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7 Feb

Okay not the moving you are thinking of, but equally important.

For some time I have been really really thinking about moving over my blog to a different site.

not because WordPress hasn’t been kind, because it certainly has been super kind.

but I have been reading more and more blogs within the Tumblr community

and I am hooked.

On the outside looking in it just looked too fabulous to not partake, but I have been hesitant

any kind of move can be risky

but the appeal of “liking” a blog, reblogging a post, following blogs, and just being part of the Tumblr community

has been just too tempting to not take a leap of faith and head to a new site!

I wrote a few posts just to get some of the kinks out and try it without an audience

and I have to say I LOVEEEEE IT and I hope you love reading it over at my new site…

same material, just different blog site

oh and a different blog name: Sweet Sweet Nothings

** So head over **


Foto Friday!

4 Feb

we may not be perfect, but together we make the perfect family ❤

What’s for dinner??

3 Feb

reason #2543 why I am the cook in the family

and no I didn’t turn our chicken into greasy KFC. {to the dismay of the hubs}

What is this interwebs we speak of?

2 Feb

um, this was only from 1994?

you know, when beepers were popular

i was 12 years old

thats right people middle school

what is the internet? really? 1994?

it just cracks me up and seriously I can’t believe this was only a short time ago!

i can only wonder what youtube clip i will be laughing at in 2020?

perhaps tweets because i still don’t get the hoopla around twitter

via surburbabble

SAG Awards

1 Feb

I didn’t get to watch the SAG awards, but I was able to get a look at the fashion statements at the show. 

Lets start with the bad and end with the great…

hair bad/dress bad/makeup bad/shoes okay

Helena Bonham Carter

hair awful/dress awful/makeup awful/everything awful

Hailee Steinfeld

hair bad/dress too bright? or belt too black? can’t put my finger on it. not awful but not good/jewelry okay

Jennifer Lawrence

dress awful/hair nice/jewelry none/makeup nice

Melissa Leo

hair really bad/dress bad/purse bad/makeup bad/jewelry okay but not for dress

Winona Ryder

dress badddd/makeup great/hair good/purse good

Jane Lynch

dress too promish/hair okay/jewelry pretty/makeup okay

Sarah Hyland

hair good/dress good/jewelry good/purse good

Tina Fey

dress nice but doesn’t drape well on her/not loving she wore white/hair good/jewelry okay/purse good

Eva Longoria

dress good/belt bad/hair great/makeup great/jewerly okay

Claire Danes

And my top 3 best looks of the night…

#3 favorite look and only because of that smashing dress….

dress awesome/hair okay/makeup okay/jewelry okay

Heather Morris

#2 favorite look of the night….

dress loveeeee/hair really likeee/makeup really like/jewelry good

Lea Michele

and my #1 favorite of the night…

loved the dress so beautiful yet simple, the hair was great and pulled back and put together, makeup was flawless, jewelry was perfect, and the purse and shoes black to do a black a white theme was fantastic! LOVED IT ALL!!

Natalie Portman

Overall, I don’t think people really nailed the SAG awards in the fashion department.  I really enjoyed the Golden Globe fashion {that I never recapped} and so I had high hopes on the SAG awards as they are the one before the big Oscar night! I am hoping that people fire their stylists and get some good help by the Oscars!!!

What do people think? Have a different favorite then mine? Do you love the awards for the fashion or for the actual awards??