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14 May

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy

OHHH!! A fun one! YAY! I just completed a HUGE work project and so I was in need for some fun! I thought that instead of doing lists and writing (as I have been doing the past 2 weeks!) I would switch it up! Today I am doing my ten things that make me happy with pictures! I did number them, but really they all mean so much to me–how can you rank happiness??!!  I am a pretty lucky person because I could have listed 50 things pretty quickly that make me happy–I know this is a blessing and I don’t take it for granted one bit.  Yes even the toughest days these things always brighten my day and make me happy.  I really am so grateful for my life and most importantly being a happy person.








IMG_2023 copy


IMG_0806 copy









IMG_4974 copy


What makes you happy? 🙂


Having a bad day? Bad week?

18 Nov

If you are having a bad day, week, month this video may raise your spirits up a bit…

::it takes about a minute to show the awesomeness of the video-so give it a chance.  and the ending is just so priceless::

(Via quyenhuynh:oliviarz:joyengel:cadyheron : georgiegirl🙂

Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb

whatever this day means to you

{or doesn’t mean to you}

i wish you many moments sprinkled with love


23 Jan


oh mr. turtle I think you are wrong

being able to have coffee with my husband

leisurely watching CSI

taking a trip to wal-mart just because I can

eating my favorite Panera soup

having the time to shave my legs

cooking a homemade meal

watching a great UCONN game on TV

yes, I am so happy today mr. turtle

oh yes.




On the 4th day of xmas my true love gave to me…

22 Dec

the tv remote on Sundays.

Yes I am a girl.  Yes I LOVE football.  YES I LOVE THE DOLPHINS. There I said it and it feels good.  I always feel I need to defend my love for football {and my team} and people {girls and boys alike} look at me skeptical and want me to spew out crazy facts about football to prove I love football.  No I don’t have nfl on speed dial on my computer and I don’t scour the statistics each and every week I just really loveeeee watching football.  I love the excitement of only a 16 week season, I love rooting for my team, 4th quarter drama, interceptions, the red flag, the playoffs, the superbowl {bittersweet to have the season ending}, talking trash, enjoying a Sunday with all the teams and a bowl of chili.  It truly is the best time of the year. 

Sooo you would think this would be a win/win situation in our household because every guy in America loves football…right??!! um no.  My lovely husband does not show the same enthusiam for football and can get through 1 game a weekend, maybe 2 if I am lucky.  I could watch it all.weekend.long. {including the pre-game shows} and I would be blissfully happy.  So it is always a struggle in our household with one TV {and one remote!} when my husband gets tired of football and wants to watch a movie and I want to watch the next thriller game.  BUT because my husband loves me and I love him during baseball season {why exactly that sport is 10 months long is beyond me} and gives me the remote the whole day on Sundays especially as the weeks fly by and we get closer to playoffs.  awwww that is love.

of course my hubby has to get me a Joey Porter jersey {so I can get heckled all season long!}