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1 Jan


It would be so great to get a big win at the Fiesta Bowl

{it is my birthday UCONN and you don’t want to make the birthday girl unhappy}

we are at a bar starting our San Franscico excursion {and my birthday} with an icy cold beverage and football fans

{maybe if I am lucky there will be a piece of cake with a candle waiting for me at the end of this game}

Zero for Two

25 Jan

I am glad I did not have any bets on these games.


well it was a sad day for the rookie and for brett farve.

oh well.

you win some you lose some, right?


i need this shirt

Bittersweet Ending

24 Jan

The ending of the football season is always bittersweet for me.  I just absolutely love sundays and mondays filled with great upsets and awesome football plays.  Come On Man! segment makes me blissfully happy and gets me through tough winter Mondays. I love everything there is to do with football food and beer.  I love being entertained for endless hours until my eyes bleed {okay not really but still!}.  As the year ends the games get more intense and the best of the best games start to form and I just love the excitement–yet I know that the end is coming near and I will have to wait until August to get pumped up again.  Oh how I wish football season was a weee bit longer because I am never ready for the Superbowl to come.  I love the game, but I hate the ending.   

So here we are the last weekend of playoff games and the beginning of the end of the football season.  This year I am thankful for going to an actual game with my husband and being able to watch football every single Sunday and Monday {thank you dear husband for letting your maniac fan of a wife watch!}.  Once again we will be able to go out into the world and do errands, have a date, watch some movies, go to the movies, visit friends and family, and do a bit of grocery shopping during a Sunday {all of this has stopped since August!}.  

Here are my picks for today for anyone who cares or wants to know my opinion {and if anyone cares who my husband is rooting for he is rooting again all the teams I picked-go figure!}. 

Colts vs. Jets

I heart the underdog.   Maybe because my beloved Dolphins are almost always underdogs, but with any sport if it isn’t my team playing I am always rooting for the underdog.  So for me my pick is for the Rookie Sanchez and the first year coach of the Jets Rex Ryan.  There I said it.  I think that Sanchez will beat Manning.  {GASP!}.  I love the laser rocket arm of Manning and just watching his skills on the field, but I am going with the underdogs and my division.  GO J-E-T-S!!!


Saints vs. Vikings

Oh this one is a tough decision because the Saints have come along way with Brees during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Plus I never really followed the Vikings history so I am not an avid Vikings fan, BUT I do love me some Brett Favre.  So even though I wouldn’t be sad to see the Saints win I really want to see Brett Favre win more.   I love watching him play and what he brings to the game and the energy surrounding Favre.  I would love to see him go out on top and win a Superbowl and so for that reason and that reason alone I must go with the Vikings tonight. 


Oh how I love me some Sunday football!!


On the 4th day of xmas my true love gave to me…

22 Dec

the tv remote on Sundays.

Yes I am a girl.  Yes I LOVE football.  YES I LOVE THE DOLPHINS. There I said it and it feels good.  I always feel I need to defend my love for football {and my team} and people {girls and boys alike} look at me skeptical and want me to spew out crazy facts about football to prove I love football.  No I don’t have nfl on speed dial on my computer and I don’t scour the statistics each and every week I just really loveeeee watching football.  I love the excitement of only a 16 week season, I love rooting for my team, 4th quarter drama, interceptions, the red flag, the playoffs, the superbowl {bittersweet to have the season ending}, talking trash, enjoying a Sunday with all the teams and a bowl of chili.  It truly is the best time of the year. 

Sooo you would think this would be a win/win situation in our household because every guy in America loves football…right??!! um no.  My lovely husband does not show the same enthusiam for football and can get through 1 game a weekend, maybe 2 if I am lucky.  I could watch it all.weekend.long. {including the pre-game shows} and I would be blissfully happy.  So it is always a struggle in our household with one TV {and one remote!} when my husband gets tired of football and wants to watch a movie and I want to watch the next thriller game.  BUT because my husband loves me and I love him during baseball season {why exactly that sport is 10 months long is beyond me} and gives me the remote the whole day on Sundays especially as the weeks fly by and we get closer to playoffs.  awwww that is love.

of course my hubby has to get me a Joey Porter jersey {so I can get heckled all season long!}