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Friday Foto!

17 Sep


this is what I saw Monday night on my way to the store

double rainbow for a double lucky week!

{taken on my iphone}

I was still recovering from the weekend Monday night but this totally made my night

oh it is the little things.

{unsure who took this picture of us}

since it is a double rainbow week you get a double picture this Friday!

I am on a plane today heading back to one of the best places in the world


california + bestest buds +frozos +mexican =awesome weekend

hope everyone has a little luck coming their way!

Tons o’ Movies!!

7 Sep

The theme for this weekend could probably be summed up in this: movies…movies…movies!!! It is exactly what I think all of us needed in our household as I was coming off a month of no weekends off, my husband trying to get use to getting back to class, and my sister working 45 hours in 5 days and heading into college classes once again.  We had these grand plans–but what are plans became were perfect. 

Once again a recap of my rating system for movies: { A+ }=in my all time favorite section {A} =it was really fabulous and a movie I could watch over and over  {B+}=Above average, a must see and will buy it if I had only rented the movie {B} = Average, glad I watched the movie and it kept my attention  {C}= Eh, I could take this movie or leave it. Not really my style and I would not purchase it  {F}= Ummm yea complete waste of my time and I would like the director to give me back whatever I paid to see this movie. stinky like old socks.

So some movie reviews coming your way…


First was Leap Year and I was excited because it was the movie I wanted to watch last week as well.  I knew it was going to be some cheesefest of a romantic comedy, but honestly that is what I needed.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie a great deal–although somewhat {okay okay very predictable} it gave us some good laughs, really cute scenes, hottie Irish man with an awesome accent, and a beautiful backdrop.  This movie above all else made me want to go see Ireland…RIGHT NOW.  My husband wasn’t sold but man the scenery in the movie was just breathtaking and it really fit the movie!!! I would say a good date movie if you partner can stomach a cheesy romantic comedy.  It made me look over at my husband and give him a hand squeeze throughout the movie.  It was a feel good movie and after Green Zone it was very much welcomed.  I am going to give this movie a B+ for romantic comedies because although I only rented this movie I am really excited to add it to my collection!!

The following night after facials and a bad lunch experience we decided to stay in for the night and after trying to figure out what to watch we were like eh nothing really showing on In Demand lets watch It’s Complicated.  Okay so my husband and I aren’t huge fans of Alec Baldwin and one of the reasons stopping us from trying 30 Rock. Plus I didn’t know this at the time but the cover reminded me alot of Something Gotta Give and although I own that movie I never really watch it because it is so long and a bit drawn out for my liking.  So we went into the movie blindly and took it for what it was…another romantic comedy.  Don’t you just loved being surprised because WE ALL LOVED IT!!! We were really laughing through the entire movie and it was actually a perfect movie to watch with my family because well this movie IS MY FAMILY.  The opening scene my husband, sister and I looked at each other and were like…this is our life.  so spooky but really funny to watch all together.  I thought it was just long enough and didn’t get too drawn out and Alec Baldwin was HILARIOUS!!! Uber funny and overall just a fantastic movie.  I would recommend this movie and I actually liked it more than Leap Year! What a surpriser of a movie for us and probably one we will want for our collection–my rating is an A for this movie! 

Others that deserve mentioning here…


My sister and I can NEVER get enough of this movie.  So of course when it was on TV we just had to enjoy our coffee over some Elle Woods this weekend! LOVE IT!!! Definately in the A+ category because I can watch this movie over and over again and quote it and never get sick of it. 

Last weekend my husband popped in this movie and I was totally wishing I could sit next to him on the couch and watch it, but alas I worked all weekend. oh the tables do turn because this weekend I needed to chew up some time this weekend while the husband studied and decided to pop this movie in.  I had seen it before but I am terrible at remembering movies and so some parts I remembered but mostly it was like watching a new movie.  I would give this a B rating because it didn’t keep my attention as much as I expected it to be and as much as it did the first time I watched it.  We haven’t seen this movie in a long while and it isn’t one we jump to watch over and over.  The plot is pretty good although they could have done a better job tying it all together-a little disjointed now watching it a second time.  I would recommend it as a netflix queque item but nothing more.

Yup we watched all 3 Die Hards {not all in one day!} this weekend.  My husband wanted to watch 3, I wanted to watch 1.  So we started off with the first one which I will give an A+ because seriously best action movie EVER!!! Then I found my husband sleeping but I was still awake so I watched #2 so that the next day we would be ready for #3.  I would give #2 a B- It is alright and I always it if I am going in order but it is never one I grab for if I had to pick just one to watch.  So the next morning over our morning coffee we watched #3–it is great but I think i was kinda done with Die Hard and so I did some photo editing while watching it but normally it keeps my attention and so I would still give it a B+ for movies.

Finally when the husband was done with his work and we had enough scrabble together we decided to pop in Black Hawk Down for our final movie.  I have seen it once before but one of those movies I probably fell asleep because it all looked new to me! The plot is great and for someone who can’t follow war stories very well I was able to follow this one and really understand what the mission is all about.  I am thankful for this because I hate being lost in a movie!  The characters are awesome to follow and although we had to stop it half way in the middle I will be eager to pick it up later tonight.  It had me dreaming about guns all night though…I would give this one an A because I was able to follow it clearly, the characters are great and the plot is keeping me focused on the movie and not my iphone–plus I am eager to see what the ending is.


So there you have a it!! A weekend filled with movie watching, sisterly bonding, nap in the middle of the day relaxing, doing my nails and hair just because kinda weekend.  I hope everyone had a laborless weekend and were able to take some time for yourselves–as you can tell I sure did!!!

Friday Foto!

6 Aug

best friends.

not afraid to do the macarena in a crowded room

not afraid to tell me phrases such as “seriously…”

not afraid to tell me my choice in movies is moronic

and next time I need to just watch Boondock Saints

not afraid to let time go by

because we always pick up where we left off

as we have gotten older time together has been farther apart

but it is a great time in our lives as two married old biddys LOL

and the time we do share together is awesome, relaxed,  funny, okay more like hilarious

like what best friend time should be like

this weekend is best friend time with our best friend husbands

life is good








Note to self:

29 Jul

Dear Lovely Future Self,

Please on your Fridays or your days that are like a Friday do not look at your email at 4:59pm. only bad things will come of this action. such as it might  bring you more work than you intended to do with 1 minute left of the work day.  it might scare you for the week to come with meeting requests, obligations, etc. it might be a nastygram in which will leave you feeling bad to start the weekend. it might be illusive yet noone will respond to an email back because hello people don’t check their email at 4:59pm like dumb me. it might be a note that is cc: to every big wig at your company and hence forth wiith are scared sh*tless all weekend. it might  be a jolly have a great weekend farewell, but alas this is almost never the case.

so dear future self please refrain from checking your email just one last time because in all honesty there is nothing you can do about it at 4:59pm and Monday is a new day…


present self

Friday Foto!

16 Jul


after this week I am looking forward to…

reading a long over due book

fresh fruit and smiles

sitting poolside by my love

soaking in the air

drinking RI wine

holding hands with my husband

being carefree

letting go

enjoying the moments

on a side note my BFF knows how to cheer me up even when she has no clue she is doing it.  psychic BFFs are the best BFFs have…go to her blog to see what made me laugh.

Friday Foto!

11 Jun



this weekend is all about wedding extravaganza

weddings always make me sentimental and sappy

even more sentimental & sappier now that I am married

this weekend will be filled with love, bubbly, and dancing

and maybe some singing in the rain

Congrats Tim & Kristen!

Friday Foto!

7 May


I missed last Friday Foto and so I am making it up with a funny one

because my earlier post was a bit “heavy”

this picture represents a typical week in our household

this week though I have had 2 dates with my husband

2 cinco de mayo drinks

1 fabulous reunion with my sister involving olive garden & cupcakes

and now a beautiful sunny weekend with unknown plans

life is great