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Living in a Blog World

3 Dec

This is totally coming late on Friday and I don’t have  my gift idea for letter M today but I have such good reasons.


life totally got in the way of blogging today and so now I am just finishing up a movie with the hubs and remembered I did want to share something with you before the weekend truly got here.

my dream.

last night I dreamt of all my blogger friends out there.  most of them I haven’t even met and have only seen in pictures.  the crazy thing is that I was transplanted into memories of photos I have seen on like 5-6 blogs over the past month.  It was kinda of like a get-together/lets recreate the memories from the the picture.  I woke up thinking “wow blogs are really part of my life”

to all who were in my dream thanks for making my sleep a fun adventure!

it was bananas.

I just had to share and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

{I am on a little break from work next week but I am going to try to squeeze in some blogging during all the fun that will be had}

Indulge Me…

1 Oct

Please indulge me and  please fill out my 10 question survey. Pretty please with whip cream, cherries and a couple M&Ms on top.  The info I recieved already has been great to help shape up my little blog and your input could help EVEN MORE!!!

Only a few more days left to fill out the survey and enter to win a $5.00 starbucks gift card.  I could totally use a skinny spiced pumpkin latte in this dreary Friday morning rain…anyone else? Ohhh starbucks how you need to deliver.

So whatcha waiting for…on a Friday waiting for 5 o’clock to arrive and  bored out of your mind what else is there to do then to fill out my survey!!!

Thank you in advance for all those who have filled out my survey…hugs&kisses.


28 Sep

I did another video blog installment this morning! I seem a little monotone, but I was just waking up and I didn’t have my coffee yet so I apologize if I am not as bubbly as I normally am. HAHA! I totally wish I was more of a morning person…anywhoooo here it is!

I mention wordle in the video blog and this is the website in case you want to wordle something for your house!

Also, if you haven’t had a chance please fill out the blog survey so that my blog can get better! Click on the link below in order to take the 10 question survey! A $5 starbucks gift card is one the line…who doesn’t love starbucks??!!! Giveaways ends Sunday October 3rd!

Friday Foto!

16 Jul


after this week I am looking forward to…

reading a long over due book

fresh fruit and smiles

sitting poolside by my love

soaking in the air

drinking RI wine

holding hands with my husband

being carefree

letting go

enjoying the moments

on a side note my BFF knows how to cheer me up even when she has no clue she is doing it.  psychic BFFs are the best BFFs have…go to her blog to see what made me laugh.

Check 1,2,3

16 Jun

Check 1, 2, 3…

I may not be a rockstar or some famous singer but doesn’t mean that I wasn’t that girl in my bedroom at 9 years old jammin’ out with my spoon as my microphone.  So I get a little piece of stardom…my own blog 🙂 I first thought I wanted to do a blog about all of my wedding dreams when I first got engaged, but part of me wanted it to be a surprise for my guests.  I put my ideas of a blog on hold as I planned and planned for months for the big day.  So now that we have moved to California and away from family and friends I thought this would be a great opportunity to blog about our adventures out on the west coast.  

Hopefully this blog will not be ALL about me and what I am doing (because I can get boring!), but also about budget decor, books, fashion and make-up, recipe dishes, and anything else I get my hands on! Hope you enjoy a little slice of joy out of this blog.