week was out of control! 

happiness and panic and sad goodbyes ensued. 

We have done a move with a baby in the past, but not much changed for Lexi in the past because she was too young to really understand the chaos of moving and really everything around her stayed the same except the apartment piece. Plus when we put her down she didn’t go anywhere for the last move.   This time around it was different.  New place to live. New daycare. New playgrounds. New Peditrician.  New usual routine. New mobile baby.  New everything.  I would lay awake at night wondering if all these changes were too much for her to handle at her age and that is when I would really start to second guess our decision to move.  (Spoiler Alert: She has adjusted a lot quicker than her parents! Kids are crazy adaptable!).  I will say that moving with a toddler is no easy task.  Everything takes 5 times longer than without said toddler.  It is mentally exhausting as well because you aren’t just moving yourself and another adult–you are moving a child. Let’s just say it was quite the adventure. 


we look pretty happy and adjusted, right?!

So we have officially been in our new place for a week today.  Where did we end up?! Well we are in the Worcester area, which brings us about an hour closer to both of our families. We are also still close enough to stay connected to the community we built in the Lowell area. WOOHOOO!  Lexi is doing great in her new daycare and has really grown to love our new place.  I have started to adjust to the new routine of life and starting a brand new job. Everyday we are closer and closer to being unpacked.  We found the local grocery store, coffee shops, food places, and a local park.  We are adjusting to the new routine of the hub’s commute at the moment because of the routine and starting to get a little bit of normalcy back in our lives.  It has been about 6 weeks of chaos, but in reality it has been 6 months of up in the air plans for what our lives would be come this summer and it feels really good to start to settle into life. 

With so much up in the year for 2013 it feels really great to say we are starting to feel settled and have less unknown feelings.  Some people find being settled to be boring, but being crazy and living day to day is pure exhaustion for us! At this point in our life I will take routine over chaos any day! We still have a crazy long list of things to do before the summer is over, but for now it feels really nice to grill a burger and have dinner with my husband over a beer on our own kitchen table.  Oh how we missed the little things in life during this adjustment period.

So that is where I have been–moving and getting our life settled.  My life (including my computer) has been in boxes for almost a month now and so June has been a bit hodge podged! It is nice not to have ask the questions like “hey do you know what box my shorts are in?”

Oh and how was our Fourth of July? Spent time getting more acquinted with our new area, more unpacking, wine, beer,  and spending time with friends and our babies together.  And by spending time with our friends it was more like putting friends to work to help us build furniture. Hope your 4th was equally fabulous!! Stay cool!

Just Ducky!

1 Jul

So there is a ton going on in my life and I will get to that soon–promise. Right now though I need to tell a funny story amidst all this craziness. So I was supposed to head down to see my family for a graduation party on Saturday. This involved a bit of a hectic morning, but by noon we were out the door although already sweating since it was hot outside. I hauled all the items into the car and got my daughter all situated only to go turn on the car and the darn thing didn’t start!


So there I was sweaty, tired, alone with my daughter,  hungry, and in desperate need for a coffee and the car would not start. After multiple attempts to jump-start the car, some weepy phone calls about not being able to make it to the party and lots sulking while my daughter took a nap I decided to make the best of a pretty bad day.

We live near a duck pond and so I thought this might be a great day to go see and feed the ducks for the first time. My daughter is a lover of all animals so this seemed perfect! Well I get down to the duck pond only to realize that the ducks were a little TOO friendly. The ducks at this pond are apparently  use to people and so instead of these ducks being afraid of us they were jumping (okay more like waddling) at the chance to come over and see us. All 30 ducks (okay probably more like 12 if I think hard about it) seemed to coming towards us in droves. So I would like to say that it was very picturesque of my daughter and I feeding the ducks, but it truly wasn’t. It was my daughter running up to the ducks saying “hi!” “hi!” “hi!” and waving her Cheerios at them while I was in a panic they were going to eat her alive. Yes I was that mom who really googled “do ducks bite?” while pleading with my daughter to stay away from the ducks while I googled. (The answer is that if we are aggressive or try to take their babies they can, but usually doesn’t hurt). Was this rapid “hi!” business seen as aggressive to the ducks? I wasn’t sure and I really didn’t want to test out my google finds. I was scared as they were all quaking and I was overwhelmed and felt at any point they were going to poke her eyes out or eat her hand.  Who knew I was afraid of ducks?!? 

If more than 3 came near my daughter I was in a sheer panic and would throw Cheerios in the opposite direction (I thought at the time this would be a really great diversion) so that I could run with my daughter in the opposite direction. Not a good plan at all. My diversion plan failed as they ate the Cheerios a lot quicker than I could briskly walk and they followed us very quickly out into the street for more Cheerios. I may have started to run away with my daughter in my arms like a football while trying to steer her buggy away from these ducks . My heart was racing as my daughter was screaming in my hands to put her down so that she could play with these killer ducks.


picture of my daughter frolicking with the ducks as I fear for my life in the background

I would put her down, but then quickly the fear would be there again and I would panic.  This back and forth lasted a good 20 minutes until it ended with me chucking some Cheerios, quickly putting my daughter in her buggy car and running away from the ducks as fast as I could.  “Really cool mom!”  is the look that Lexi gave me when we were far enough away from the ducks.  I felt bad afterwards about the experience because I was probably putting my fears of being overwhelmed by ducks onto my daughter.

Later that weekend we went to the duck pond again, but this time with my husband who isn’t so easily afraid of ducks. He tried to get our daughter to leave her buggy ride to visit with the ducks but she shook her head no and stayed safely in the car. I was torn because on one side of it I was happy that she stayed in the buggy because I knew with her being in the buggy she was safe and not going to be attacked by these killer ducks. On the other hand I was sad that the experience earlier in the weekend probably made an impact on her and I was disappointed in myself for placing my own fears on my daughter without letting her decide on whether she liked ducks or not.

Looking back on this whole scene makes me laugh out loud and just had to be shared with all of you.  It sure was a riot for all the observers at the pond watching me freak out over ducks. I don’t want that to be experience she has with ducks to be with fear/terror in her eyes  so we will be bringing her back to the duck pond so that she can calmly feed the ducks, but this time my husband will help with her feeding them.  I will stand far back and take the pictures and let them enjoy the ducks.  Apparently duck feeding will not be on my mommy resume anytime soon.

Anyone else realize they had a fear once they had kids?

Summer lovin’

24 Jun




Work Hard. Play Hard. This is the family motto for the summer.  

Although summer just began this weekend we have been in summer mode for quite some time now.  We work really hard all day long yet the moment the door opens up to go outside it becomes family time. Play time.   We work hard so that we can play hard with our daughter the first moment we get the chance.   Dinner might be late getting on the table, but it well worth the summer memories we are making with our sweet little girl. Dusk is our favorite time of the summer season as we get to spend it together playing.  Although she most likely will not remember the countless stairs she climbed, the rocks and pine cones she collected, the birds and balls she chased, the scraped knees she got, the flowers she “petted”, the weeds she pulled, or the frogs and worms she touched–we  most certainly will and we will cherish this summer long after the leaves start to fall.  

Welcome summer.  Please stay forever…


Guest blogging today!

18 Jun

Hi peeps!!!

I am over at my besties blog, The Well-Read Redhead, guest blogging while she is on a family vacation!!! Jealous!! So head on over to see my post and if you are looking for a Summer book to read-this blog will help you pick a book!!! Trust me!!

Come visit her blog as I talk about vacations and reading while having a toddler!

*if you are one of Kelly’s readers-hiiii!!!! Hope you enjoy some reading over on my blog! Glad you popped over! Stay awhile 🙂

13 Jun

Well I was a bit crabby this past  Friday…could you tell by my blog post?? WOWZA! I am happy to report that it was fleeting and once the sun rose on Saturday so did my spirits! I can’t believe I left “Bad Day” as the blog post for people to read first for almost an entire week! Sorry peeps! It has been quite the week so I am just a little fried in the brain and so I am only good for candy crush (dang you level 79!!) and YouTube surfin’ these days. I am hoping for some normalcy soon, but we have a few weeks before that actually happens. Below are some finds on the YouTube that really have kept my spirits up with all the crazy happening around me (promise to fill in soon!)


Here are some things that are making me happy on YouTube these days:

1. Stella Sisters.  Any of you readers watch Nashville? I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the show and in one of the last episodes the daughters of the Mega star Raina did sound check and I just thought “wow that is such a great sound by those two daughters! I wonder if they can actually sing?!”  Well this weekend I found out they can sing! Bonus they are actually sisters in real life! They are actually YouTube sensations and you can look up the re-makes of songs.  This on here is what got them started on YouTube.  I am addicted to their sound now and find myself listening to it at least once a day.  Makes me happy!

2. Lexi summer fun! So this isn’t a YouTube sensation, but she is a sensation to us! I just had to share this video of Lexi as she found a frog while playing this weekend.  She just loved it! I will say that the video isn’t great as I was mostly frightened of the frog as I was filming.  There was no frogs harmed while making this video and the frog was sent to the woods after Lexi finally let us say goodbye to the froggy.  It was quite a hoot!

3.  Another great clip making it around the web is Neil Patrick Harris and his opening of the Tony Awards this year!! I watched it and was just in awe of how he got through that entire performance still breathing.  I am still in awe and it is a little lengthy (7 minutes long) but it is totally worth the time! And hellooooo he raps at like the 5 minute mark! You need to watch this!

4. An oldie but goodie that always makes me laugh! Charlie you bit my fingggerrrrrrrrrrr. I have watched this video at least 4.5 billion times over the course of the years but it still makes me laugh every.single.time.

5. I am a big So You Think You Can Dance fan and this is one of my favorite seasons! There are two just beautiful pieces of dance that I are just seared into my mind as my all time favorites.  We are in the middle of SYTYCD season and every time it makes me think of these two collaborations! The first is actual a rendition of the real dance that happened earlier in the season so I will post both of them.  Here is the one with Ellen and here is the original.  The other dance has to do with getting through cancer and the dance is just beautiful and moves me every single time.  They are totally different genres of dance–but still both moving in different ways.  Gosh I wish my body moved like that and had actual rhythm!

So yea I am totally out of my funk and if you need a little pick me up hope one of these could help! Any people can add? I am always on the hunt to add more to my “makes me smile” list on YouTube! Happy Day!

Bad Day.

7 Jun


Most times (except for the longggg May challenge) this blog is usually upbeat and happy so can I do a little whining today?

Okay great. (I took the silence as an agreement. thankyou)

I am just having a bad day.

Not one of those OMG something hugely bad happened in my life days, just one of those should have stayed in bed kinda days.

It started by being woken up today at 1:30am (not by my toddler)–nope by a work issue. greaaaaatttttt.

I had a terrible time getting back to sleep, which always means I am going to have a terrible time waking up.

Yup, I was right.  Terrible time waking up.

I rush us out the door into the rain, where I guy asked me where my umbrella is to protect my daughter’s head from the rain.

#momfail and make a note to buy a new umbrella as ours bit the dust in the wind storm a few months back

I then drop off my daughter at daycare, which she was clinging to me for dear life the entire time.

If this happens I can normally console her and she is normally gearing up for snacktime when I leave so she is completely happy waving me off for the day.

Not today. Not even bananas and graham crackers could say this from becoming a total meltdown.

As I leave her hysterically crying I want to jump back into the room and run away with her.

these are the days I wish I stayed at home with my sweet baby girl. Rain + Meltdown =disaster of a morning

Work is slow and so thinking about upcoming changes to our life, to-do lists, sent an email to friends/family, watched a sad video on FB

all while thinking I should just go get my daughter, but she is about ready to go down for a nap so I shouldn’t mess with her schedule


I should be happy it is Friday.  I should be happy we are heading to see my grandparents this weekend.  I should be happy the forecast is looking great for a poolside weekend.  I should be happy about upcoming changes. I should be happy that we are all in good health!   But today is all about woe is me down in the dumps no good bad day.  But hey the day is young and so maybe it will get better? Anyone else in a funk?