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12 Apr

So I started South Beach Diet at the beginning of January and my last update had been at the end of February and now we are in the middle of April and my weight has not moved an inch since my last posting.  Some might call this a plateau while others {like myself} call this a BIG.FAT.FAIL.  BUT I didn’t want to just say see ya to South Beach diet get really discouraged and eat back those pounds I did lose–but I also knew I didn’t want to go on a fad diet all willy nilly. {what is a girl to do??!!!}

First off let me give you my Pros and Cons of the South Beach Diet and perhaps it will work better for you…


  • see BIG results pretty quickly
  • allowed me to eat foods I really did enjoy
  • didn’t feel as if I was on a “diet”
  • helped curb my carb addiction
  • motivated me to lose weight
  • helped remove unhealthy snacks at night
  • more concious of our grocery shopping
  • haven’t put back the weight after 3 months


  • plateau pretty quickly
  • hard to ease carbs back in
  • hard to know what carbs to ease back in
  • hard to make meals for both my husband and I
  • didn’t see great results after first month to keep me motivated
  • very rigid at first and then loosey goosey
  • only when I kept with phase 1 for the entire month did I see results {only suppose to be 2 weeks}

On the flip side of being discouraged about the South Beach Diet I am very excited about my workout progress and sticking with a 3 day a week regimen since November.  I do want to increase the amount of exercise and the length, but at the moment I am really happy about finding the motivation to slip on those sneakers and get to the gym or outside for an entire 6 months straight!! BIG.FAT.SUCCESS since normally I go like a mad woman for a month and then stop going.  

Sooooo where do I go from here since I am not happy about the size/weight that I am at the moment but I am not seeing results???

Well I have called on Jillian Michaels to help me out {haven’t signed up for her online program though}.

I bought two books written by her called Winning by Losing and Making the Cut.  I have read through the entire Winning by Losing book {which is about losing weight gradually and at your own pace} and I have found a ton of helpful information in this book! Including what calorie intake I need to be eating in order to start losing and also information about what triggers my eating, foods I need to be eating, my oxidizing level, not all about weight–inches matter too, and tips on how to control the eating. I also learned something profound in my exercise program that with all the work I have been doing I am really only working out enough to be maintaining. seriously?? With all the sweating over the past 6 months I am just maintaining? But it is starting to make sense that although I am working out hard I am not working out long enough or enough times to see the weight loss results.  Plus I find the days I do workout I eat more, which then just balance each other out.  So when I thought I was stepping it up I was only at the beginning stages of working out…YIKES! 

This doesn’t seem like a diet although what calorie intake I was eating and what I actually need to be eating to lose weight needs adjusting and so less food will be eaten and the types of foods will change.  Also, way more water will be consumed…ugh.  I just started to read her newer book Making the Cut and this is a 30 day intesive program and with Las Vegas coming soon I am contiplating the tougher regimen in order to get the results I want for our trip.  {Book reviews and program reviews to come in the near future}    

Bottom line I need to increase my exercise and decrease my calories to look like THIS…easy enough, right? RIGHT? HAHA. yea right.

Anyone else try Jillian and have success?? Any words of wisdom??

Taking the Plunge: Week 6 & 7

22 Feb

So we had a holiday last monday and then I had a day off and then the week got busy and so I did not have a weigh in last week–but I had one this morning after 2 weeks of not being on the scale.  I was looking back at some of my monthly reflections and I realize that I did not really follow any of the advice I gave myself…seriously???!! So here it is the good, bad, and the uglyyyyy…


-my workouts have been steady and since I have started this program and I have increased how long I can run for and how fast I can run for.  I am very proud of myself for this achievement and although I haven’t been able to reach my 3 miles in 10 minutes I have done other great things.  I ran 4 miles in 48 minutes, 2 miles in 10 minutes (twice).  I am hoping that by the begining of March I can get to my goal! I have also thought about starting to train for a 15k, but I want to reach my first goal prior to going onto another training program. 


-Since my workouts have increased tremendously I apparently thought this gave me a free pass to eat what I wanted {with some limitations}.  When I ran for the 4 miles I thought hey…I can have that beer and some chips because I earned it.  I also thought…hey I need to add some carbs to my diet because I am working out more rigorously yet forgetting that I needed to do it in moderation and during certain times {not at 9pm at night}.  This isn’t to say that I went on a binge and ate everything in site, I just didn’t really remember some of the key components of the south beach diet and let myself indulge from time to time during these past two weeks. 


-well when you document it there is no fudging the results.  I am back where I was at the end of week 2.  Although I do feel fitter and not so “pudgy” and soft around the edges as I did at the end of week 2 I am not seeing the results on the scale.  So it turns out you can’t eat what you want and run 4 miles…HAHA!    

-i felt a little bit discouraged because my goal weight seems a bit farther away than normal, but in the same sense I feel great that I have been increasing my exercise and feeling healthy.  It is an odd mixture of emotions!

So my goal for this week is to get better control again with the south beach diet and I have decided to add a carb at the beginning of my day for breakfast.  I hope that this gives me the extra energy I need during the day for my workouts yet giving my body all day to burn off the carb I ate in the morning.  I am adding oatmeal to my diet and so lets see what results I get this week with this new plan. 

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

{End of} Week 3 Weight: 181.0 {3.0 weight loss!!}-went over my 1lb weight loss

{End of} Week 4 Weight: 182.4 {1.4 lb gain!}

{End of} Week 5 Weight: 182.8{.4 lb gain-blame it on the superbowl. haha!}

{End of} Week 6 & 7 Weight: 184 {1.7 lb gain-blame it on the red velvet cake I ate..}

Week 8 Goal: 1.7 lb

Total Weight Loss: 7.8lbs

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

And the proof…

Taking the Plunge: Week 5

1 Feb

Okay so really I have been a bad blogger for the entire month of January BUT February is a new month and I am very excited to be done with January.  With all of the crazy work I had to do and unfortunately a death in the family last week I am very thankful for February 1st to be here! yipppeeee!! So I have a ton of posts up my sleeve now that I have a moment to breathe and think about something other than work and death {really depressing I know}, but first up my weekly weigh in. 


Okay for not being home for an entire week and not having a gym next to my apartment I was still able to get my body moving and I worked out in the cold! Plus I have been doing a running routine and so I had to run on the road with a ton of hills and I did it {twice!}.  I was really proud of myself that I kept my eye on staying healthy even during a difficult time and got out in below freezing temperatures.  It got me out of the house, getting my body pumping, and releasing some pent up energy.  I really would have loved to have had one more outdoor run during the week, but we had 5 inches pound our neighborhood on Thursday and then a funeral on Friday. 

When a death occurs in the family it turns into baking and cooking sessions non-stop.  I am not sure if it is the stress reliever, staying busy, or just in need of comfort food but the kitchen was non-stop in the house we were staying in.  I was very pleased that I was able to stay away from all the treats and heavy foods that were being made–but it was so difficult to smell and be around all of those delicious treats.


So even though I stayed away from all the brownies, cheesecakes, cupcakes, applecakes, cornbread, garlic bread, etc. I still ate more than I usually do since I was eating craisins or fruit while others were eating treats.  Normally it is 3 meals a day {eggs, then a salad, and then whatever I make for dinner } with a small nut snack during the day and night.  Well not so much this week.  I did a bit more snacking and although I was able to have my eggs in the morning almost every day the lunch and dinner was a bit heavier than I was used to.  I stayed away from breads and carbs–but a lot of the meat had sauces and other additives. I drank my coffee with regular sugar and half and half rather than splenda and skim milk.  My eggs were prepared with butter, and I didn’t really get in any nuts as a snack.  So although I did stay away from carbs and the treats I wasn’t being as strict being away from home and realized the little things are what adds up. 


Okay so this weekend was almost all ugly.  I drank on Saturday night, had a small piece of chocolate cake–but a small victory that night was drinking and not eating one chip and dip that was on the table.  I had oatmeal pankcakes on Sunday morning {although no syrup with them} and then for lunch had curry with..uh oh RICE. I then had leftover chicken with the curry sauce for dinner and stayed away from the carbs. BUT then I had strawberries dipped in chocolate.  SERIOUSLY?!! Where did my will power go??? This weekend was really a low part of this diet and perhaps the week just wore my will power down to nothing but I made all this progress then BAM I go and try to screw it all up.  I know that I am being hard on myself and I definately just brushed this weekend off and got up this morning ready for a new week but really lets not have a repeat of last weekend again please will power. I beg of you.

Oh and a different “ugly” side note I was watching Keeping up with the Kardasians last night {poor husband} and Rob Kardasian did a boxing charity event and had to get weighed in.  He weighed in at 191lbs and his father Mr. Jenner made the comment “wow you are a real fatty Rob.”  I know that I am not 191.8 anymore, but seriously I was mortified that I weighed as much as Rob {and .8lbs more than him!} and his father thinks he is a fatty…what would he think of me?!! Totally stupid of me to think but thought I would share the story. 

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

{End of} Week 3 Weight: 181.0 {3.0 weight loss!!}-went over my 1lb weight loss

{End of} Week 4 Weight: 182.4 {1.4 lb gain!}

Week 5 Goal: 3.4 lbs {I want to see the 170’s again!}

Total Weight Loss: 9.4lbs

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

And here is proof of my stupid weekend slipup!

Taking the Plunge: Week 4

25 Jan

So another week has gone by and without a little bit of agony.  So normally when I am on a diet I try to keep the kitchen as healthy as possible {minus a few snacks for the hubby}.  BUT this week I had to eat with staff members for every meal and what was at every meal? Delicious cheesecake, apple pie, and carrot cake! AHHHHH.  I thought I was going to lose.my.mind. The first day was the toughest because I forgot their would be delicious treats staring at me for a good hour.  I knew it was coming every day and one day I walked by the dessert table probably oh 5 times.  In the end I won because well I never ate one of those desserts!!


Not touching one of those delicious desserts. go me. I also did not have my favorite food mash potatoes or any of the bread, hashbrowns, pasta, etc served at the meals.  I knew since they were pre-made dinner and weren’t the healthiest meals so I knew it was even more prudent that I stay away from the carbs. 

I got to the gym this week.  Not as much as a normal week but I still got in a couple which is really a miracle with the week that I had.  Plus I had a great workout on Saturday that is motivating me for this week!

Well with the crazy week I had I wasn’t on the scale like a maniac.  I only checked it once to make sure that I was maintaining with the lack of meals I was able to make.  A vast improvement from the week before!


So yes I didn’t eat theh dessert that was from the staff meals BUT I did have 2 scoops of ice cream with m&ms on top.  It was a small price to pay for my sanity this week.  HAHA. Once in a while not so bad, but I need to make sure that I don’t make it a habit since it was my go to lovely snack recently. 

We were lazy yesterday and didn’t go to the grocery store so we are the last items in our kitchen.  I am trying to keep it healthy without going to the easy/unhealthy meals.  So we need to get to the grocery store pronto!! I need more eggs!


No ugly this week.  I really tried hard to stay motivated and focused on the goal of not gaining any weight back even with an increbily hard week.  I maintained all my habits and even started to bring a water to get more liquids throughout the week.  I am proud of how I managed the week and my cravings are starting to slow down, which is wonderful.

So the results of last week….

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

{End of} Week 3 Weight: 181.0 {3.0 weight loss!!}-went over my 1lb weight loss

Week 4 Goal: 2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 10.8lbs

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

And the proof….

Taking the Plunge: Week 3

23 Jan

Okay so this is a couple days late, but really this week was really tough and all I did was work and sleep.  I really missed blogging and I am glad I will have some extra time again and really glad to be getting back into the swing of a routine again.  So with life being so busy how did I do last week?

Results in a minute.  Here is the good, bad and ugly of last week.


I really stuck to trying not to eat carbs even though a good amount of my meals were given through work.  I stayed away from all starches and made sure I was eating salads and meat. I was pretty stressed out all last week and I felt that I didn’t binge on eating to make myself feel better.  There were a couple tears and venting sessions but I made it through. 

I also had date night and had to go out to eat a couple times last week and when I went to eat I ate salads!! Really this is a first for me.  I love my pasta, mashed potatoes and sauces like no ones business, but I stuck with salad!! Some were more healthy than others (like the southwestern salad, and some in the middle like a taco salad without eating the taco, and then there was the bad salad but at least it was a salad-right?? like the buffalo chicken salad. ) Overall though I am really proud of this and I didn’t feel like I was missing out.


Well I would have loved to gone to the gym more and there were a day or two where I had the time and I chose to sit on the couch.  I did get to the gym last week but it was only 2 times and my goal is 3 or more days a week (including weekends) so I didn’t meet my goal last week in the workout department.  But even with a stressful and busy work week I got to the gym twice which is great that I got out there and kept myself moving

Well I was beat, had a bad day and got home and looked at my husband and said I need a date night.  So off we went to Chilis and I had that southwestern salad and started to destress and then we went to go see Avatar and at the movie I had skittles.  Now the goal was not to eat the entire bag of skittles and I made sure I had a water with the skittles.  I knew it was wrong and that I shouldn’t be eating skittles but let me tell you I savored every skittle I had that night. Plus I made my goal and didn’t eat every skittle in the bag. YES!


I weighed myself every day like a maniac.  I turned into one of those people.  A good amount of meals were through my work and I just wished I could have known how everything was cooked and be a bit more healthy.  So since I couldn’t really control cooking the food last week I controlled the scale and checked it every morning.  And sometimes re-checked it.  Oh it was bad and I swore starting this week that I wouldn’t be that person anymore and to not live by what the scale says. {stay tuned if I met this goal}

 So the results of last week….

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

Week 3 Goal: 1 lb

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

And the proof…

South Beach Diet Recipe

6 Jan

Baked Chicken with Creamy Curry Sauce

Now I didn’t think I would ever find a recipe that had the word creamy in the title as a phase 1 south beach diet recipe but alas I did! It also has curry in it which my husband has turned me onto when we were dating. {i am normally a meat and potatoes kinda girl…heavy on the potatoes!haha}.  So I just had to try it! Although it is for all phases it isn’t something that I will be eating on a weekly basis because it did seem heavier than the stuff I am eating for other meals.  It is a great recipe to start off with because it filled me up, made me feel good that I wasn’t eating a carb for dinner, and wasn’t the same grilled chicken salad I have been eating. I found it on this great blog about all the recipes for South Beach Diet by phases which is awesome! All of the dinners I am making this week have come from this helpful blog.


6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1/4 cup mayo (use real mayo, it’s only 1/4 cup)
1 cup low fat sour ceam
1 can cream of chicken soup (Campbells, not low fat or low sodium)
2 tsp. curry powder, more or less to taste
1 T fresh lemon juice


Preheat oven to 350F.

Trim all fat and tendons from chicken breasts.  {I cut the chicken in slices to make sure it cooked and to get the curry all in the curves of the chicken. }

Put chicken into glass casserole dish sprayed with non-stick spray. {Use the smallest size casserole which will hold all the chicken.}

Mix other ingredients in bowl, then pour over chicken.

Bake 40-60 minutes, until bubbling and slightly starting to brown.


I felt that 1 tablespoon was a bit too much and gave too much of a lemony flavor with the curry so I would do a half a tablespoon.

I also only did 3 chickens but forgot to cut the creamy sauce ingredients in half but it worked out great because I was able to smother the chicken and make a gravy for my husband who ate the meal over rice. 

I did it NOT in a glass casserole dish and it came out perfect so whatever tin you have use it. 

I would really recommend this recipe for anyone starting out on the south beach diet {who likes curry of course!} because it was great eating something a little different yet I still felt very healthy afterwards so DIG IN {with some control of course}

I am a bad blogger and forgot to take a picture before we ate it all so I found one online that came as close as possible {less creamy sauce all over the chicken for mine}

Taking the Plunge: Week 1

4 Jan

In my previous post I discussed going on the South Beach Diet today and I am in high hopes that this is a start of a great new direction for me.  I am armed with my eggs, salads, water, and lots of chicken and turkey {and of course motivation too!}.    Now I don’t want this new diet to consume me, my thoughts and my blog so I have decided to post my results {the good, bad, and yes the ugly} once a month.  This will include some of the meals that I have prepared over the month that have helped  me, what has hurt me, and anything fun that I have learned along the way.  For some of you who are just trying to lose the holiday pounds this may just be the motivation you need to strip away the carbs for 2 weeks and feel better about yourself.  For others, like myself, it is a more hefty number that you are trying to shed off your body and the 2 weeks will jumpstart you on a path to lose X amount of pounds.  This blog will help me keep myself accountable and perhaps be a bit more motivation because I know  30 days from now I will be back on the scale to post my results. 

 {the good}

I have been feeling great today on the first day and was able to have eggs for breakfast, stayed away from my lovely husband’s coffee he made for me, had bottled water with a crystal light package and a grilled chicken salad for lunch.  I already have my chicken marinating for dinner and I am ready to be motivated to go to the gym with my lovely husband that I will drag with me.  Even though I didn’t go grocery shopping yet I didn’t allow myself to put it off for one more day, which made me very proud! 

{the bad}

Being a couple can sometimes making dieting hard especially when the person you are with wants to gain weight.  Cooking him up carbs for his side might became difficult as I will want to lick the spoon or just have just one tiny bite.  My husband is great at adapting to what I need to be eating for my diet but he also needs to be careful that he isn’t dieting with me because the last thing he wants is to lose weight.  

{the ugly}

Thinking about where I was 7 months ago and how good I felt on my wedding day is truly difficult becasue of how much I just “let myself go” but also motivating because I did it once I can do it again.  It is the ugly truth that I have to work on being slim because my body just loves to store extra fat like a chipmunk I tell you!! I know that I am not the only one with weight issues out there {hello it is a billzillon dollar industry}, but seriously sometimes the struggle can feel very lonely.   

Today’s Weight: 191.8 lbs
Month Goal: 8lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight by May 30th:150lbs
{week 1 dreaded scale shot}