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30 Nov

“Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self.” ~Cyril Connolly

{Season 5 Criminal Minds episode}


Today is brought to you by the letter J

30 Nov

One of my favorite traditions that I actually started in my family is wearing Christmas PJs on the eve of Christmas and so when we wake up we not only feel festive BUT we look festive! It is normally us up pretty early just not being able to anticipate the day ahead of us {i blame it on my nieces and nephews that they can’t wait but isn’t ALL true..haha}

My sister actually picked out my husband’s Christmas PJs the first year while we were in line at American Eagle.  I was having a hard time finding anything that he would wear for more than an hour that wasn’t a joke.  When we brought them home he tried them on and he has loved them ever since.  My sister and I have had about 3-4 different Christmas PJs since the tradition started but not my dear husband.  he sticks with what he loves.  and he loves these PJs aka his comfy pants. 

So it would only be fitting that I would have the Letter J be….

{American Eagle jammies-sold out at the moment though}

JAMMIES!!! They make such a great gift for all the ages and you truly do not have to spend a great deal of money to get quality jammies–whether they have a theme to them or not is totally up to you!!! Some of my best jammies have been presents from others as I am not one to go out and buy jammies for myself.  I have two fleece jamiies I love for the winter given by my mom, blue striped light weight jammies for the spring/summer from my friend, and well less modest jammies from my mom and husband.  HAHA! I love how little kids look in jammies and there is always something great written on these.  Seriously WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GREAT PAIR OF JAMMIES???!!! Some great stores for jammies in my opinion are–american eagle, abercrombie and fitch, kohls, victoria secret, and the Gap. I have seen jammies range from $10.00-$50.00 so they are definately in a good price range for a gift!

I wish I was in my fleecy jammies  right now…

Today is brought to you by the letter I

29 Nov

Oh my gosh is it really the Monday after Thanksgiving?  The Monday that is 2 days from being DECEMBER????

Holy smokes did December creep up on anyone else? WOOZZZAAAAA!!!!!

So today is Cyber Monday….the day all online shoppers just can’t wait to get their hands on.  As someone who is in love with online shopping I am a HUGE cyber Monday shopper.  {even if I do shop on Black Friday as I did this year}.

No shipping fees?? Yes please. 

Huge discounts?? Yes please again.

Don’t have to leave the comfort of my living room? Um, yes!!!

{so you get the idea}

I love everything there is to love about Cyber Monday but after Black Friday spending it can be really hard for people to shell out more cash so you know I was really really really excited when I read that there is more to online deals then Cyber Monday.

Wanna get on the secret scoop of other days that are awesome for online shopping and find a good read for a blog…check it HERE!

Oh my gosh…okay moving on to the Letter I gift!!!

this year I picked the one item that everyone thinks of when they think of the letter I nowadays…

as in….

IPAD!!!!! {le sigh i want so baddddd}, IPOD {any although Itouch is AMAZING!}, IPHONE {addicted!}, IHOME {great for entertaining}, any I-whatever device you have accesories. 

Seriously if it is an electronic device with an I in front of it–it is genius!!! Even if you can’t get someone a 100+gift the accessories for any of the I-equipment would be a great stocking stuffer or gift! My iphone case is falling apart and could seriously use an upgrade {hint hint hubs} and that would be about $12.00 dollars which isn’t too bad! If someone has an IPAD {so jealous} then there are ton of accessories for Ipads that can make it more like a computer or easier to use.  Plus who doesn’t love an Itunes gift card!! Nothing says you are awesome then providing someone to download the latest hits.  I know my workout playlist could use a little upgrade and so although it is a gift card {i hate giving gift cards} it truly is the card that keeps on giving!!!

I really can’t say enough about the Apple products and I know they aren’t for everyone–but if you k now someone who is a total Apple nerd { ME! ME!} then this is a great gift idea that is in so many price ranges.  The only negative about this product is that Apple controls the price so there aren’t great deals on the actual electronic devices BUT what I have found is that stores will add a GC to the deal.  Walmart had a $230 dollar Itouch with a $50.00 gift card that you could regift with the Itouch if you are UBER generous, give as another gift to someone {know a college student???}, or keep for yourself!!

Happy ONLINE shopping!!


Today brought to you by the letter H

26 Nov

Happy Black Friday!!!

I am hopefully finishing up my purchased gifts this morning with my sis and mom!  I say purchased gifts because I am hoping to be able to make a few of the gifts this year and have fun doing it too!!  It can be so easy to be wrapped up in the holiday sales and holiday BUY BUY BUY mentality–but we also have to remember that family members don’t want us going into debt, over extending ourselves, or getting stressed out because we can’t “give” enough.  Now with not only the stores being crazy this week and today–online has been even WORSE!! {I am not going to lie it was really tough to stay away from online shopping this week}

So my Letter H gift on the craziest shopping day in America is…

HOMEMADE!! You can make anything from the heart and they will love it!! They may even love it more than if you bought them some expensive jewelry {okay maybe only grams would feel this way! HAHA!}.  I always try to make something homemade and from the heart for family members and do it on budget.  I don’t have crazy craft gadgets, or random riboon laying around and so normally I have to purchase items in order to make something homemade.  Make sure you aren’t breaking the bank trying to make something homemade {especially if you can buy it for less}.  I have painted frames and put my own quotes on it, given scrapbooks/photo books, I have painted xmas ornaments, I have painted xmas decorations, homemade cards, and many other items.  It always is so awesome to see someone open up something that you have made and it definately adds something extra to the season of giving.  So my advice is when you are making your xmas list of items to buy try to get creative with 1-2 people on your list that you could make something for them instead.  Big rewards for you and for them–promise!!

Happy Crafting!!

Today brought to you by the letter G

25 Nov

With Thanksgiving Day here people are thinking more about being with family then gifts–but I wanted to continue with our letter gift posts with something you can do with family.   

I know that many people watch the Thanksgiving parade and then there is a stream of football that can be watched and some people even break out the holiday movies on Thanksgiving.  All of this is great family fun, but also don’t forget to step away from the TV and take time to really be with family and what better way then…

With the help of Letter G 

GAMES!!! Games are wayyyy underrated but such a great family/couple/party event that can really get people together.  We have some favorite games that are played year round and so I wanted to share some of our favorites in case you wanted to add to your collection or for a gift add to someone elses collection!! Games are great for kids, adults, teenagers and you really can’t be too old/young for games.  Here are a few of our favorite games you can buy: scrabble, pop 5, scattegories, monopoly, cards, left right center, blue, battleship, cranium, battle of the sexes, taboo, and my husband’s favorite game risk. 

Hope everyone brings out the kid in them this holiday season and plays a game or two! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful Thursday

25 Nov

I am truly thankful for the meal that I will be having today with my family. 

This week I was part of a Fall Food Drive for thanksgiving for the city I live in and we gave 190 families all the food necessary to make a Thanksgiving meal.  It was a humbling, inspiring and a reality check event to be a part of and I told myself that I would be even more thankful for the food provided to us during the holidays as many go hungry.  Sometimes I take firsts and seconds for granted. Sometimes I take dessert for granted. Sometimes I take food for granted.  Many kids and families go without this holiday season and I want to make sure that take a moment today and really take in the blessings of all that is around me.  It makes me so happy that at least 190 families will be sitting around a table similiar to mine and enjoying another day with family and friends. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Today brought to you by the letter F

24 Nov

um, excuse my french but I freaking love this next gift idea! 

Who doesn’t love saying the letter F!!

Ooh la la 16x16inch pillow recycled felt applique pillow - oatmeal and red

{oh la la french pillow}

FRENCH THEMED GIFTS! {do you know get the whole “excuse my french” comment above} HAHA! But definately anything French themed is such a great gift.  Everything for some reason just seems so much better with the word french in front of it.   To me it screams luxury, love, and worldy!  Want to buy soap? Why not french soap! Want to buy a piece of art? Why not a french piece of art! Want to buy spices for a cook in your family? Why not french spices!  Want to buy a piece of decor for a house? Why not a french pillow! {like the one above}

See what I mean??

I have never been to France but the hubs has and I can’t wait to go some day and until then I am going to bring a little french cheer to my family and friends.  For people who love traveling, Europe, or France this might be an ideal gift to give.  Or if you are looking for a unique gift search the word “french” on etsy you can see all the creative gifts you could buy on the site! I just love it all and I might need to pick up something french for my mother in law who also is in love with all things french.