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Beauty Product Fails

23 Aug



There aren’t a ton of products that I would call complete fails as I normally do a great deal of research on products I am going to buy (especially if they are over $15 dollars).  I try to check if they work on dry skin (which I have) or dry hair (which I have) and if it is long lasting (as I don’t have much time to reapply throughout the day).  Unfortunately even with researching and other people’s opinions on how great the product is–sometimes it just isn’t the right product for me.  These 4 products I have tried multiple times to give them a second, third, and even fourth chance and they all come up short.  So I thought I would pass along my fails in case you were looking at buying any of these products.

1) Burt’s Bees Tinted Balm ($6.99): I love their basic lip balm and so I thought the tinted would be great to give me some color and add moisture to my very dry lips.  Unfortunately in all different seasons I have tried this product and it just becomes cakey on my lips.  Anyone ever get that “white stuff” build up on their lips when applying product on their lips? This gave me this result every single time I used it.  Boo. 

2) Clear Shampoo ($6.00): I only tried the Clear Shampoo as the research I had done on the Clear Conditioner would be better for normal/oily hair and since I have dry hair/scalp I stayed away from the conditioner.  I tried the Clear Shampoo though because it stated it would bring moisture balance to not only the hair, but to the scalp.  It would treat the scalp and add nurishment to the scalp leaving it feeling clean & clear–but not dry as some clarifying shampoos can do.  For me, this shampoo did nothing.  I didn’t feel cleaner or clearer than what I did with other shampoos.  It left my hair feeling on the drier side and at times it felt like a residue was building up from it.  I tried it a few times and even took extra steps to make sure it was fully out of my scalp and really no change.  It is a popular product on the market right now–but I still have an almost full bottle under my sink.  Boo.

3) Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation ($45.00): This baby is expensive and hurts my heart (and pocketbook) that it is on my Beauty Product fails list.  So much so that I have tried way too many times to get this product to work for me.  Seems crazy to throw out almost $50.00 dollars! I have heard so many great things about this product and I will say when the product goes on my skin it looks and feels great.  I love it feels a little lighter than my usual foundation, but provides me enough coverage.  It lasts throughout the day and overall I am pretty satisfied by the product (although for price I have found better for cheaper).  The biggest problem I have with it that every time I use it for more than 3 days I break out.  Like seriously teenage breakout.  You would think I would stop after first time, but I kept making excuses and thinking it was something else I was using–but nope.  After 3-4 seperate times in various seasons (was thinking maybe summer sweat was doing the breakouts at one point)–it leaves me with pimples and bumps and other teenage problems.  Now my skin is the opposite of sensitive and at times I have slept with makeup on my face with no breakouts so the fact this product breaks me out is crazy–because nothing else I have ever tried does this to my skin.  So I have to give this a product fail for the price and the breakouts.  Boo.

4) Origins Well Off Fast and Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($18.00): I got this as a gift from my husband as I have been on the hunt for a good eye makeup remover.  I have used Neutrogena Eye Make Up remover liquid and the Equate brand of the same product and I like those products–but I don’t lovveee them.  The Origins makeup remover actually has been on a ton of the Top 10 Makeup Removers online and so I was really excited to get this as a gift to try! I have been using this for a couple weeks and the only reason I am still using it is because it was $18.00 dollars and it does take off my makeup, but I will not be repurchasing this product.  First it is not gentle–if I put too much on a cotton ball it kinda stings my eyes. Ouch.  But the reason I have to put so much on the cotton ball is because it takes forever to take the makeup off my eyes.  It takes me forever to take my eye makeup off (mostly my mascara) and there are times where I am not certain my makeup is even off! So fast this makeup remover is not.  It does feel a little less oily/slick than the Neutrogena/Equate liquid that I have used in the past, but that doesn’t make up for the stinging and slowness of the product (especially since both of these are in the name of the product!).  For a Top 10 eye remover product I was really hoping for more!

So there you have it…my 4 Beauty Product Fails at the moment.  Anyone have any beauty product fails they want to share? Anyone love these products I mentioned? Anyone have a good makeup and/or eye makeup remover they love to use? I am still on the hunt…


Novice Runner Part VII

30 Mar

Now that spring is on the verge of bringing us continuously nice weather up here in New England I had my first outdoor run a couple weekends ago.  The weather could not be more beautiful-breezy and mid-60s with sunshine.  It was perfect weather to have a great run and I found a 2 mile loop with sidewalks the entire way and a pretty flat surface.  Since I started running in November all of my runs have been indoors either on a track or treadmill so running outside was very new for me. 

{certainly not me running..but lovely picture}

Some things I have learned during the process of getting outside for a run…

  • terrain is uneven outside and so you need to be more concious of your surroundings than on a treadmill
  • there isn’t a set pace outside and so you need to set the pace and push yourself while on a treadmill you have the ability to increase/decrease speed with a button
  • about a 1% incline on a treadmill is the equivalent of running outside so try to increase your incline to prepare for outside
  • have a tracker to find out the pace you are doing and the mileage.  I use my Iphone gps running application but there is also the Nike +shoe and other online trackers you can use
  • running outside is harder on your knees because a treadmill has cushion on the bottom and so if you have trouble with knee injuries staying inside might be easier
  • make sure you are wearing proper gear because inside the temperature is regulated, but outside wind, heat, rain, etc can all become factors
  • if you are running outside in the dark make sure you are wearing proper equipment and have a running buddy–can’t be too careful
  • getting use to people staring at you while you are running takes a couple minutes okay okay i lie you never really get use to it but you just learn to zone it out

Some items I would like to get to run outside…

Reflective Gear {$10.00}: With less daylight running time, you need gear that makes you visible to drivers or other runners for off road trails. Firefly bands are quite simply, the best reflective bands available. The Firefly Ankle is constructed with neon yellow elastic and a super-reflective 3M Scotchlite reflective stripe. The unique closure system allows the 3M reflective material to wrap around your entire wrist or ankle – an awesome 360 degrees of visibility.

Airdrive Headphones {$60.00}: If you love to listen to your favorite playlist while you run then these earphones are definitely a must have. Most headsets drown out all external noise, but these earphones sit just outside the opening of your ear, so you can hear your music and also are aware of outside noises. They are also waterproof and can take all the sweat you can dish out. {they also have iphon headphones that I am dying to get for $69.99}

Timex Ironman Bodylink {300}:  A huge investment with the running–but also very ideal to start to track heart rate and it isn’t so complex that you can’t use it! If you can’t be bothered to read a user manual, this is the watch for you. It’s a snap to use from the moment you strap it on, with several modes showing heart-rate info, speed, distance, and more, at a glance. The catch? It lacks many of the advanced training features available in the other watches–but for a beginner like me the more simple the watch the better!

Some things that I am still trying to figure out is how to carry water when running outside.  At the moment I have only done a 2 mile stretch outside, but as I increase the distance I am going to want a drink of water.  I also need to keep my key and ID in order to get back into my apartment–at the moment I have put them in my armband strap, but there is a hole at the bottom so I am always concerned I am going to lose the key.  The first time I ran I was slower outside, but I think there was a couple of issues with the first run that I had.  One being I didn’t have a set path prior to running so I was cautious as if I was going left or right and what was after the next bend–now that I know exactly where I am going I will run faster, I wasn’t use to the wind resistance outside and so that will take a couple times to get my body adjusted to the different environment, and I wasn’t pushing myself and out for more of a leisurely run. 

Overall I have enjoyed running outside and I am excited to try it out again and start to experience running outdoors more now the weather is getting nice! Anyone have any running outdoor tips/tricks they want to share? Any online applications to track your running? Any products that you love when running outside?

Happy Spring & Happy Running!

Origins Products

11 Aug
So as most girls in their teens they are always looking for the new and improved product that will take away all blemishes and making them look like supermodels.  I was and still am today a beauty product addict {first step is admitting it correct?!}.  Although I would need airbrushing to look like a model doesn’t mean I can’t feel like I have the best skin in the world!  

By the time I hit college I thought I had used all the beauty products out there–boy was SO wrong! My roommate and good friend Tara introduced me to the Origins products.  She worked there at college and would bring home free samples for the poor college students we were.  Besides a summer mishap of a skin sample being used on my face I have embraced origins as my skin care regimen.  The hunt was over!  Although I still try other beauty products when it comes to skin care I stick with what works–Origins. 

Although on the pricey side {compared to supermarket products} it truly has changed my skin and for the better!  I have very dry skin that was blotchy at times and very dull.  With Origins you don’t need to buy everything to make your skin feel luxurious so although pricey you only have to buy a little to make a difference. 

I have used these products below and found them all to be top quality and long lasting.  Since my skin is dry I use the dry/combination products and so I don’t have much recommendations for the oily skin ladies-SO SORRY! 

I have extra dry skin so I use “Never Say Dry”.  A thicker moisturizer that keeps my skin moisturized all day long

Never Say Dry Moisturizer

Never Say Dry Moisturizer

Another moisturizer I have used for my dry skin–a little bit more powerful then the Never say Dry Moisturizer:

Make a Difference Moisturizer

Make a Difference Moisturizer

For a little less drier skin this is a great moisturizer.  I was using this product until I realized I needed a thicker moisturizer for my dry skin. It smells wonderfully too!

Perfect World Moisturizer

Perfect World Moisturizer

For dry skin ladies like myself this toner works perfectly–especially with the moisturizer.  Even in the hot sun after I use both of these products my face feels smooth and even.

A Perfect World Toner

A Perfect World Toner

For a scrub I have been using Modern Friction because of my dry skin it can sometimes be flaky.  This has definately helped with getting the new skin cells up to the surface quicker! I use this once a week and so this lasts me a long time!

Modern Friction Scrub

Modern Friction Scrub

Another scrub I have used and it smells delicious (don’t use when hungry!) HAHA! This is great if you feel that your skin is dull and needs to be brightened up–works great for the winter.

Never A Dull Moment Scrub

Never A Dull Moment Scrub

Beyond these products I use one more once a month to keep in the moisture in my face.  It is very light weight and doesn’t suck the moisture out like other masks.  One of my early mistakes with my skin–using harsh products and heavy masks which would suck all the moisture out of my skin althogether. It is a mask that helps when I am feeling extra dry or if I have been extra harsh on my face (sun, wind, etc). 

Drink Up Mask

Drink Up Mask

One Origins product outside of skin care that I really love is Quick!Hide! It is a concealer that covers like nothing I have seen.  My good friend Tara got me hooked on this product and it covers flawlessly.  I used it on one of my friend’s for her wedding day–it is that trustworthy! I use very little of it to the point where I had the old version in a tube.  I love that it has a wand now for even easier application!

Quick!Hide! Concealer

Quick!Hide! Concealer

 I just threw a ton of products out to you but they are all worth the money and time to take a trip to Origins.  The individuals at Origins will take a look at your skin–recommend products and probably give you a free facial or hand scrub to boot! I would recommend starting off slowly with the products to see if you love them as much as I do and then go from there.  You don’t want to buy hundreds of dollars of products and never use them again {trust me I have done it!}. You can even get samples of products from them to do a test run!

Happy Shopping!!