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28 Jan

I have a terrific friend who is having a baby shortly and they are on TEAM GREEN {aka they have no idea if the baby is a boy or a girl}.  Unfortunately I might have to work during her baby shower and she is one of my oldest and dearest friends and so I want to do something special.  I of course will purchase something that she has on her registry that she needs, but I also want to get her something that she may not need but oh so fun!

Well everything I have seen is either geared towards a boy or a girl or it has a monogram of some sort.  I am at a lost!  This maybe more of a hunt than I thought and if anyone has any suggestions please help a sistaaaa out!

this is one I am loving at the moment…


And if anyone wants to know my opinion out there I think she is having a girl. GO TEAM PINK!


Taking the Plunge: Week 4

25 Jan

So another week has gone by and without a little bit of agony.  So normally when I am on a diet I try to keep the kitchen as healthy as possible {minus a few snacks for the hubby}.  BUT this week I had to eat with staff members for every meal and what was at every meal? Delicious cheesecake, apple pie, and carrot cake! AHHHHH.  I thought I was going to The first day was the toughest because I forgot their would be delicious treats staring at me for a good hour.  I knew it was coming every day and one day I walked by the dessert table probably oh 5 times.  In the end I won because well I never ate one of those desserts!!


Not touching one of those delicious desserts. go me. I also did not have my favorite food mash potatoes or any of the bread, hashbrowns, pasta, etc served at the meals.  I knew since they were pre-made dinner and weren’t the healthiest meals so I knew it was even more prudent that I stay away from the carbs. 

I got to the gym this week.  Not as much as a normal week but I still got in a couple which is really a miracle with the week that I had.  Plus I had a great workout on Saturday that is motivating me for this week!

Well with the crazy week I had I wasn’t on the scale like a maniac.  I only checked it once to make sure that I was maintaining with the lack of meals I was able to make.  A vast improvement from the week before!


So yes I didn’t eat theh dessert that was from the staff meals BUT I did have 2 scoops of ice cream with m&ms on top.  It was a small price to pay for my sanity this week.  HAHA. Once in a while not so bad, but I need to make sure that I don’t make it a habit since it was my go to lovely snack recently. 

We were lazy yesterday and didn’t go to the grocery store so we are the last items in our kitchen.  I am trying to keep it healthy without going to the easy/unhealthy meals.  So we need to get to the grocery store pronto!! I need more eggs!


No ugly this week.  I really tried hard to stay motivated and focused on the goal of not gaining any weight back even with an increbily hard week.  I maintained all my habits and even started to bring a water to get more liquids throughout the week.  I am proud of how I managed the week and my cravings are starting to slow down, which is wonderful.

So the results of last week….

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

{End of} Week 3 Weight: 181.0 {3.0 weight loss!!}-went over my 1lb weight loss

Week 4 Goal: 2lbs

Total Weight Loss: 10.8lbs

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

And the proof….

Zero for Two

25 Jan

I am glad I did not have any bets on these games.


well it was a sad day for the rookie and for brett farve.

oh well.

you win some you lose some, right?


i need this shirt

Finally A Book!!

24 Jan

Finally I sat down and read a book last weekend.  I figured that with all the movies that I have been watching I needed to use my imagination to make the characters for myself rather than the directors.  And I am so glad that I did.  This book that I read was sad, has guts and soul, kept me guessing, and really I learned a ton about a tragic event–the Holocost.  Instead of it being placed in Germany the book is centered in France, which was a great twist in learning about the Holocost.  So if you are looking for a deeper meaning book please get your hands on Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay.  I warn you that this book just sucks you in and I actually read this book in one day.  I couldn’t put it down and when I did do play with my adorable neice I was thinking about what would happen next in the book.

If you read this let me know what you think because it was definately a moving book for me.  The next book I am going to start is Knit Two which is the sequel to the Friday Night Knitting Club {was my best book of 2009 that I read}. I will keep you posted!

Happy Reading!!


Bittersweet Ending

24 Jan

The ending of the football season is always bittersweet for me.  I just absolutely love sundays and mondays filled with great upsets and awesome football plays.  Come On Man! segment makes me blissfully happy and gets me through tough winter Mondays. I love everything there is to do with football food and beer.  I love being entertained for endless hours until my eyes bleed {okay not really but still!}.  As the year ends the games get more intense and the best of the best games start to form and I just love the excitement–yet I know that the end is coming near and I will have to wait until August to get pumped up again.  Oh how I wish football season was a weee bit longer because I am never ready for the Superbowl to come.  I love the game, but I hate the ending.   

So here we are the last weekend of playoff games and the beginning of the end of the football season.  This year I am thankful for going to an actual game with my husband and being able to watch football every single Sunday and Monday {thank you dear husband for letting your maniac fan of a wife watch!}.  Once again we will be able to go out into the world and do errands, have a date, watch some movies, go to the movies, visit friends and family, and do a bit of grocery shopping during a Sunday {all of this has stopped since August!}.  

Here are my picks for today for anyone who cares or wants to know my opinion {and if anyone cares who my husband is rooting for he is rooting again all the teams I picked-go figure!}. 

Colts vs. Jets

I heart the underdog.   Maybe because my beloved Dolphins are almost always underdogs, but with any sport if it isn’t my team playing I am always rooting for the underdog.  So for me my pick is for the Rookie Sanchez and the first year coach of the Jets Rex Ryan.  There I said it.  I think that Sanchez will beat Manning.  {GASP!}.  I love the laser rocket arm of Manning and just watching his skills on the field, but I am going with the underdogs and my division.  GO J-E-T-S!!!


Saints vs. Vikings

Oh this one is a tough decision because the Saints have come along way with Brees during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Plus I never really followed the Vikings history so I am not an avid Vikings fan, BUT I do love me some Brett Favre.  So even though I wouldn’t be sad to see the Saints win I really want to see Brett Favre win more.   I love watching him play and what he brings to the game and the energy surrounding Favre.  I would love to see him go out on top and win a Superbowl and so for that reason and that reason alone I must go with the Vikings tonight. 


Oh how I love me some Sunday football!!



23 Jan


oh mr. turtle I think you are wrong

being able to have coffee with my husband

leisurely watching CSI

taking a trip to wal-mart just because I can

eating my favorite Panera soup

having the time to shave my legs

cooking a homemade meal

watching a great UCONN game on TV

yes, I am so happy today mr. turtle

oh yes.




Taking the Plunge: Week 3

23 Jan

Okay so this is a couple days late, but really this week was really tough and all I did was work and sleep.  I really missed blogging and I am glad I will have some extra time again and really glad to be getting back into the swing of a routine again.  So with life being so busy how did I do last week?

Results in a minute.  Here is the good, bad and ugly of last week.


I really stuck to trying not to eat carbs even though a good amount of my meals were given through work.  I stayed away from all starches and made sure I was eating salads and meat. I was pretty stressed out all last week and I felt that I didn’t binge on eating to make myself feel better.  There were a couple tears and venting sessions but I made it through. 

I also had date night and had to go out to eat a couple times last week and when I went to eat I ate salads!! Really this is a first for me.  I love my pasta, mashed potatoes and sauces like no ones business, but I stuck with salad!! Some were more healthy than others (like the southwestern salad, and some in the middle like a taco salad without eating the taco, and then there was the bad salad but at least it was a salad-right?? like the buffalo chicken salad. ) Overall though I am really proud of this and I didn’t feel like I was missing out.


Well I would have loved to gone to the gym more and there were a day or two where I had the time and I chose to sit on the couch.  I did get to the gym last week but it was only 2 times and my goal is 3 or more days a week (including weekends) so I didn’t meet my goal last week in the workout department.  But even with a stressful and busy work week I got to the gym twice which is great that I got out there and kept myself moving

Well I was beat, had a bad day and got home and looked at my husband and said I need a date night.  So off we went to Chilis and I had that southwestern salad and started to destress and then we went to go see Avatar and at the movie I had skittles.  Now the goal was not to eat the entire bag of skittles and I made sure I had a water with the skittles.  I knew it was wrong and that I shouldn’t be eating skittles but let me tell you I savored every skittle I had that night. Plus I made my goal and didn’t eat every skittle in the bag. YES!


I weighed myself every day like a maniac.  I turned into one of those people.  A good amount of meals were through my work and I just wished I could have known how everything was cooked and be a bit more healthy.  So since I couldn’t really control cooking the food last week I controlled the scale and checked it every morning.  And sometimes re-checked it.  Oh it was bad and I swore starting this week that I wouldn’t be that person anymore and to not live by what the scale says. {stay tuned if I met this goal}

 So the results of last week….

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

Week 3 Goal: 1 lb

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

And the proof…